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Keep in mind, volunteers on this page are mainly doing this because of their love of genealogy and the willingness to help others. Please try to keep your requests to one name per email and give as much identifying information as possible. If you ask "could you send me everything you can find on the Johnson family of Lake County?" you might not even get a reply because it's just too broad. Narrow it down so that they are sure to find YOUR ancestor instead of sending you info on people you have no interest in.

USGenWeb policy prohibits lookup volunteers from infringing on copyright, so please do not ask for large quantities of information, information on multiple people, or Xerox copies of pages from the resources.

Feel free to request a look-up from the listed resources. Some of the lookup researchers listed on this page are "VOLUNTEERS" - which means they offer their services at NO charge (not even for copies!!!). Some of the lookup researchers listed on this page are "EXPENSE ONLY RESEARCHERS" - which means they offer their services and charge VERY minimal fees for reimbursement of their expenses only. If you find that ANY of these researchers are charging for "time", please let me know so that I can remove them from this list.


  • Attention early settler descendants I will do look ups from Solon Robinson's books by Kellar
  • Solon Robinson's books by Kellar
Marlene Polster
  • As Lake County genealogist for the Indiana Genealogical Society, I do not do research for anyone but I do help people locate where they might find the information they need to complete their own genealogical research.
  • Contact directly to determine extent and type of Look Up activity.
  • Lake County Naturalization Book
Telisa Watts
  • I will do state wide census lookups, for all counties, all years.

Lake County Public Library
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(219) 769-3541 X337