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Disclaimer for on line records and cemetery readings: "This website was developed and is sustained by volunteers who donate their time and personal resources for the purpose of providing valuable research information to fellow researchers.

We are dedicated to providing free access to La Porte County Gen Web and cemetery listings.

If you have documentation of family records or a burial which does not appear on this site already, we are pleased to receive that information from you.

Some records may be in error due to being originally misread or a transcription error.

" Please keep in mind that some of the cemetery listings that are being placed on the WWW were done more than 30 or 40 years ago. Every cemetery that you view through your genealogical research should be considered a "Partial" listing for various reasons, such as errors in spelling occurring at the time of burial., some burial locations were known only to the cemetery sexton and information was lost when he moved, resigned or died. And many written logs were destroyed by accidental fires. We are not responsible for errors, misspellings or incorrect information. Every attempt to correct misinformation is entered onto our listing(s) upon being notified of a burial with source and/or family history.

1. Readings done by the D.A.R. Ind. Miriam Benedict Chapter of LaPorte County, Indiana.
2. Older LaPorte County Pioneer Cemetery Readings
3. Current readings
4. Individuals who have donated obituaries, family histories and burial locations.
5. Obituary
6. Church records
7. Cemetery burial records; handwritten, typed or computerized
8. Historical documents and photos passed down for preservation sake.