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Death Records 1908
  • Henry R. Kolb, whose wife was Polly F. Graves youngest daughter of Orrin W. Graves and Achsah Farley Graves, died January 10, 1908.
  • Mr. John Millikan one of our oldest citizens, died January 18, 1908. He was born July 16, 1814 and was age 93. He was editor of the Crown Point Register for many years who lived in South Bend in 1837 and came to Crown Point in 1877. One of his great characteristics was meekness.
  • Mr. Janna S. Holton, who was born Dec 17, 1822, died Saturday January 25, 1908. He came to Crown Point in 1844 and was the last of Crown Points earliest merchants. He was the son of Volney Holton and the body was brought to Crown Point Cemetery for burial. Mr. Holton leaves three daughters, thirteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
  • Harold Woods, only son of Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Woods died of typhoid pneumonia at Columbus Ohio February 11, 1908. He was attending school at the University there.
  • Mr. Frank Fuller was killed by the cars at Cedar Lake on the morning of Feb. 12, 1908.
  • Mrs. Phoebe A. Brooks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nehemiah Hayden, born in Ohio May 15, 1827, died Feb. 21, 1908. She came as a child ten years of age into Lake County, in 1837, with her parents.
  • Ozias W. Clark, born in Naples, N.Y. Dec 11, 1831, and came to Lake County as a child in 1837, died Feb. 23, 1908. He was never married.
  • Mr. Almon Wilkinson died in the home of his daughter, Mrs. Henry Fry, Sunday March 8, 1908. He was born in Monroe County, N.Y. April 4, 1820.
  • Dr. Groman of Brunswick died March 8, 1908. He was 84 years old.
  • Mr. Noah Bibler died April 3, 1908. He was nearly 84 years of age and had been married 62 years. Citizen of Lake County for 55 years.
  • Mrs. Abel Farwell died at the home of her daughter in St. Joe Mich. April 8, 1908. She was formerly Louisa Burns and came to Hanover Twp in 1836. She was born in the state of NY Dec. 23, 1825. Burial at Lowell April 10.
  • Mrs. Alfred Edgerton, widow of a pioneer of 1836, died April 12, 1908. She was Jane H. Scritchfield, a member of one of Lake County's very large families. She leaves five brothers, five sisters, nine children, twenty- eight grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. She was about 70 years of age.
  • Mr. Isaac Bryant died at Hebron on Wed. April 15, 1908. He was a long resident at Plum Grove, or near it. He was about 68 years of age.
  • Frank Mann of Crown Point died April 15, 1908, age 80 years.
  • Mr. Moses M. Esty passed away at the family home April 22, 1908. Nearly 78 years of age.
  • Mrs. Joseph A. Clark, still in middle age, died May 19, 1908. A great loss.
  • Miss Lucinda Van Valkenburg died at age 90 years, on May 20, 1908.
  • Mrs. William Nicholson, formerly Annie Brown, died suddenly of paralysis June 17, 1908. Age 61 years.