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State of Indiana, Lake County, ss:
Alex Aszmongya and John Aszmongya being duly sworn upon h__ death
says that Elizabeth Aszmongya departed this life intestate, at Gary
in Lake Couty Indiana on the 17th day of October 1929, without leaving
any last will and testament to h__ knowledge and belief; that said
deceased was ???? to her death a resident of Gary,
Lake County, Indiana and that she left a personal estate of the
probatable sum of Two Hundred ($200.00) dollars, and reals estae of
the estimated vale of Four Thousand ($4,000.00) dollars.
Lists the surviving family members
Alex Aszmongya 53 yrs old son 3741 Jackson St., Gary, Ind.
John Aszmongya 47 yrs old son 1811 Mass. St. Gary, Ind.
Description of Real Estate
Lot Number Eighteen (18) in Block Number Fourteen (14,) Broadway
Addition to Gary, Lake Couty, Indiana otherwise known as -
1811 Massachusetts Street.
Land ...... $600.00
Building... 1200.00 $1800.00
Appraised by Alex Aszmongya and T (F?) Kroeger
Notary Public: J. Rontz, commission expires 12⁄2⁄1930
ESTATE DOCKET, Lake Superior Court Number 1703
Name of Estate Name of Administration
Elizabeth Aszmongya South Side Trust & Savings Bank(Gary, IN)
OB Page Date
3-523 11-12-29 Alex Aszmongya and John Aszmongya files
verefield appl for the app of the South Side Trust & Savings Bank to
act as Admr, Bank files its written consent to act. Appl and consent
ex and appr and letters issued. All of which was filed and done in the
clerks office in vacation to-wit Nov 6th 1929, all of which is now by
the court comfirmed and appr. 20594
3-15-30 Admr files Inv & appr of personal property and real estate, same
all now ex and appr.
9-24-43 This estate dropped from the docket to be reinstated on motion.
Funeral Expenses
ESTATE of Elizabeth Aszmongya Deceased
To Michael Wysliwy
Casket .......... $375.00
Embalming ....... 45.00
Hearse .......... 12.00
Candles ......... 6.00
Slippers ........ 2.00
Automobile ...... 9.00
Palms ........... 6.00
Services ........ 20.00
Ken Curtis