Bouquet La Porte County, Indiana
Early Marriages
Groom Surname
Beginning with "I to K"

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Ifflander, George Schwarz, Kieregund 9/8/1857 Book D
Igo, Bartley Shean, Kate 9/2/1854 Book C
Inderes, Nicholas Falan, Elizabeth 2/5/1863 Book E
Ingersoll, William Stillson, Rhoda 2/20/1856 Book D
Ingraham, Robert Cain, Eliza 1/29/1856 Book D
Ingram, Charles R Hyde, Lucy 10/2/1852 Book C
Inng, Charles Rose, Eva 11/21/1864 Book E
Ireland, John Lindsley, Elizabeth 12/28/1855 Book C
Ireland, Samuel Alex Hickman, Mary H. 12/11/1864 Book E
Ireland, William P. Hickman, Josinah E. 9/23/1858 Book D
Iriah or Irish, Truman Rood, Elmira 3/9/1851 Book C
Irvine, Sheldon Lawrence, Harriett 7/11/1858 Book D
Iseminger, Adam Gwinn, Hannah 4/11/1858 Book D
Iseminger, George Hammand, Delilah 12/23/1852 Book C
Iseminger, John Holmes, Elizabeth 4/26/1864 Book E
Iseminger, John Livingston, Mary Ann 3/11/1858 Book D
Ivey, Elisha Gardner, Mary 12/22/1851 Book C
Jackman, William Hook, Eliza 5/31/1859 Book D
Jackson, Henry Harrison, Ann 8/23/1851 Book C
Jackson, James H. Carlisle, Sarah Ann 9/6/1857 Book D
Jackson, John Taylor, Mary 12/29/1862 Book E
Jackson, Mordica A. Reed, Rosetta F. 2/9/1860 Book D
Jacobes, James Meeker, Mary 12/3/1857 Book D
Jacobson, Christian Johnson, Christina 12/1/1859 Book D
James, Nicholas Anderson, Rosanna Catherine 4/6/1862 Book E
James, William Craft, Anna Bell 11/15/1860 Book E
Janner, Charles Westwall, Sophia 3/27/1856 Book D
Janrick, Charles F. Aikens, Eliza 10/12/1854 Book C
Jarvis, Charles H. Grieves, Hannah E. 12/13/1856 Book D
Jenkins, James B. Lewis, Marietta 5/9/1865 Book E
Jennings, Bell McClung, Cynthia L 9/1/1851 Book C
Jessup, Benjamin F. Henry, Charity R. 10/25/1863 Book E
Jessup, Clark Mathias, Emma 7/5/1859 Book D
Jessup, Lewis B. Culp, Chloe 2/10/1864 Book E
John, Peter Weiss, Hannah Elizabeth 2/21/1855 Book C
Johnson, Adam Malcolm, Ann 12/4/1862 Book E
Johnson, Alexander Farrington, Susan 8/30/1855 Book C
Johnson, Andrew Pierson, Frederika 4/14/1855 Book C
Johnson, Benjamin S. Dizard, Mary 1/1/1863 Book E
Johnson, Dewitt Clinton Jones, Charlotte Jane 10/22/1860 Book E
Johnson, Edward Banks, Jemima 9/7/1858 Book D
Johnson, Isaac Belden, Sarah A. 4/8/1860 Book E
Johnson, John Johnson, Johanna 9/12/1858 Book D
Johnson, Joseph Barney, Angelina 2/24/1863 Book E
Johnson, Joseph J. Allen, Nancy Ann 1/1/1862 Book E
Johnson, Martin Smith, Juliette 11/4/1860 Book E
Johnson, Samuel J. Wills, Mary M. 2/10/1859 Book D
Johnson, William Holmes, Harriet 1/1/1865 Book E
Johnson, William Phelps, Catharine 3/1/1865 Book E
Johnson, William Phillips, Rebecca 11/25/1861 Book E
Johnston, Samuel V. Davenport, Clarissa Jane 12/13/1853 Book C
Jones, Allen B. Gordon, Margaret 6/30/1864 Book E
Jones, Benjamin B. Delhoue, Louisa 3/20/1857 Book D
Jones, Charles Stevens, Mary 3/18/1856 Book D
Jones, Charles E. Terry, Esther A. 11/16/1862 Book E
Jones, Frederick Hines, Louisa 8/5/1855 Book C
Jones, George Brown, Caroline 10/18/1855 Book C
Jones, John Wolgast, Mary 5/19/1858 Book D
Jones, W D Cutshan, Isabella 9/12/1852 Book C
Jorden, Thomas H. Miller, Harriett 2/17/1857 Book D
Joyce, Isaac W. Boserman, Caroline W. 3/20/1861 Book E
Joyce, John Sweeney, Maria ? 4/16/1852 Book C
Judson, Joshua H * Pratt, Harriet H 6/28/1852 Book C
Kaber, Carl Gust, Dorothy 9/16/1861 Book E
Kaber, Henry Hunt, Emma 9/7/1862 Book E
Kaber, William H. Brown, Mary Maranda 10/14/1858 Book D
Kackzenmark, John Steinke, Wilhelmina 2/18/1856 Book D
Kahlbaugn, Henry Willis, Mary Ellen 7/2/1860 Book E
Kaiser, John Sprague, Josephine 7/29/1852 Book C
Kakaught, Michael Keefer, Mary 11/20/1862 Book E
Kalies, Wilhelm Shukin, Caroline 8/26/1857 Book D
Kalwitz, Carl Bremer, Augusta 12/19/1864 Book E
Kane, Timothy Whalan, Catharine 8/31/1853 Book C
Kannard, Perry Mathews, Margaret A 11/29/1852 Book C
Kapplman, John Shultz, Susan 4/9/1856 Book D
Kasbaum, Carl Kech, Doris 10/20/1852 Book C
Kaser, James M. Wareham, H. Emma 9/7/1864 Book E
Kasten, Charles Hartwick, Ernestine 3/15/1855 Book C
Kasten, John W. Gruewchaw, Ch. F. Hannah 1/2/1854 Book C
Kaufman, George Brohasko, Mary 9/26/1855 Book C
Kaufman, Israel Newman, Mary 10/27/1856 Book D
Kean, Gottleib Wagoner, Christine 6/12/1864 Book E
Keen, George Y. Hodge, Mary 9/24/1861 Book E
Keener, Henry Carlshumper, Caroline 3/1/1862 Book E
Keesler, John Shafer, Mary 7/16/1856 Book D
Keifer, Jacob Wagner, Balbena 12/26/1864 Book E
Keifer, Johann Van Camp, Samantha 5/24/1863 Book E
Keith, Francis M. McLane, Martha 3/7/1861 Book E
Keith, Lewis Jessup, Nancy 10/1/1856 Book D
Keith, Riley W. Crane, Sarah S. 8/18/1864 Book E
Keller, Michael McKerlin, Anna J. 6/18/1863 Book E
Kelley, John T???, Margaret 4/6/1852 Book C
Kellog, Joseph Sollan, Catharine 10/2/1859 Book D
Kellogg, Charles Barnes, Henrietta 11/7/1857 Book D
Kellogg, John Wood, Elizabeth 4/22/1855 Book C
Kellogg, Joseph McCarty, Ann 4/22/1855 Book C
Kellum, Charles Clement, Chloe 3/15/1855 Book C
Kelly, Elijah Wood, Mary Jane 9/18/1859 Book D
Kelly, John Hughes, Mary 9/19/1859 Book D
Kemper, William Pohl, Elizabeth 4/12/1856 Book D
Kendall, David W. Holland, Mary Ellen 9/1/1857 Book D
Kendall, Henry Myron Logan, Julia Ella 1/20/1862 Book E
Kennber, Fredrick Peasley, Jerusha 10/1/1854 Book C
Kennedy, Albert Somers, Julia A 7/30/1851 Book C
Kennedy, Cornelius Sparrow, Elizabeth Ann 7/4/1857 Book D
Kennedy, Richard D. Logan, Sallie S. 10/12/1863 Book E
Kennedy, Thomas Gallon, Mary 5/2/1854 Book C
Kennedy, Thomas Kain, Mary 7/13/1854 Book C
Kent, Amos Demund, Martha 7/21/1860 Book E
Kent, S. K. ? Weller, Lizzy Z 5/9/1851 Book C
Kennbee/Kenubee, Frederick Peasly/Pearly, Jenesha 10/1/1854 Book C
Kerr, Robert O'Brien, Margaret 11/17/1855 Book C
Kewley, Jeremiah Tennis, Mary Emily 2/13/1858 Book D
Keyser, Peter Bullrong, Rosalia 10/3/1857 Book D
Kiel, Emil R. Froshlesh, Pauline 3/4/1859 Book D
Kierstead, John H. Rynearson, Eleanora 4/11/1854 Book C
Kilanovitch, William Brozinska, Katrina 5/16/1864 Book E
Kill, Edmund Budeon, Mary 2/26/1853 Book C
Killing, Christian Detloff, Sophia 12/29/1862 Book E
Killinowich, Wm. Timm, Justine 3/30/1856 Book D
Kimbal, Jonathan Wolfe, Malinda 3/31/1861 Book E
Kimball, Christopher Gites, Margaret 3/28/1864 Book E
Kimball, Daniel McLane, Pheobe A. 9/7/1859 Book D
Kimball, William Caheart, Louisa J. 4/9/1854 Book C
Kimberley, Augustus D. Forbes, Melissa Ann 9/14/1859 Book D
Kimberly, David Schurdell, B. 9/30/1852 Book C
Kimble, Earnest Newell, Emily 6/17/1860 Book E
Kime, Henry Stewart, Mary E. 8/4/1854 Book C
King, Alexander Shaw, Matilda 4/3/1859 Book D
King, Edward Ford, Dora 11/18/1864 Book E
King, Russell Wixham, Polly 8/16/1856 Book D
Kint, Henry Tetzler, Wilhelmina 11/5/1858 Book D
Kirk, Thomas McGraw, Margaret 4/30/1852 Book C
Kirton, Edward Jones, Jane 7/13/1854 Book C
Kirwin, William McEntire, Elizabeth 5/17/1855 Book C
Kistler, Haven Bray, Francisca 1/15/1857 Book D
Kistler, John Alla, Katrina 3/31/1855 Book C
Kistler, John Brendlai, Wilhelmina 11/1/1854 Book C
Klatt, Frederick Rosenbaum, Ernestine 2/23/1860 Book D
Kleindinst, Jacob Whitney, Elizabeth J. 11/5/1861 Book E
Kliendinst/Kleindinst, Jacob Witney, Elizabeth A. 11/5/1861 Book E
Klenbeck, Andrew Raushenberger, Margarett 1/22/1859 Book D
Klince, Martin Melcher, Lilly 4/27/1857 Book D
Kluck, Charles Shults, Mina 1/24/1865 Book E
Kluger, August Kempf, Wilhelmina 8/2/1863 Book E
Klupfer, Haver Buhler, Mary 9/23/1854 Book C
Knapp, Henry Campbell, Catherine 8/9/1862 Book E
Knapp, John W. Waters, Sarah E. 5/1/1858 Book D
Knerk, Charles Scharm, Frederika 6/11/1864 Book E
Knott, Lambert Parker, Martha A 3/9/1853 Book C
Knowlton, Joseph E Shurte, Letia M 10/11/1851 Book C
Knubbe, Fredrick Clement, Annis 6/1/1852 Book C
Knuth, Christopher Hunnegager, Frederika 8/3/1862 Book E
Kobalsky, Henry Wille, Sophia 9/18/1856 Book D
Koch, Charles Westfall, Charlotte 10/6/1856 Book D
Koch, Conrad Sinset, Margret 2/24/1856 Book D
Koch, Constantine Scherf, Dorothea 4/14/1852 Book C
Koeber, Charles Niemyer, Margaret 12/25/1855 Book C
Kohler, Franklin P. Hicks, Minerva L. 10/2/1862 Book E
Kohler, Frederick Redman, Henrietta 10/11/1859 Book D
Koonts, Sabriske Campbell, Margarett E. 8/15/1858 Book D
Koontz, Jacob Raton, Margaret Ellen 3/23/1856 Book D
Koontz, Pulaski Campbell, Sarah Jenette 11/18/1864 Book E
Koop, Nicholes Helbrick, Anna 1/7/1853 Book C
Kraemer, Nicholas Nebblesick, Caroline 4/16/1859 Book D
Kramer, Isaac Wile, Augusta 10/3/1861 Book E
Kraplin, Fredrick Drass, Hannah 6/3/1857 Book D
Kreger, Frederick Diedrich, Mary 12/23/1855 Book C
Kreger, Frederick Kranich, Fredericka 5/4/1855 Book C
Kreidler, Benjamin Shather, Catharine (Constantine) 12/12/1859 Book D
Kreidler, Mathias Muller, Catharine 10/11/1855 Book C
Kreiger, August Kauken, Christina 6/5/1862 Book E
Kreiger, Charles Seikert, Caroline 11/1/1857 Book D
Kreisel, Charles Steinbeck, Ernestine 2/20/1859 Book D
Kreuger, Edward Snyder, Christina 10/25/1862 Book E
Krist, Frederick Carter, Mary 12/18/1858 Book D
Kruedler, Jacob Sibert, Luise 8/26/1858 Book D
Kruger, Frederick Baumgartner, Charlotte 6/20/1856 Book D
Kruger, John Zahrndt, Frederika 8/2/1855 Book C
Kruse, John Bremer, Mary 5/9/1857 Book D
Kugler, I. M. Deblanc, Rosina 3/17/1856 Book D
Kuntz, Earnst Black, Caroline 6/5/1859 Book D
Kurth, William Weckerline, Catherine 4/20/1862 Book E
Kuss, Christin Froshlesh, Matilda 3/4/1859 Book D

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