Bouquet La Porte County, Indiana
Early Marriages
Groom Surname
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Taber, John H. Meeker, Rhoda 9/27/1853 Book C
Taber, Sylvestor Wilson, Mary 5/4/1857 Book D
Taber, Wheeler H. Drake, Anna M. 3/11/1860 Book D
Taber, William Jacobus 5/24/1851 Book C
Tabor, Hiram French, Jane 11/21/1854 Book C
Talbert, Thomas Gibbins, Mary Ann 11/26/1864 Book E
Talbott, Washington L. Martin, Sarah R. 4/22/1862 Book E
Talmadge, F Niles, Esther 6/29/1851 Book C
Tappan, Jefferson Gridley, Zobeda M. 4/12/1864 Book E
Taylor, Alva C. Hood, Sarah B. 3/9/1875 newspaper
Taylor, Amos Keith, Aradne 2/21/1861 Book E
Taylor, Amos Keith, Asaedna 2/21/1861 newspaper
Taylor, B. F. McLeaming, Lucy E. 6/7/1852 Book C
Taylor, James Eahart, Jane 6/15/1851 newspaper
Taylor, John D Slane, Martha E 8/12/1853 Book C
Taylor, John H. Devine, Laura Jane 2/19/1865 Book E
Taylor, Jos. Martin, Catharine 2/24/1885 Book C
Taylor, Logan Garwood, Charlotte 6/1/1854 Book C
Taylor, Moses Winsbee, Sarah Ann 9/17/1855 Book C
Taylor, R. H. Dunn, R. 4/25/1860 newspaper
Taylor, Robert Wisotzkey, Pena 5/6/1870 newspaper
Taylor, Samuel Herald, Jane 8/6/1856 Book D
Taylor, Silas B. Gardner, Mary 1/12/1870 newspaper
Taylor, William A. Galloway, Nancy A. 8/23/1860 newspaper
Tebeutel, John Kent, Mary 3/11/1864 Book E
Teeter, George Weed, Sarah Ann 10/1/1861 Book E
Teeter, Jacob ?, Eliza. 7/28/1853 Book C
Teeter, Jacob Walter, Elizabeth 7/5/1864 Book E
Tell, Peter Clayton, Maria 7/5/1857 Book D
Tennis, John Burnside, Sarah 2/14/1858 Book D
Tennis, Phillip Drollinger, Martha M. 4/23/1860 newspaper
Terry, George Edmonds, Marinda 12/4/1859 Book D
Terry, John Hartsell, Mary J. 3/12/1885 Book C
Terry, John Hotton, Louisa 9/27/1856 Book D
Thaldorf, Adolphus Owen, Augusta 12/14/1863 Book E
Thatcher, Jeremiah Brockway, Mary Ann 1/15/1865 Book E
Thomas, Cyrus M. York, Jane L. 3/23/1860 Book E
Thomas, H. B. Andrews, Laura 8/10/1864 Book E
Thompson, Charles Nasworth, Martha 12/21/1858 Book D
Thompson, Joseph W. Chalmers, Marta 8/8/1857 Book D
Thompson, Lowel Dorand, Nancy Ann 5/4/1864 Book E
Thompson, Philo Berry, Bettie 2/9/1864 Book E
Thorn, Rufus Coburn, Mary A. 4/10/1856 Book D
Thornton, George Wells, Chloe C. 4/7/1859 Book D
Thornton, James A. Wells, Amelia 11/17/1854 newspaper
Thornton, Robinson Suter, Mary Ann 3/26/1865 Book E
Thrush, David Miller, Eliza 2/26/1858 Book D
Thurber, Franklin Warren, Polly 12/18/1863 Book E
Thruber, George Brown, Sarah Ann 1/3/1852 Book C
Tibitz, Frank Muller, Tabina 1/22/1870 newspaper
Tiecher, William Melcher, Erestina 5/27/1854 Book C
Tiedt, Luis Bach, Maria 8/8/1858 Book D
Tilden, Jerome B. Fox, Rosetta 8/4/1864 Book E
Tillstrum, John Swenson, Mary 9/6/1855 Book C
Timm, Andrew Beaver, Mary 10/29/1855 Book C
Timm, Augustus Beaver, Catharine 11/27/1857 Book D
Timm, Augustus Gobbeck, Anna 12/7/1856 Book D
Timmons, Henry C. Hubbard, Sarah M. 9/14/1862 Book E
Titus, Nelson Dunham, Sanvilla 8/17/1856 Book D
Todd, John M Culter, Catharine 2/22/1853 Book C
Toney, Sebert Clemens, Jane 10/3/1853 Book C
Torbet, Samuel Coon, Lucy 10/11/1854 Book C
Town, Edmund J. Brackbill, Electa J. 8/13/1863 Book E
Towner, Joseph H. Lyman, Sarah Jane 7/7/1857 Book D
Toyne, George Galloway, Nancy A. 9/11/1862 Book E
Toyne, William Galloway, Elenor 1/10/1864 Book E
Trager, John W. Koeblin, Wilhelmina 10/28/1860 Book E
Traier, Jacob ? Horchem, Anna M 4/21/1851 Book C
Travis, Allen Belt, Ellen 12/9/1858 Book D
Travis, Brook Vandermarker, Frances 3/19/1862 Book E
Travis, Brook Vanderwalker, Frances 3/18/1862 newspaper
Travis, Edward Davidson, Esther 10/6/1859 Book D
Travis, John B. Winchell, Caroline 1/5/1854 Book C
Travis, Wesley Brand, Mary Rebecca 2/14/1860 Book D
Travis. Nelson A. Blake, Minerva 9/18/1853 Book C
Tremper, Van McClurg, Susan 9/30/1860 Book E
Tris, Abram C. Anderson, Agnes J. 9/23/1856 newspaper
Troth, William Jordan, Augusta 5/8/1864 Book E
Truesdell, Norman S. Trumley, Martha J. 8/16/1864 Book E
Trueax, John Bennett, Elizabeth 10/16/1851 Book C
Truman, Franklin McBride, Sarah E. 8/29/1862 Book E
Tryon, Francis Tripp, Ophelia Cora 4/23/1857 newspaper
Tryon, Orvil Bragg, Eloner G. 11/5/1859 Book D
Tuley, Philip Devan, Catharine 12/14/1852 Book C
Tuley, Simon P. McLane, Lovina 10/5/1856 Book D
Tuttle, Luke S. Oaky, Selina 11/29/1864 Book E
Tuttle, Solomon Spurlock, Melissa 3/15/1856 Book D
Tewillager/Twelligar, Theron Moore, Eliza Ann 5/25/1854 Book C
Tyler, David M. Smith, Martha 11/11/1863 Book E
Uebler, George Richter, Emily 11/15/1864 Book E
Ugea, Christopher Wilcox, Lovina 7/28/1860 newspaper
Ulch, George Edmondson, Louisa 3/1/1853 Book C
Underwood, (Dr.) J. Fredrickson, Catharine H. 5/2/1854 Book C
Underwood, Barclay Ziegler, Mary S. 3/25/1862 newspaper
Unks, William Cluff, Sarah 10/3/1853 Book C
Unruh, William Christ, Sarah 5/12/1859 Book D
Upson, Daniel S. Ames, Alice W. 2/25/1863 Book E
Urquhart, George Deker, Eliza Jane 8/20/1857 Book D
Vail, George C. Green, Matilda 12/30/1858 Book D
Vail, Henry L Fail, Angelino C 12/18/1851 Book C
Valentine, Edward S. Baker, Clara T. 5/5/1858 Book D
Valentine, John Himman, Nancy M. 12/4/1859 Book D
Valkenburg, Henry Wolf, Rebecca 9/1/1863 Book E
Van Buren, Barney Dunston, Cynthia 9/26/1861 Book E
Van Dolsen, Abraham Gasset, Mary 11/15/1853 Book C
Van Dolsen, William Pratt, Matilda 10/13/1854 Book C
Van Dusen, Joseph Feather, Lydia 4/27/1859 Book D
Van Geisen, Cornelius McCarty, Maria 7/28/1861 Book E
Van Horn, George P. Van Blont, Margaret 7/22/1858 Book D
Van Peet, Alexander Leavitt, Mary Elle 3/25/1863 Book E
Van Pelt, Alexander Hammond, Mary Josephine 5/13/1857 newspaper
Van Tassel, Alonzo Van Tassel, Ellen Jane 2/10/1859 Book D
Van Tassel, Andrew Cross, Susan 8/3/1854 Book C
Van Vossen, Joseph Bishop, Mary Jane 11/23/1859 Book D
Van Wert, William Crane, Juliette 12/31/1863 Book E
Van Winkle, August Barnard, Ann 7/11/1852 Book C
Van Winkle, Thomas Marsdon, Elizabeth 3/31/1870 newspaper
Vanderwarker, Stanley Underwood, Sarah J. 4/8/1860 Book E
VanMiller, Benedict Hausman, Sophia 5/7/1855 Book C
VanSchayck, William Volheim, Caroline 5/12/1875 newspaper
Vantassel, Silas Gardner, Susan 2/12/1857 newspaper
VanWagner, Charles B. Brewer, Margaret 12/15/1861 Book E
VanWerz, James C. Steele, Mary Jane 3/27/1856 Book D
Vardeman, John Myre, Jane 12/24/1862 Book E
Veneman, James Day, Lora S. 9/9/1863 Book E
Verach, Johann Kreigh, Augusta 10/3/1864 Book E
Vernon, Hollingsworth McFarlan, Mary 12/22/1853 Book C
Vetter, Nicholas Betz, Margaret 5/2/1855 Book C
Vicory, Leonidas Hutton, Mary J. 5/2/1869 newspaper
Vielhook, Frederick Schwarz, Sophia 3/9/1860 Book E
Viets, (Dr.) Edward Munday, Ella 2/15/1870 newspaper
Voegler, August Windish, Joanna 11/21/1855 Book C
Vogle, George Jeffrey, Mary Ann 7/11/1852 Book C
Vogt, Henry Woelfel, Catharine 3/31/1854 Book C
Voight, August C. Warkenden, Fredericka 12/23/1860 Book E
Voight, Charles G. Phillips, Virena B. 11/5/1856 Book D
Voight, Charles G. A. Wurster, Elizabeth S. 12/23/1860 Book E
Voight, Frederick W. Saunders, Henrietta 1/12/1858 Book D
Voler, Valentine Souther, Barbara Mary 4/16/1857 Book D
Vreeland, Albert L. Leeds, Caroline C. 10/4/1859 Book D
Vreeland, William H. Shreve, Clarisssa M. 8/8/1857 newspaper

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