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John BAZIN wrote his own story in the family Bible, "I, John Bazin, came to America, state of Pennsylvania on May 15, 1901. From there I moved to Gary, Indiana, on January 1, 1915. First we lived at 26 Jefferson St., and moved again to 1620 Delaware Street. I built the house at 1924 Adams Street. I started with the store in 1918 on March first. I bought the lot...for $775.00; the cost of the house was 1500.00 and the building of the store was 6,000 dollars. "(Translated from Hungarian) John was born in the township of Jabloncza, County of Abauj-Torna, Hungary (now part of Czechoslovakia) on Tuesday, March 22, 1877, to Stephen and Julianne (Matyus) Bazin. In 1922 when John wrote in the family Bible about his parents and brothers and sisters, he prophetically concluded with "May those mentioned above for a long time stay alive and their descendents may multiply, thus they may carry their beautiful name among the living. "In 1900, when John was drafted by the Hungarian army, his occupation was given as a farmer. The following year he immigrated to America. John returned to Jabloncza to marry Barbara Papp on June 29, 1903, "in the presence of many beautiful people"-according to his own written words. His bride was born on June 30, 1884, in Jabloncza which was also the birthplace of their first child. Returning to Pennsylvania, the John and his family lived in Johnstown, then briefly in Twin Rocks before responding to the opportunities offered by the young city of Gary, Indiana. The family continued to grow and in 1922 the family was complete with eight of his ten children living: - Elizabeth (1904-1970) m. Michael Vekasi Ch: Michael E. and Linda - John Jr. (1908-1975) m. Lydia Holas Ch: John III, Bonita Cynthia - Barbara (1910-1974) m. John Bencie Ch: Charles and Barbara Ann - Helen b.1912 m. Alex Nestor Ch: Ronald and Nancy - Steven b.1914 m. Helen Ch: Steven John and Robert - Mary b.1917 m. Nicholas Kokinda Ch: Dorothy, Dennis and Diana. - Daniel (1919-1987) m Ernesta Putti Ch: Mary J., Kathleen Daniel - Joseph (1922-1973) m. Helen Gersack Ch: Sharon and Jo EllenWhen John first moved to Gary, he worked in the steel mill but later took great pride as the older children helped in the store before quitting school to get jobs.
Before marriage, the older girls were store clerks. Elizabeth worked at Levin Brothers, then Broadway Style Shop; Barbara worked at Sam Mayo Co., then Nick S. Kencoff. John Jr. followed his father's footsteps in the grocery business; after working with his father a few years, he had his own store in East Gary. Steve made his life work in the steel mill and became a leader in the Union. Mary was the first to finish high school. Dan became a fireman and Joe drove a truck for the city. The family belonged to the First Hungarian Evangelical and Reformed Church (later known as Grace Reformed Church) where, in the early days, the charm and excitement of the old Hungarian traditions were preserved. The women prepared food as they had learned from their mothers and church members would don traditional costumes to celebrate festivals in the manner of the old country. John died March 10, 1957, preceded by his wife by ten years. They are both buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Gary. John's wish that the descendants multiply and carry their beautiful name among the living has come to pass. Among his grandchildren and great-grandchildren are doctors, lawyers, university professors, engineers, businessmen, etc. They are spread over many states, universally doing credit to their names.
Source: Submitted by: Dorothy Wildermuth Vekasi - dvekasi@aol.com