Bouquet La Porte County, Indiana
Early Marriages
Groom Surname
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For marriages before 1882, county marriage records in Indiana may not include much information other than the bride's and the groom's names, the date of the marriage return, the officiating minister, and if the bride or groom was under legal age, the name of a parent or guardian. Beginning in 1882, the bride and groom also had to supply their age, birthplace, birthdate, race, the names of their parents, and information about any previous marriages of either person.
Eahart, Alexander Beard, Elmira 4/26/1857 Book D
Eahart, Cornelius Sayles, Lovina F. 4/1/1858 Book D
Earl, Robert Crane, Mary 3/19/1857 Book D
Eason, David G. Hileman, Alice 3/10/1857 Book D
Easton, James Lawrence, Alice 11/9/1862 Book E
Eaton, Charles G. Campbell, Martha Ann 2/14/1856 Book D
Eaton, Charles G. Vail, Hannah Jane 11/19/1860 Book E
Eaton, Samuel L. Koonts, Maria Jane 1/1/1857 Book D
Eberhart, Manoch H. Briscoe, Mary E. 11/6/1856 Book D
Eberheart, Henry Baumen, Amelia 7/30/1855 Book C
Eberle, Jacob F. Trobert, Mina 12/25/1860 Book E
Ebert, Carl Mittendorf, Mina 11/3/1863 Book E
Ebert, Christian Halstein, Adel P 8/14/1853 Book C
Ebert, Frederick Martins, Johanna 9/2/1859 Book D
Eckert, John Brewer, Nancy 8/15/1858 Book D
Eddy, William B. Layman, Almary 12/11/1863 Book E
Edgerly, Samuel H. Haskell, Roseanna 8/22/1861 Book E
Egbert, John W Wheaton, Sarah J 1/3/1853 Book C
Egert,Henry Miller, Mary 10/29/1852 Book C
Eggart, Jno. Schliker, Sophia 8/30/1854 Book C
Eggert, John Will, Henrietta 1/16/1861 Book E
Ehde, Charles Ewert, Bertha 12/31/1859 Book D
Ehrch, Charles Cranco, Lena 8/5/1862 Book E
Eichstadt, Jacob Weidner, Carolina 3/25/1862 Book E
Eldred, Fernando Cortes Bailey, Mary Ellen 11/23/1864 Book E
Eller, Moses Leach, Margaret 3/4/1854 Book C
Elliot, David C Nichols, Amelia 3/13/1853 Book C
Ellison, Giles Young, Sarah J. 1/15/1859 Book D
Ellison, Jacob F. Everhart, Anne 12/12/1864 Book E
Ellison/Elison Jacob W Haggart, Lura R 3/28/1853 Book C
Ellithorp, Elam Wheeler, Mariah 10/6/1853 Book C
Ellsworth, Edward G. Moricle, Ann 11/28/1859 Book D
Ellsworth, Henry R. Davis, Polly 3/3/1859 Book D
Ellsworth, Horace P. Collins, Helen 10/2/1861 Book E
Elssasser, John Steichler, Rosa C. 11/14/1855 Book C
Elyea, Isaac King, Rebecca 8/7/1856 Book D
Emerick, Elias Walton, Caroline 5/4/1851 Book C
Emery, Thomas Webb, Eliza Maria 1/1/1852 Book C
Engel, Henry Drewes, Doretha 9/5/1857 Book D
Engle, John McCormick, Martha 4/13/1854 Book C
Engler, Christian Reahm, Theresa 7/14/1864 Book E
English, Charles Butterfield, Eliza 8/14/1861 Book E
English, Frederick Riche, Elinor 8/1/1861 Book E
English, George W. Wall, Mary 6/15/1864 Book E
English, Patrick Kennedy, Bridget 4/30/1855 Book C
Eno, Newton. G. Strong, Elizabeth G. 6/3/1852 Book C
Enrit, John Billington, Mary 5/11/1854 Book C
Ensign, Richard P. Havens, Lucinda 8/22/1860 Book E
Ephlin, Edward L. Shreeve, Sylvia Ann 5/2/1858 Book D
Ervine, William Cadwallader, Elizabeth 3/20/1856 Book D
Estherington, Richard or Etherington Clark, Mahalan 2/23/1851 Book C
Etherington, Richard Perry, LUcy 7/28/1852 Book C
Etter, Samuel M Butterfield, Mary E. 11/20/1851 Book C
Euler, Henry Dunn, Martha 8/10/1860 Book E
Evans/Evins, Abraham S. Collison/ Calison, Martha Isabell 12/29/1859 Book D
Evans, Gordon C. Morehouse, Polly Ann 6/15/1858 Book D
Evans, John C. Harris, Elizabeth Jane 12/22/1853 Book C
Evans, John M. Clement, Emma 6/1/1854 Book C
Evans, William Martin, Rachel A 9/16/1852 Book C
Evans, William Dolph, Laura A. 6/20/1861 Book E
Evenburg, Henry McGueagin, Sarah Jane 1/1/1859 Book D
Everts, Francis D. Loomis, Sarah A. 12/10/1855 Book C
Everts, Thomas H. Sleight, Caroline G. 10/18/1855 Book C
Evins, Isaac N. Phillips, Eunice M. 12/25/1860 Book E
Evory, Obadiah Provolt, Margaret Jane 12/24/1863 Book E
Ewald, Peter Gunther, Martha Elizabeth 7/4/1862 Book E
Ewbank, John A. Thurber, Marietta 1/11/1855 Book C
Ewert, Gustavus Fossberg, Henrietta 12/31/1859 Book D
Ewert, John Nicolas, Pauline 10/14/1860 Book E
Ewings, George D. Cogley, Mary Jane 12/28/1864 Book E
Ewings, Jospeh McClerg, Catharine 10/7/1858 Book D
Faidt, Mathias Beaver, Catherine 7/12/1855 Book C
Fail, Benajah Galbreath, Isabel 10/5/1854 Book C
Fail, John Morse, Roxey Jane 12/28/1858 Book D
Fargher, Thomas Gregory, Sarah E. 11/9/1853 Book C
Fargher, William Chandler, Angeline G. 4/18/1855 Book C
Faris, James C. Slocum, Sarah E. 12/1/1857 Book C
Farley, William Smith, Susan 10/15/1856 Book D
Farrand, Mulford K. Traver, C. M. 10/25/1854 "internet"
Faulkner, Lucas W Rice, Mary C 6/7/1853 Book C
Faulkner, Matthias M. Worley, Catharine 2/16/1854 Book C
Fawlsing, Peter Foster, Rose 8/29/1860 Book E
Feder, Julius Fritzen, Reica 1/23/1860 Book D
Feeny, Thomas Clear, Mary 8/30/1859 Book D
Felton, Jacob Ludwig, Mary 10/23/1858 Book D
Felton, William Knebel, Mary 1/29/1859 Book D
Ferg, Matthias Gice, Caroline 5/8/1855 Book C
Ferguson, David France, Malinda 6/8/1851 Book C
Fetten, Jacob Ludwig 10/23/1853 Book C
Ferris, Nicholas M. Holmes, Malylvia Ann 2/16/1856 Book D
Fields, Henry R. Garwood, Mary F. 12/22/1858 Book D
Finley, J.J. (Johanas) Bailey, Eunice. S. 6/9/1861 Book E
Finley, James A. Andrew, Elizabeth 10/28/1857 Book D
Finley, John H. Welch, Caroline D. 3/26/1854 Book C
Finley, Jonas J. Baily, Eunice S. 6/9/1861 Book E
Finley, Joseph Dunn, Rhoda Olive 3/1/1863 Book E
Finley, Michael Metz, Menna or Menona 2/11/1861 Book E
Finley, Thomas G. Earnest, Mary 2/20/1851 Book C
Finley, Wm. F. Holman, Rossa A. 5/25/1856 Book D
Finnell, Patrick Conway, Bridget H. 11/19/1854 Book C
Finney, Alexander G. Schart, Elzira 8/8/1858 Book D
Finney, Daniel Griffith, Jane 9/30/1858 Book D
Fischer/Fisher, Leander Jordan, Eve 6/24/1854 Book C
Fisher, Benjamin H McCormick, Catharine 8/31/1853 Book C
Fisher, Fredrick Schraeter, Doratha 9/3/1854 Book C
Fisher, George Walker, Caroline 6/15/1864 Book E
Fisher, John Reiser, Mary 1/21/1860 Book D
Fisher, William Jorden, Catharine 1/26/1857 Book D
Fisher, William Odell, Esther Ann 2/7/1862 Book E
Fitch, Lewis H. Bean, Lovinna S. 11/12/1855 Book C
Fitch, Thomas M. Skinner, Harriet W. 4/7/1852 Book C
Fitzgibbon, Francis Mulony, Bridget 5/30/1859 Book D
Fitzgerald, Patrick Fitzgerald, Bridget 8/14/1851 Book C
Fitzpatrick, Torrence Robinson, Mary 11/30/1855 Book C
Fitzpatrick, William Cadwallader, Ann C. 12/11/1856 Book D
Fitzsimmons, Michael Tracy, Catharine 3/25/1856 Book D
Flagg, George Flagg, Sevilla 10/20/1855 Book C
Flannegan, Edward O'Near, Ann 3/31/1852 Book C
Fleming, Edward Tracy, Mary 11/14/1857 Book D
Flick, John Walcham, Frederika 11/21/1863 Book E
Flood, James Blain, Nettie 3/12/1864 Book E
Flucard, John E Rathbun, Marietta 3/14/1853 Book C
Foglr, Benjamin Chery, Laura Ann 6/18/1863 Book E
Foldsmith, Richard Allen, Janette 3/28/1863 Book E
Fomeson, James McKen, Mary 8/12/1858 Book D
Fonrath, Frederick Wollmarard, Magdalain 11/3/1857 Book D
Foote, Orloff W. Cram/Crum, Harriett (Petty) 3/4/1861 Book E
Forbes, Austin L. Legers, Martha E. 5/15/1854 Book C
Forbes, Hiram Stotts, Arabella M. 7/3/1864 Book E
Forbes, I H Mendenhall, Elizabeth A. 12/28/1853 Book C
Forbes, Isaac W. Arnold, Melissa 9/27/1855 Book C
Forbes, Wallace W. White, Harriet A. 1/20/1864 Book E
Ford, William Spette, Anna 11/7/1857 Book D
Ford, Samuel Ray, Rebecca 11/8/1851 Book C
Foreman, Robert A. Allen, Jane 10/18/1858 Book D
Forrester, Michael Bruen, Catherine 5/27/1851 Book C
Fosdick, James A. Wasson, Mary 4/21/1852 Book C
Fosdick, John A. Richards, Harriet A. 4/8/1856 Book D
Foster, Horace Williams, Emelia 4/25/1854 Book C
Foster, Joel W. Carter, Nancy Jane 3/21/1858 Book D
Foster, Milus Carver, Angeline 3/12/1856 Book D
Fouts, Nathan Asher, Mary 3/12/1854 Book C
Fowler, Almond Allen, Louisa 10/8/1864 Book E
Fowler, Henry E. Ransom, Martha 4/4/1858 Book D
Fowler, Theodore S. Braden, Letta Jane 11/25/1860 Book E
Fox, Jacob White, Josephine 11/12/1862 Book E
Fox, Matthias Marks, Sophia 1/13/1857 Book D
Fox, Nicholas Air, Susanna 10/18/1853 Book C
Fox, William Daly, Sarah 1/13/1862 Book E
Fraley, Henry C. Stanton, Catherine F. 10/24/1862 Book E
Frame, Francis Mitchell, Sarah 1/1/1851 Book C
Frame, John jr. Whitstone, Matti E. 4/28/1864 Book E
France, Christian Oaker, Rachel 8/31/1864 Book E
France, John Lamb, Caroline A. 10/23/1859 Book D
France, William Anderson, May 7/4/1860 Book E
Frances, Wm W Martin, Ann Maria 3/28/1851 Book C
Francis, Charles Winch, Sarah 12/30/1855 Book C
Francis, Simeon Martin, Mary E. 5/12/1859 Book D
Frank, Charles Wilcox, Marietta T 4/10/1852 Book C
Fransen, Jacob Stretz, Mary 8/26/1861 Book E
Franz, Nathan Vail, Sarah 11/22/1857 Book D
Fraser, John Dale, Elizabeth 10/13/1851 Book C
Frasy, Lucius McKinnon, Charlotte 7/3/1859 Book D
Frazee, Henry O'Brian, Maria 3/7/1854 Book C
Frazier, Milton E. Fitch, Roxie Ann 12/30/1858 Book D
Fredenburg, Charles E. Free, Elnora E. 3/27/1862 Book E
Fredenburg, James Gulaver, Nancy 12/22/1857 Book D
Frederickson, Charles Albright, Isabella F. 9/4/1862 Book E
Frederickson, Edwin Myers, Matilda 5/10/1856 Book D
Free, Jacob Vogle, Mary Ann 12/25/1860 Book E
Freeman, Avery Elliott, Amanda 11/29/1859 Book D
Freeman, Park Zeigler, Jane Ellen 3/18/1860 Book E
Freeman, William H. O'Donnell. Bridget 8/15/1859 Book D
Freese, Frederick Rhoda, Mina 3/26/1859 Book D
Freese, John Hofer, Elizabeth 9/17/1859 Book D
Frehse, Charles Westwall, Mina 3/27/1856 Book D
Freitel, Stephen Sauce, Frederica 10/6/1857 Book D
French, Baylies Potter, Harriet Eliza 10/18/1860 Book E
Frese, Frederick Zehlke, Louisa 10/28/1860 Book E
Frishbear, Frederick Fogle, Julia 8/15/1855 Book C
Fritzen, Christoff Warnke, Louisa 6/22/1862 Book E
From, William Fraser, Susanna 6/28/1855 Book C
Frost, Frederick Shoff, Mary 4/24/1860 Book E
Fuller, A. W. Salisbury, Nellie 4/9/1865 Book E
Fuller, George Hill, Alice L. 12/10/1857 Book D
Funham, Benjamin Ocker, Mary 5/6/1863 Book E

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