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Alexander F BROWN was born in Schenectady county, New York, in 1804, and there remained until 1837, when he removed to Lake County, Indiana, settling in Eagle Creek township. There he secured land from the government and developed and improved a farm. He was widely recognized as one of the leading and influential residents of this county, and his influence was a marked element in shaping the public policy. He became a recognized leader in forming public thought and opinion, and all who knew him respected him for his loyalty to his honest convictions and his devotion to the general welfare. In his political views he was a stanch Whig and he held membership in the Presbyterian church, holding office therein, taking a very helpful part in its work and contributing liberally and generously of his time and means to various church activities. He was killed in a runaway accident in 1849 when forty-five years of age. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Eliza M. Barringer, was a native of Schenectady county, New York, and there spent the days of her girlhood. She lived to be seventy-three years of age and died in Lake county, Indiana. On her husband's death she was left to care for a family of five children, one of whom was born after his demise. The eldest, a daughter, Mary, now the deceased wife of Thomas Fisher, was but twelve years of age at the time of the runaway accident which terminated the active and useful career of the husband and father. John was the second of the family. William B. (Barringer) the third , is a resident of Crown Point. Anna is the wife of William C. Nicholson, of Crown Point. George, the youngest, died when twenty-nine years of age, leaving a widow and three sons. Mrs. Alexander Brown reared her family of five children and much credit is due her for their success in life. She desired that they should have good educational privileges and thus be well fitted to meet life's practical and responsible duties, and she put forth every effort in her power to thus qualify tghem. She was one of the noble pioneer women of Lake county and all praise is due her from her children and friends."
Source: "Lake County, Indiana 1884, An Account of The Semi-Centennial Celebration of Lake County September 3 and 4 with Historical Papers" Edited and published by T.H. Ball Pages: 422 and 423 refer to the BROWN family in Lake County, IN ******** AND ******** Source: "Encyclopedia of Genealogy and Biography of Lake County, Indiana with a Compendium of History 1834-1904" by Rev. T. H. Ball, Published by The Lewis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, 1904 Page 168 Submitted by: Constance Fifield Moore - Kiricat833@aol.com