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Elisabeth Eilert was born in Ottenhausen and Christened at St Mariens Catholic Church in Steinheim, Westfalen, Germany. St. Marien's is reported to be approximately 1500 years old! Steinheim is located approximately 2.5 km from Bergheim and is located in a beautiful valley with rolling hills and is reported to have the best soil in all of Germany! Elisabeth arrived in New York from Bremen on 22 September 1871 aboard the steamship "Ohio". Germans to America,Volume 25; Glazier & Filby Scholarly Resources; 1992.
Elisabeth was accompanied to the New Word by Wilhemine Josephine Eilert and Antoine. It is believed these two were cousins of Elisabeth. Franz Kleine, future husband of Elisabeth was also aboard the "Ohio". A shipboard romance? However, it would be ten years before the two were wed. Antoine Eilert was born 5 July 1844 in Ottenhausen, Westfalia, Germany. He studied for the priesthood in the cities of Brilon, Paderborn, and Munster, Germany. On 14 May 1871, he was ordained in Munster by Bishop Brinkma for service in the Diocese of Cleveland. Antione⁄Anthony became the first pastor of St. Mary's Church in Antwerp, Ohio on 1 October 1871. Father Eilert returned to Ottenhausen, Germany in June of 1913 where he lived until his death 17 March 1916. Father Eilert's sister, Wilhemine Josephine, born 20 November 1850, eventually went to live with her brother in Ohio. Josephine never married and remained his housekeeper until her death.
1) Johann Eilert, b.1678, died 11 January 1733 married 17 January 1708 - Ottenhausen,
Germany to Anna Maria Lucking⁄Luekinck.
2) Christoph Eilert, b. 26 February 1713 Vinsebeck, Germany, d. 17 Dec 1800 (age 87)
married 2 May 1767 - Steinheim, Germany to Clara Maria Hierenstein⁄Hirnstein.
3) Johann Bernardus Eilert b. 10 April 1774, Ottenhausen, Germany d. 27 January 1833
(age 59) married 27 October 1800 to Maria Magdalena Wiechmann ⁄ Wichman, b. 13 November 1774,
d. 17 November 1842.
3) Johann's occupation noted as that of "Ackerman" or small farmer.
4) Maria Angela, b. 1801 - 02 (ca) d.1803
4) Maria Angela, b. 1804 (It was customary to name a new born child after one deceased).
4) Johann Joseph b. 28 September 1810 d. 7 June 1865 (age 48) married 5 June 1838
to Anna Maria Multhaup, b. 1817, d. 5 March 1868 (age 58). (See Multhaup below).
(Witness: Heinrich Eilert & Theresia Multhaup)
4) Maria Theresia, b. March 1813, d. 1 September 1863
4) Maria Agne, b. 8 December 1815
4) Johann Joseph Eilert's occupation is noted as that of "Tagilabuer" or "day laborer".
4) Johann Eilert and Anna Maria Multhaup
5) Angela Maria, b. 24 August 1838, Patrinus: Angela Eilert and Anna Maria Flugel
5) Heinrich Bernard Joseph, b. 3 October 1841 Patrinus: Bernard Luking and Theresia Multhaup
5) Elisabeth Agnes Eilert b. 17 January 1845, Patrinus: Agnes Wiedking and George Monikes
d. 8 August 1898, married 25 June 1874 Franz Kleine, b. 8 September 1845,d. 21 December 1922
5) Adolphine Gertrude, b. 13 April 1849 Patrinus: Adolphine Multhaup and Anton Thiel
5) Johann Herman, b. 9 April 1852 - 1880 Census notes Herman residing with Franz and Elisabeth
in Illinois, Yellowhead Township, Illinois, age 24. Patrinus: Herman Eilert and
Agatha Wiechmann
5) Carolina Theresia, b. 15 November 1856
5) Anton August, b. 15 January 1863, Patrinus: August Wiedking and Elisabeth Eilert
Franz & Elisabeth were married by Reverend Frances H. Deimel at the old St. Martin's
Catholic Church, now Holy Name Catholic Church, Lake Co., IN. This is oral history as no
marriage record was located at Holy Name. Both are buried at the Holy Name Cemetery.
1) Johann Bernard Multhaup and Elisabeth Engelmann, Ottenhausen, Germany
2) Anna Maria Multhaup, b. 1817, d. 7 June 1865 (age 48) married 15 June 1838 to Johann
Joseph Eilert, b. 28 September 1810, d. 5 March 1868 (age 58), Ottenhausen, Germany.
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