Bouquet La Porte County, Indiana
Early Marriages
Groom Surname
Beginning with "C to D"

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For marriages before 1882, county marriage records in Indiana may not include much information other than the bride's and the groom's names, the date of the marriage return, the officiating minister, and if the bride or groom was under legal age, the name of a parent or guardian. Beginning in 1882, the bride and groom also had to supply their age, birthplace, birthdate, race, the names of their parents, and information about any previous marriages of either person.

Cadman, Horace Moore, Anne E. 12/25/1854 Book C
Cadwallader, Chester Shaw, Laura Ann 3/17/1858 Book D
Cadwallader, Jesse Aitkin, Almira 3/16/1856 Book D
Cadwallader, Moses Evans, Malinda 11/16/1851 Book C
Cadwallader, Sylvanus Paul, Catharine R. 3/17/1851 Book C
Cain, Em. C. Wilkins, Marian 10/17/1864 Book E
Caldwell, William Crane, Lucinda 10/5/1855 Book C
Call, George L. Anderson, Euphemia 9/22/1856 Book D
Callahan, James Carl, Bridgett 4/5/1857 Book D
Callahan, Thomas Kahalar, Hannah 6/17/1858 Book D
Cameron, Charles E. Barnes, Alma A. 5/31/1863 Book E
Campbell, Charles Irwin, Susanne 8/28/1864 Book E
Campbell, Daniel Bradbury, Martha Jane 11/10/1856 Book D
Campbell, Daniel Carroll, Ann 7/4/1859 Book D
Campbell, E. Ellis Simmons, Elizabeth R. 1/8/1851 Book C
Campbell, Edward A. Fosdick, Martha A. 2/24/1864 Book E
Campbell, Gavin Kiss, Barbara 4/28/1864 Book E
Campbell, Henry H. Hall, Margaret Jane 9/22/1858 Book D
Campbell, John Spears, Jane 8/24/1861 Book E
Campbell, Mack G. Galbreath, Rosanna 2/5/1863 Book E
Campbell, William H. Mandeville, Harriet F. 4/9/1869 -
Campbell, William Henry Knapp, Laura 12/22/1861 Book E
Canaday, Francis H. Shoemaker, Elizabeth 4/2/1861 Book E
Candleson, Christian Nusdriller, Theagesia 12/26/1861 Book E
Cane, James H. Prince, Liva 2/28/1861 Book E
Cannon, Richard Turk, Orissa 11/20/1862 Book E
Carey, Patrick McCarty, Bridget 6/12/1857 Book D
Carl, John Daley, Mary 12/30/1851 Book C
Carlson, Swan Ferdinand Swenson, Ellen 2/31861 Book E
Carney, Edward McCahan, Margaret 9/11/1855 Book C
Carney, James Lynch, Mary 6/22/1855 Book C
Carpenter, Albert Moon, Mary 1/21/1855 Book C
Carpenter, Augustine M. Pulcifer, Rachel G. 3/27/1854 Book C
Carpenter, Daniel Hilton, Lucy 3/2/1863 Book E
Carpenter, Daniel Thomas, Elizabeth 1/28/1864 Book E
Carpenter, David S. Teeter, Elizabeth 7/4/1858 Book D
Carpenter, Emory W. Aker, Mary 8/17/1862 Book E
Carpenter, Hezekiah C. Misskimins, Elizabeth 2/2/1860 Book E
Carpenter, John G. Adney, Cynthia Ann 10/6/1854 Book C
Carpenter, Joseph Turner, Mary J. 9/4/1859 Book D
Carpenter, Leonard Goldsmith, Dorotha Jane 8/10/1862 Book E
Carpenter, Zenas Parker, Nancy 8/14/1852 Book C
Carr, Thomas O'Conner, Bridget 7/6/1856 Book D
Carr, William Hagenbuck, M. I. 12/6/1854 Book C
Carrell, Eli P. Moulton, Emily Jane 1/1/1854 Book C
Carrick, Levi Mooney, Malissee 11/16/1854 Book C
Carroll, Eli O. Higgins, Hannah Eliza 2/6/1862 Book E
Carsen, Charles Berden, Dorette 8/16/1856 Book D
Carter, George H. Koplin, Anna 12/15/1862 Book E
Carter, James M Chamberlain, Mariett 5/6/1852 Book C
Carver, Seth O'Hannon, Angeline 3/21/1851 Book C
Carver, Smith Creighton, Ellen 2/22/1860 Book D
Caryle, John McDonald, Eveline 9/30/1857 Book D
Case, Calvin D. Bowen, Huldah S. 5/5/1858 Book D
Case, Elisha Hough, Rebecca 3/21/1852 Book C
Casey, Daniel Hendricks, Mary 8/7/1858 Book D
Casey, Daniel Hendriker, Mary 8/7/1858 Book D
Cassady, Michael Gre ????, Mary 8/1/1853 Book C
Cassell, Joel D. France, Elizabeth 9/22/1859 Book D
Cathcart, James S. Hixon, Emeline 9/22/1863 Book E
Catlin, Synda Peterson, Sarah Ann 3/21/1864 Book E
Cavanaugh, Peter Shields, Eliza E. 11/7/1858 Book D
Chaffee, Kingsley Blue, Lorana 10/15/1854 Book C
Chaldron, Andrew Shields, Mary 7/8/1854 Book C
Chamber, Andrew J. Curtis, Elsey 2/2/1865 Book E
Chamberlain, Jacob G. Eaton, Sarah 2/22/1858 Book D
Chamberlain, Joseph C. Bond, Sarah Ann 1/5/1862 Book E
Chamberlain, Simon Elliot Hobson, Margaret G. 4/14/1857 Book D
Chamberlain, Wm. S. Parshall, Lovilla C. 11/19/1856 Book D
Chambers, Obadiah Lloyd, Lydia L. 7/9/1854 Book C
Chandler, John E. Pease, A. Maria 6/24/1860 Book E
Chapman, Charles Bush, Mary O. 3/27/1862 Book E
Chapman, Francis M. Love, Lydia A. 5/25/1865 Book E
Chapman, William Brink, Delphine 8/29/1861 Book E
Chapman, William C. Brink, Delphine 8/30/1861 Book E
Charlesworth, John Miller, Isabella 11/23/1860 Book E
Charlesworth, John Miller, Isabella 11/22/1860 Book E
Charters, James Tilson, Mary J. 5/16/1864 Book E
Chase, George W. Havens, Lovena 2/9/1861 Book E
Chase, George W. Havens, Lovina 2/9/1861 Book E
Chase, Leroy H. Egner, Sarah E. 4/11/1855 Book C
Chase, Reuben H. Rude, Elmira J. 9/7/1856 Book D
Chelson, Cyrenius W. Clarkson, Julia 12/19/1854 Book C
Cheney, John O'Brien, Mary 8/10/1863 Book E
Cherry, George Weston, Nancy 8/15/1860 Book E
Cherry, William J. Webster, Margaret 2/28/1864 Book E
Chibo, Wm Shur, Julia 1/28/1853 Book C
Childs, Lorenzo W Groff, Sarah D 9/23/1852 Book C
Childs, Michael Lumbard, Elizabeth 2/21/1852 Book C
Chilson, Charles William Myres, Clarisa E. 10/25/1860 Book E
Christopher, Samuel Bennett 8/18/1853 Book C
Church, Edmund H. Johnson, Elizabeth 1/13/1863 Book E
Churchill, James Beard, Mary A. 9/25/1855 Book C
Cites, George Tuley, Martha Elizabeth 1/6/1863 Book E
Clancy, James Ragan, Mary 4/7/1856 Book D
Clancy, Thomas Shields, Jane 1/26/1853 Book C
Clark, Elias Hicks Andrew, Phebe Ann 3/8/1854 Book C
Clark, Newton Hagenbuck, Ann Vernett 11/25/1856 Book D
Clark, W. A. Fargher, Elizabeth 6/16/1861 Book E
Clarke, Edward Payson Clarke, Julia C. 10/17/1859 Book D
Clarke, William St. A. Fargher, Elizabeth 6/6/1861 Book E
Clash, Michael Cunningham, Hannah 5/20/1853 Book C
Classen, Jerome B. Churchill, Ophelia V. 12/25/1860 Book E
Cleghorn, James M. Proud, Hannah E. 5/22/1858 Book D
Clemmins, Henry B. Clough, Martha 3/3/1864 Book E
Clizbe, Loren G. Weaver, Mary Elizabeth 11/29/1857 Book D
Close, Charles Keblin, Caroline 2/17/1863 Book E
Closser, Daniel P. McCormick, Margaret A. 6/27/1856 Book D
Closser, Jerome B. Churchill, Ophelia V. 12/25/1860 Book E
Clyburn, William R. Metcalf, Mary E. 7/4/1856 Book D
Clymer, Henry Marshall, Nartha 10/14/1864 Book E
Coar, Gilbert Croup, Margaret 1/7/1857 Book D
Cobb, Cyrus B. Morrison, Ella D. 10/16/1861 Book E
Cochrin/Cokerin, David Dwan, Margaret ? 9/23/1853 Book C
Cochran, John Hundy, Azubah 1/22/1851 Book C
Coffin, Charles G. Stone, Esther I. 9/15/1864 Book E
Cofman, Charles Greenfrey, Adaline 9/27/1861 Book E
Colby, Solomon Blake, Mary 8/6/1853 Book C
Cole, Albert W. Crawford, Mary 1/10/1861 Book E
Cole, Henry P. McKellup, Abby 6/17/1861 Book E
Cole, John A. Palmer, Harriet A. 8/17/1856 Book D
Cole, John C. Morden, Martha 12/14/1853 Book C
Cole, John J. Horan, Anna 1/1/1862 Book E
Cole, Warren Pinney, Elizabeth N. 11/19/1862 Book E
Coleman, Ari Dawson, Martha Ann 3/5/1854 Book C
Coleman, Benjamin Franklin Wells, Aurelia S. 10/7/1858 Book D
Coleman, Jesse Dawson, Mary Ann 3/12/1857 Book D
Coleman, Joseph D. Snyder, Sarah Jane 11/1/1860 Book E
Coleman, Wm. Elliott, Elizabeth 12/10/1859 Book D
Colfax, Richard W. Reese, Harriet 11/17/1854 Book f-j
Collard, George Baker, Emily 10/30/1858 Book D
Collard, Theodore Randal, Sarah Jane 5/9/1861 Book E
Collier, Charles Austin, Polly 5/25/1859 Book D
Collins, Daniel Owens, Elizabeth 4/12/1852 Book C
Collins, James C. Anderson, Catharine 3/14/1859 Book D
Collins, John Evans, Catharine 4/26/1858 Book D
Collins, Lenard Benner, Mary Ann Hester 4/24/1859 Book D
Collins, Samuel B. Drollinger, Josephine 9/4/1859 Book D
Collins, William Campbell, Margarett Ellen 7/27/1856 Book D
Collison, Benjamin Reynolds, Almira 11/18/1863 Book E
Collum, William H. Little, Catherine E. 12/31/1861 Book E
Colwell, George Vardiman, Catharine 12/16/1855 Book C
Concannon, Elijah Ray, Louisa 10/20/1856 Book D
Concannon, James S Haskill, Nancy J 8281853 Book C
Concannon, Wm. H. Brush, Jane 4/19/1864 Book E
Conlan, James Hacket, Ann 12/1/1853 Book C
Connell, John Gogan, Mary L. 7/5/1857 Book D
Connell, Michael McCeune, Mary 8/25/1856 Book D
Connell, Michael Ruberry, Lenora 5/7/1858 Book D
Connell, Timothy O'Conner, Mary 7/10/1854 Book C
Connelly, Patrick Marone, Catharine 1/16/1855 Book C
Conner, John Knowland, Elizabeth 10/28/1860 Book E
Connerty, Thomas Makin, Mary 5/6/1855 Book C
Conrad, William Small, Sophia 3/22/1859 Book D
Consadine, Patrick Dwyre, Ellen 2/24/1852 Book C
Conway, Jeremiah Curry, Bridget 11/21/1858 Book D
Cook, Frederick Tucker, Mary 1/4/1858 Book D
Cook, John Speckan 10/29/1852 Book C
Cook, Matthias Brown, Christiana G. 10/28/1857 Book D
Cook, Michael Brown, Ameline 9/28/1852 Book C
Cooley, Dennis Kimball, Eliza J. 9/22/1864 Book E
Coon, John Weaver, Mary Ann 8/6/1862 Book E
Coon, Philip Bulger, Elizabeth 9/19/1855 Book C
Cooper, Alfred Brown, Harriett P. 1/20/1859 Book D
Cooper, Moses Ingraham, Charlotte 2/201861 Book E
Cooper, Moses Reynolds, Martha 12/29/1864 Book E
Cooper, Robert Chamberlain, P. C. 12/22/1854 Book C
Cooper, Robert McClarge. Elizabeth 9/23/1856 Book D
Cooper, Stephen Harner, Elizabeth 5/10/1859 Book D
Coote, Thomas Bluett, Jane 11/12/1852 Book C
Coplin, David B. Roberts, Sarah Elizabeth 12/28/1859 Book D
Coplin, David E. Ocker, Martha 7/4/1858 Book D
Coplin, John W Wilson, Mary 12/9/1853 Book C
Coppack, Oliver D. Sansted, Johanna Matilda 4/3/1864 Book E
Corbet, Edward Carony, Elen 2/10/1852 Book C
Corbin, Levi J. George, Elizabeth 11/27/1859 Book D
Corbin, William Haigh, Agnes 2/10/1852 Book C
Corcoran, Patrick Donohue, Doranda Mary 12/31/1859 Book D
Corcoran/Cockerin, David Devon, Margaret 9/20/1853 Book C
Core, Samuel G. Strong, Esther Ann 5/17/1858 Book D
Corns, Felix Schnitz, Catherine 8/22/1861 Book E
Cornwell, Samuel Mumm, Lucinda 9/25/1853 Book C
Cosmarr/Cosnarr, Theodore Arndt, Ernestine Jacobine 12/20/1853 Book C
Cospstick, Washington McLain, Sarah Ellen 10/15/1863 Book E
Cotton, John Evans, Sharlet/Sharlott 2/9/1854 Book C
Cottrell, Harry Welles, Harriet S. 1/18/1861 Book E
Cottrill/Cattrite, J. Harvey Wells, Harriet S. 1/28/1861 Book E
Coulter, Arba R. Dowd, Harriet 11/21/1863 Book E
Coulter, Wm. Marquis Washburn, Mary Ann 3/2/1862 Book E
Courtney, Thomas Shreve, Sophrona 4/4/1857 Book D
Cox, Albert Patrick, Eliza 8/25/1857 Book D
Cox, Edward Keith, Martha Ann 7/10/1862 Book E
Cox, Richard Fargher, Ellen 8/5/1857 Book D
Coy, Erastus Fitch, Mary 2/9/1862 Book E
Coy, Erastus Fitch, Mary 2/9/1862 Book E
Craft, Henry Garwood, Elizabeth 12/30/1853 Book C
Craft, Robert D Garwood, Mary J 12/20/1853 Book C
Craft, Zophar Travel, Jane 1/29/1857 Book D
Crafton, Peter Rafferty, Anne 6/17/1858 Book D
Cram, David Pattee, Harriet 11/30/1854 Book C
Crammer, Michael B. Ritter, Sarah Ann 8/21/1859 Book D
Crandall, Charles Kress, Susan E 8/3/1854 Book C
Crane, Alexander S. Brayton, Minerva Jane 12/24/1863 Book E
Crane, Henry P Keith, Mary 1/3/1853 Book C
Cranister, John I Hyde, Eliza 1/15/1852 Book C
Crates, Madore Jones, Polly 6/5/1855 Book C
Crawford, H. C. Worley, Virginia 1/4/1855 Book C
Crawford, Henry Shafer, Susan 1/23/1862 Book E
Creveston, Jacob Wedge, Mary S. 3/16/1865 Book E
Crites, Daniel Roberts, Amanda 8/18/1859 Book D
Crocker, Clark W. Kimble, Julia A. 5/30/1855 Book C
Croft, John Forbes, Sarah Jane 4/19/1858 Book D
Croll, Augustus Anton, Louisa 7/18/1864 Book E
Crook, William H Beckner, Malinda 11/25/1852 Book C
Cross, Daniel Brough, Mary 12/11/1851 Book C
Cross, Frederick Frazen, Sophia 3/14/1863 Book E
Cross, Nathum Reynolds, Harriet M. 9/10/1854 Book C
Crossman, Geo Haggart, Adeline 3/23/1851 Book C
Crosser, Milton J. Meeker, Sarah 9/18/1853 Book C
Crowell, John F. McEnterfer, Amanda A. 1/1/1862 Book E
Crowl, Henry G. Collings, Caroline F. 6/20/1863 Book E
Crowley, James A. Armstrong, Viola I. H. 5/5/1856 Book D
Crum, William Claypool, Hannah J. 7/25/1856 Book D
Crumpacker, Lucian Fleming, Jane 2/11/1858 Book D
Crumpacker, Shepherd Flynt, Elizabeth E. 9/21/1857 Book D
Crumpacker, Thomas W. Bhymer, Sarah Jane 12/24/1857 Book D
Cruzen, William Tuley, Sarah Ellen 3/15/1864 Book E
Culverwell, Robert J. Hocker, Arabella 2/26/1861 Book E
Cunney, Michael Feeney, Margaret 2/27/1854 Book C
Cunningham, Thomas Steele, Delilah 6/7/1862 Book E
Curry, James McClearty, Mary 7/18/1858 Book D
Curtis, Horace H. Wills, Elcy Ann 12/25/1861 Book E
Cushing, Seneca O. Vail, Caroline 3/12/1863 Book E
Custer, John Beckman, Mary 6/20/1853 Book C
Cutler, David E. Gregg, Adelia S. 10/27/1853 Book C
Dabbert, Charles Harris, Eureka 1/25/1862 Book E
Dabbert, John Pitesh, Charlott 8/29/1860 Book E
Dagen, Jackson ? Wonders, Jane 4/17/1852 Book C
Dailey, Patrick Shannon, Margaret 12/21/1852 Book C
Dale, Alfred G. Walt, Elizabeth A. 1/1/1863 Book E
Dallon, Thomas Dallon, Emily Theresa 12/1/1854 Book C
Dalson, Hamilton Clough, Elizabeth 3/8/1861 Book E
Dalson, Hamilton O'Donnell, Catharine 7/6/1859 Book D
Dalton, Richard McLoughlin, Mary 12/28/1857 Book D
Dana, Charles B. Learn, Ellen W. 3/25/1856 Book D
Danitschen, Charles Gallert, Caroline 4/21/1859 Book D
Dapp, Camelieb ? Brown, Louisa 9/12/1852 Book C
Darby, John F. Ransom, Rebecca C. 1/26/1862 Book E
Darcy, Daniel Walsh, Delia 9/19/1859 Book D
Darling, Thomas Piatt, Hannah 6/29/1858 Book D
Darr, William Worley, Mary M 8/23/1853 Book C
Darrow, Pliny Martin, Jane 2/8/1860 Book D
Darrow, Pliny Rynearson, Susan 11/24/1863 Book E
Daum, Henry Haynes, Emily M. 10/1/1860 Book E
Davidson, Ralph Eliel, Minka 5/22/1864 Book E
Davis, Daniel Burgar, Almira 10/11/1851 Book C
Davis, Elihu Linsey, Sarah 3/17/1852 Book C
Davis, Eugenius W. Barnes, Betsey Ann 10/9/1853 Book C
Davis, Jacob S. Lane, Emeline 6/20/1858 Book D
Davis, James Angel, Anna 2/21/1861 Book E
Davis, Johann Vincentz, Carolina 5/29/1864 Book E
Davis, Josephus Nash, Elethea 3/4/1860 Book D
Davis, Milton Baker, Pheobe 9/9/1858 Book D
Davis, Sanford G. Wilson, B. M. 12/11/1855 Book C
Davis, William Hoffman, Rena 3/13/1854 Book C
Dawson, Joseph Robins, Minerva 12/23/1862 Book E
Dawson, Peter W. Hupp, Elizabeth 7/3/1859 Book D
Day, Alden E. Baldwin, Almira M. 3/9/1857 Book D
Day, Samuel Davis, Sarah A. 12/30/1863 Book E
Dayton, Theodore Rawlin, Marinda Clara 3/4/1856 Book D
Dean, Ephraim J. Teeple, Maria A. 6/23/1865 Book E
Dean, Samuel Gifford, Ibba M 10/17/1851 Book C
DeArmond, William Brown, Clarissa 11/30/1857 Book D
Debrich, Gotlieb Kalisch, Wilhelmina 11/22/1857 Book D
Dechan/Deehan, John O'Neill, Catharine 11/26/1853 Book C
Deidrick, John Seibert, Louise 4/9/1863 Book E
Demeyer, Wm. W. Jackson, Mary Elizabeth 6/26/1861 Book E
Deming, Charles O. Mayhew, Matilda 3/19/1855 Book C
Deming, Wilson F. King, Wilhelmina 10/9/1863 Book E
Demming, Charles Flack, Sophia Caroline 3/11/1863 Book E
Denis, James H. Hubbell, Lydia H. 12/6/1864 Book E
Dennett, Abraham Evans, Sarah Jane 11/10/1858 Book D
Dennler, George Morf, Anna 9/15/1863 Book E
DeRiker, Albert Beardsley, Emily 3/22/1859 Book D
Dethloff, Charles Follett, Catharine 4/13/1858 Book D
Dewater, Amos Brush, Charlotte 3/3/1864 Book E
DeWitt, David Palmer, Cornelia A 8/26/1852 Book C
Dewitt, John G. Hale, Ellen M. 2/5/1856 Book D
Dexter, Henry M. Swift, Reliance 10/25/1860 Book E
Dial, Albert Beaty, Alice 1/7/1862 Book E
Diamond, John Martin, Angelina 8/21/1862 Book E
Dibblee, August Vesling, Elizabeth 8/22/1861 Book E
Dickey, George Jones, Cerinda J. 8/5/1856 Book D
Dickey, Moses Brown, Betty 12/18/1855 Book C
Dickey, William C. Avery, Sara A. 10/11/1862 Book E
Dickinson, Edward Armstrong, Sarah 4/16/1865 Book E
Dietz, Alexander Mangul, Gertrude 3/19/1862 Book E
Dilley, Solomon Dextor, Mrs. Eleanor 12/24/1851 Book C
Dittmer, John Rosser, Sophia 6/11/1863 Book E
Divine, James Borlon, Catharine 1/3/1858 Book D
Dix, Elijah J. Butterworth, Ruth C. 12/22/1851 Book C
Dixon, Henry Gordon, Margaret A. 12/22/1857 Book D
Dockrviller/Dochwallen, John B. Evans, Sophona 5/16/1858 Book D
Dodd, Isaac Russel, Catherine 6/25/1863 Book E
Dodd, Theodore F. C. Cadwallader, Eliza 9/30/1860 Book E
Dohl, Henry Schroder, Christena 11/28/1860 Book E
Dolan, Michael Lavin, Ann 2/1/1854 Book C
Done, Henry Bonn, Mary 4/4/1856 Book D
Donley, Charles C. Manchester, Sarah 2/20/1851 Book C
Donovan, Malichi O'Brien, Mary 10/22/1855 Book C
Doolan, Michael Toole, Catharine 5/1/1858 Book D
Dorland, Nathan W. McCormick, Mary P. 12/8/1853 Book C
Dorr, Joseph M. Reynolds, Juliette B. 3/5/1856 Book D
Doty, George W Blue, Ursula 11/16/1851 Book C
Doty, John W. Straton, Helena A. 2/6/1862 Book E
Downey, James O'Brion, Ellen 1/15/1858 Book D
Downing, Anthony Wagner, Harriet V. 9/1/1859 Book D
Doyle, Thomas O'Donnell, Maria E 3/29/1852 Book C
Drake, Abraham Whitten, Mary Ann 5/7/1857 Book D
Drake, John Ludwig Kluge, Caroline 10/9/1856 Book D
Dress, Christian Koebke, Caroline 1/21/1856 Book D
Drew, Cornelius Hay, Alice 9/27/1855 Book C
Drew, Daniel Bennett, Catharine 12/31/1855 Book C
Dreyfurth, William Quick, Doritha 12/28/1869 Book F
Driver, Nicholas Teron, Julianna 7/20/1865 Book E
Drom, John Pratt, Sarah Jane 9/27/1853 Book C
Drummond, John J. Hickman, Sophrona 9/27/1860 Book E
Dudley, Lewis Wilcox, Nancy Jane 12/26/1859 Book D
Dugan, Mountfore Culp, Polly 2/6/1856 Book D
Dugan, Thomas Butler, Milly 6/19/1856 Book D
Dull, John Heckman, Elizabeth 1/12/1857 Book D
Dunbar, George Havens, Louisa 9/24/1854 Book C
Duncan, Madison Tabor, Juliette C 6/5/1852 Book C
Duncan, Thomas Norton, Margaret 8/28/1859 Book D
Dunham, Ira H. Gurney, Matilda 4/18/1857 Book D
Dunham, Laban H. Way, Mary Jane 11/29/1854 Book C
Dunkel, Christian Tuchshuber, Barbara 8/1/1858 Book D
Dunking, Amos Reprogle, Vanvelia 4/16/1857 Book D
Dunlap, C. H. Pease, P. A. 11/6/1853 Book C
Dunlap, Presley Woodworth, Sarah 8/12/1852 Book C
Dunlap, Samuel E Shedd, Candace I 7/24/1853 Book C
Dunn, James Purcell, Bridget 8/3/1854 Book C
Dunn, Joseph Hartsell, Martha 12/14/1851 Book C
Dunn, Patrick Shanon, Ann 2/5/1854 Book C
Dunn, Thomas Shannepy, Catherine 5/29/1852 Book C
Dunston, Morgan E. Hannan, Lovine 2/5/1860 Book D
Duran, Edgar H Andrews, Eliza E 4/23/1865 Book E
Durand, Edgar H. Andres, Eliza Ann 4/24/1865 Book E
Dutcher, Alfred Brotherton, Rachel 5/26/1852 Book C
Dutcher, George N. Adams, Eliza 11/11/1854 Book C
Dyer, John Smith, Lydia Jane 12/11/1856 Book D

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