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Joe H. Wildermuth
Architect 527 Broadway, Gary, Indiana
Joe H(enry) Wildermuth,* son of Elias and Olive (Herrick) Wildermuth; was born near Star City, Pulaski Co. Ind., July 6, 1897. Elias Wildermuth, son of Henry and Barbara (Berne) Wildermuth, was born at Star City, Ind., March 2, 1850. He attended the public schools of Pulaski Co., Ind., after which he taught school 14 years. He then engaged in farming and stock raising until 1907, at which time he moved to Gary, Ind., where he resided, retired, until his death, which occurred Jan 2, 1912. His wife, Olive (Herrick) Wildermuth, who also was born at Star City, Ind., died May 12, 1925. She was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Hickman) Herrick, the former of whom came from England to the U.S. Early member of the Hickman family moved from Ky. To Ind. In pioneer days. Elias and Olive (Herrick) Wildermuth are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, at Gary. They were the parents of 5 children: (1) a child who died in infancy. (2) Harry E., who was killed in a railroad accident in 1910. (3) Ora Leonard,* who is an atty.-at-law in Gary. (4) George O., who died in 1907. (5) Joe Henry. Henry Wildermuth, father of Elias, and son of Abraham Wildermuth, was born in Ohio in 1820. He was reared in Ohio, and in 1840 accompanied his parents to Ind. , settling first in Cass County, and later in Pulaski County. He engaged in farming and stock raising in Pulaski County until his retirement.
He married Barbara Berne. Several of their sons served in the Civil War. Among them was Jasper Wildermuth who died in the military Prison at Andersonville, Sumter Co., Ga. Abraham Wildermuth, father of Henry, and the first member of the family in Ind., moved from Ohio to Ind. In pioneer days, settling first in Cass County, and later in Pulaski County, where he engaged in farming the remainder of his life. He and his wife are buried in Pulaski County. Early members of the Wildermuth family, which is of German ancestry, came to the U.S. prior to the Rev. War, and settled in Berks Co., Penn. Some of the family later moved to a farm located south of Columbus, Ohio. Joe H. Wildermuth, the subject of this sketch, attended the public schs. Of Star City, Ind. As far as the fourth grade, and in 1907 accompanied his parents to Gary, Ind., where he completed his public sch. edu., being graduated from Emerson High Sch. in 1915. He then attended the Univ. of Ill. 2 years, following which he enlisted in the U.S. Army for service in World War No. 1. He was stationed at an Officers' Training Camp until he rec'd. his Hon. Disch. in Dec. 1918. He then attended the Univ. of Ariz. 6 months, after which he was a student of the Univ. of Ill. 2 years, being graduated from the latter sch. with a B.S. deg. In architecture in 1920. He subsequently taught sch. in Gary, Ind. 6 months after which he was employed by the Sch. Bd. To draw plans for new school bldgs. He then engaged in the bldg. of houses, and later was associated with the Home Owners Loan Corp. 4 years. Mr. Wildermuth has since been an architect in Gary, and has designed and supervised the erection of many prominent bldgs. In Gary, including the Municipal Auditorium, the Emerson Grade Sch., the Lew Wallace Public Sch., and approx. 20 other public sch. bldgs. of the city, 3 public library bldgs. in Gary, and numerous business and residence bldgs. Mr. Wildermuth served as chin. of the Citizens Com.
For the Federal Housing Administration for Lake County, 1934-36, was dist. Appraiser, dist., manager., and asst. state appraiser for the Home Owners Loan Corpn. He is Vice-pres. of the Federal Savings and Loan Assn. in Gary, and for the past 10 years has been a mem. of the Ind. State Bd. of Registration for Architects, of which he has served as chin. He is independent in Politics, contributor to the Citizens Historical Association, and is a mem. of the following: Gary C. of C.; Gary Country Club; Kiwanis Club; and :Meth. Church. Mr. Wildermuth owns a 600-acre dairy farm located in Lake Co., Ind. On Jan 10, 1923, in Gary, Joe H. Wildermuth married Madeleine Havens of Gary, dau. Of Daniel F. and Lola (Bassett) Havens. Mrs. Wildermuth completed her high sch. edn. In Indianapolis, Ind., after which she attended Northwestern Univ. Children: (1) Richard Lee, who was born in Gary, June 22, 1924. He is serving in the U.S. Air Corps. (2) Dorothy Ann, who was born Jan 5, 1926. For further data regarding Joe H. Wildermuth, and his brother, Ora Leonard Wildermuth, see Charles Roll "Indiana" (Lewis Pub. Co., Chicago, 1931), vols.. 5 and 3, pp.82 and 348, respectively, and Thomas R. Cannon "History of the Lake and Calumet Region of Indiana" (Historians' Assn., Publishers, Indianapolis, 1927), vol. 2, pp. 444 and 800, respectively. Also see "Who's Who in America (1943-1943), vol. 22, p. 2343. (sketch of Ora Leonard Wildermuth), and Citizens Historical Association sketch of Ora Leonard Wildermuth.
Source: CITIZENS HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION; May 22, 1943 (LCD⁄DLH) Indianapolis

Submitted by: Dorothy Wildermuth Vekasi - dvekasi@aol.com NOTE: The obituary was found in the Indiana State Library - Indiana Room. Biography has some known errors, contact Dorothy Vekasi for more info.