John H. K. Vater
John H. K. Vater was born in germany October 27, 1824, and is the son of Samuel and Susanna (Gastenberger) Vater. John attended school until fourteen years old, and then worked in a distillery till about twenty-two. In 1846, he came to America, stopped in Milwaukee a short time,
thence moved to Chicago, where he worked in a lumber yard some four years, then kept a grocery for a long time. January 9, 1852, he married Georgina Eggers, by whom he became the father of six boys and six girls-John E. (deceased), Frederick (deceased), William, Bertha (deceased), Augusta, Clara, Herman, Freddie, Georgina, Frederica, Charlie and Elizabeth. In about 1867, he sold his store in Chicago and came to Whiting Station, bought forty-five acres of land fronting the lake and adjoining the property of his brother-in-law, Heinrich Eggers, and built
a fine residence near the shore. In 1876 he joined a number of others in the building of the Berry Lake Ice House, of which he is now the Superintendent. He is a Republican and has twice been elected Justice of the Peace.
Source- Counties of Porter and Lake, 1882.
Submitted By Kathy Huish for Greg Hoppe (descendant)