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Charles Augustus and Ethel Mae Welter
Ethel Mae ARCHER, born 27 Sept 1884 in Tracy, MN was the daughter of Wilbur (William) Franklin and Ida Frances Pierce Archer. She married Charles Augustus WELTER on 22 June 1904 in her home in Lamberton, MN. Charles was born 25 Sept 1879 in Medo Township, MN. He was the son of Nickolas and Emily Marie Will Welter. Nickolas was of Dutch descent and Emily of Scottish descent. Charles and Ethel moved to Lucan, MN in 1904 where Charles was in the Livery and Dray business.
They were active in public and church affairs. They had six children, all born in Lucan. During the 1900ís there were few high schools in the area and children had to be boarded out to families in towns that had a high school in order for them to get an education. They wanted their children to have an education but to also live with them while going to school, so they decided to move to Gary, IN in 1919. They bought a candy store called "The Sugar Bowl" when they arrived in Gary and while Ethel ran the store, Charles joined his brother, William welter, in the contracting business.
They build the following buildings in Gary: Ardel Apartments, named after Williamís daughter. Elaine Apartments, named after Charlesí daughter (my grandmother), located on Virginia Street. Webber Apartments, named after one of the investors. Archer Hotel, named after Ethelís family. Kelvinator Store, appliance store run by Charles and Ethel. Alexander Apartments, named after Williamís wife. Retlew Apartments, Welter spelled backwards, located at 5th Polk. Pierce Apartments, named after Ethelís mothers family, located at 4th Pierce. Cressmoor Country Club in Hobart, IN, built in 1924-25. The first and largest golf course built in Northern Indiana. It was a 36 hole golf course with 18 holes of sand greens and 18 holes of grass greens. (I have copies of the original year book for Cressmoor that I could copy and send to you.) Charles and Ethel sold the Kelvinator store during World War II as appliances were not being manufactured during the war. They bought the Ardell Apartments which consisted of 50 apartments and managed them until they retired to Sarasota, FL in 1957.
Charles died 23 Oct 1963 in Sarasota and Ethel died 4 Mar 1984 in Darlington, WI, just six months before her 100th birthday. They are buried in Manasota Memorial Park, Bradenton, FL.
Source: Sumbitted by: Linda (Walter⁄Eldridge) Wells - WhisperW@aol.com