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Murderer of Miss Josephine Odorivzzi,
Source: Greencastle Herald, 20 March 1929 p 4
Gary, Ind March 2- A short-handled blood-stained hatchet found in the room here of Gillis Mach, 28-year-old negro, today gave police their first possible clue to the identity of the murderer of Miss Josephine Odorivzzi, 20. Mack was held for questioning and for possible identification by several women who were recent victims of holdups in which the lone bandit wielded a hatchet.

Source: Same newspaper, same page: A negro suspected of being the “hatchet” man who killed pretty 20-year-old Josephine Odorivzzi here, and who has attacked three of four couples in the last few weeks, was to be placed under arrest by police today. News of the impending arrest of the suspected fiend came after detectives and patrolmen had combed the underworld here last night and had grilled numerous underworld characters. The authorities had come across an important clue, it was reported, which was expected to lead to the suspect. The young woman’s body was found in some bushes in a sand lot two blocks from her home here by two school boys. Police believed she was slugged, dragged into the bushes, attacked and then killed with three hatchet blows to her head. Four women and two men have been attacked recently by the “hatchet man” in the western part of Gary. Two of the victims were seriously injured and were in hospitals today recovering from their wounds. The police theory is that the same assailant killed the Odorivzzi girl.