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Bartlett Woods
Bartlett Woods May 25, 1836, Honorable Bartlett WOODS left London, England. He landed at New York and came to Michigan City in August. In March, 1837, he made a claim in Lake County, on which he commenced improvements in the spring of 1838. He married the daughter of Samuel Sigler, also an early settler. With the exception of two years spent in Chicago, he has been a continuous resident on his farm. He holds for it, as a claim, one of the very few claim-entry certificates now to be found. For a number of years, being intelligent, talented, and a ready speaker, he has been a prominent man in the community. He held for two terms the office of County Commissioner. He was our representative at Indianapolis in the State Legislature in 1861 and again in 1865. For the last three years he has been President of the Agricultural Society.
Source: "T. H. Ball" 1873 Sumbitted by: Kathy Huish - anolelady@aol.com