Bouquet La Porte County, Indiana
Early Marriages
Groom Surname
Beginning with "N to R"
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Nagel, Andrew Themerus, Catherine 8/12/1858 Book D
Nagel, Haven Shultz, Elizabeth 10/30/1859 Book D
Nager, Frederick Greenbaum, Frederika 8/6/1864 Book E
Nagle, Stephen Tomm, Caroline 2/25/1860 Book D
Napier, George W. Tuley, Catharine 3/23/1855 Book C
Napier, Patrick Leeper, Elizabeth 3/3/1853 Book C
Napier, Thomas H Kimbell, Ruth 4/15/1853 Book C
Napier, Wm. Pixley, Zilpha 3/23/1856 Book D
Nash, Calvin W. P. Cox, Mary 10/15/1857 Book D
Nash, James Darlington, Caroline A 12/12/1853 Book C
Nation, Robert Evans, Julia S. 1/1/1857 Book D
Nations, William Eason, Anna Marie 3/16/1865 Book E
Near, David F. Merchant, Mary 3/17/1864 Book E
Near, David F. Towner, Mary J. 10/29/1854 Book C
Nebelthan, Frederick W. Kipp, Anna 4/28/1857 Book D
Neice, Erastus Barney, Lydia 9/10/1861 Book E
Nelson, William C. Norton, Charlotte 9/13/1853 Book C
Nelson, Zachariah Stevens, Mary Elizabeth 6/15/1858 Book D
Ness, Jacob Waggner, Angeline 12/31/1856 Book D
Neverskink, Henry Hooker, Susan 4/16/1856 Book D
Newhouse, Thomas Haskell, Lovina E. 9/12/1863 Book E
Newman, Aaron Werden, Mena 10/26/1856 newspaper
Nicar, Edwin Crates, Margaret J. 5/12/1863 Book E
Nickell, Claiborne W. Sale, Eliza E. February 1856 Book D
Nickerson, Elihu West, Sarah Ann 2/21/1865 Book E
Nickolite, Julius Barth, Wilhelmina Augusta 5/28/1859 Book D
Niece, Erastus Barney, Lydia 9/19/1861 newspaper
Niece, John W. Taylor, Amanda 9/30/1860 Book E
Niles, Henry G. Drapier, Martha Spencer 9/14/1857 newspaper
Niles, Sanford Adams, Charity S. 4/28/1854 Book C
Niven, James R. Farrell, Mary 1/20/1858 Book D
Nordyke, Benejah Robert White, Elizabeth Ann 7/10/1860 Book E
Norman, Presley Lawrence, Mrs. Mary 6/1/1870 newspaper
Norris, Artemas Bartron, Maria 12/25/1860 Book E
Norris, Joseph D. Mill, Catharine 5/19/1853 Book C
Northam, Daniel K. Parson, Lavina 2/25/1858 newspaper
Northam, Job H. Loomis, Olive 5/31/1855 newspaper
Norton, Orlo W. Cassidy, Almira J. 9/21/1863 Book E
Norton, Stephen Baker, Catherine 11/23/1854 Book C
Norton, Stephen W. Hoover, Sussanah 4/8/1869 newspaper
Nuenning, Henry Arndt, Louisa Johanna 11/29/1853 Book C
Nugent, Joseph Bark, Victoria 3/28/1864 Book E
Nunn, James McPherson, Mary 4/28/1856 Book D
Nunn, Thomas Cooper, Maria 1/4/1857 Book D
Nuzman, Frederick Hendricks, Catharine 12/14/1856 Book D
Groom Bride Date Source
O'Donnell, John Bowler, Ellen 4/20/1853 Book C

Oran, Michael H Norris, Dorothy N 4/2/1852 Book C
Orr, James H Staples, Harriet 12/25/1851 Book C
Orth, Jacob Ittich, Mary 4/17/1854 Book C
Owen, M. B. Salisbury, A. B 8/16/1851 Book C
Pagin, Joel Fox, Arvilla Ann 1/4/1852 Book C
Palmer, Nathan M Fredenburgh, Isabel 7/4/1853 Book C
Paris, Chris Zetzon, Hanna 8/13/1854 Book C
Parks, James Oaks, Sarah Louisa 9/24/1851 Book C
Parnell, Benj. H Culp/Culps, Cynthia 10/28/1851 Book C
Parnell, Benj. H Thylor/Taylor, Chrisey M 1/27/1853 Book C
Paugh, Andrew J Deriake, S. J. Landa 11/1/1852 Book C needs research
Peer, David Shuck, Hannah 11/17/1852 Book C
Penders, Patrick Shields, Catherine 4/13/1852 Book C
Perley, William E Palmer, Marietta 3/2/1853 Book C
Perry, Thomas A VanDorn, Julia A 7/4/1852 Book C
Petro, Jesse Curry, Eliza Mary 3/21/1852 Book C
Phelps, J D Chapman, Susan A 5/27/1852 Book C
Phillips, William Bloomhuff, Mary A 3/20/1852 Book C
Phillips, William S Vanderwalker, Caroline C 4/22/1853 Book C
Piatt, Herman G Eason, Margaret 11/3/1852 Book C
Pierce, Ferris Force, Effa E 1/1/1854 Book C
Pike, Henry H Ellis, Olivia J 1018/1853 Book C
Piper, James M Merritt, Minerva 7/12/1852 Book C
Plants, Jacob Staley, Anna 12/16/1853 Book C
Pomeroy, Harry Wellman, Eleanor 3/24/1853 Book C
Prather, James R Steel, Eleanor A 9/2/1852 Book C
Pratt, Nehemiah Harrington, Phebe 4//14/1851 Book C & Added Research
Pratt, Sidney Young, Sarah A 1/1/1853 Book C
Pratt, William Terrey, Eliza A 5/1/1853 Book C
Provolt, John Sine, Mary J 3/24/1852 Book C
Quik/Quirk, Thomas Callahan, Mary 6/28/1854 Book C
Ragin, John Dailey, Bridget 5/18/1852 Book C
Rambo, Isaac N Canfield, Clarissa P 3/6/1851 Book C
Randolph, Nathaniel Lee, Nancy A 11/8/1851 Book C
Rauby, John ? Miller, Mena 4/1/1854 Book C
Ray, James Meckham, Margaret 1/26/1854 Book C
Reckert, Christian M. Jane Perry 7/1/1852 Book C
Reed, Charles J Hood, Margaret ? needs res. 11/18/1853 Book C
Reed, John W Franklin, E 11/24/1852 Book C
Reed, Joseph C Boothroyd, Emma 8/9/1853 Book C
Reed, Wm H Tilbrick, Mary ? needs research 11/21/1852 Book C
Renfro, Lorenzo Griffin, Julia 5/7/1854 Book C
Renfrow, Wm N Henry, Charlotte 10/19/1853 Book C
Replogle, George Brown, Nancy 8/3/1852 Book C
Replogle, J.A.J. Danking, Isabel 5/11/1854 Book C
Reynolds, Levi Iseininger 3/11/1852 Book C
Richardson, Daniel Windle, Elizabeth I 1/19/1854 Book C
Richardson, Hugh R Irwin, Sarah, S 3/15/1853 Book C
Riley, Seymour L Holmes, Matilda M 5/1/1853 Book C
Rither, Edgar ? Butler, Harriet E 6/7/1854 Book C
Ritter, Jacob Shaw, Mary 1/1/1854 Book C
Roberts, Charles T Taylor, Samantha 3/9/1854 Book C
Robertson, Eli M Bryant, Hannah 2/20/1851 Book C
Robertson, Jacob McElroy, M. Ann 3/31/1854 Book C
Robinson, Harrison L Linard, Amanda 9/27/1851 Book C

Rogers, John Bartley, Mary 9/29/1853 Book C
Rose, Elisha D Smith, Mary M 7/1/1852 Book C
Rose, Frederick Silversterp/Silvertsorf, Eliza 6/20/1853 Book C
Rosenbaum, Fred F illegible 6/13/1853 Book C
Royer, William France, ? 10/5/1853 Book C
Rudolp, Paul ? Bohlmann, Louisa 8/17/1852 Book C
Rust, W (Wallace) Bender, Sarah Ann 11/23/1851 Book C

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