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AMOS ALLMAN was born in Atwick, Yorkshire, England, February 27, 1825. He is a son of Maj. Allman; by trade a tailor; a preacher of the Methodist Church for thirty-five years, and three times married; his first wife was Margaret Haxby, born in England in 1790, and died there in 1826, leaving seven children, of whom Amos is the youngest; his third is Laura Brooks, who now resides in Chicago.
Maj. Allman was born in England in 1791, and came to Lake County a pioneer in 1842, and purchased a part of what is now Crown Point. He was Recorder eleven years, and in 1856 removed to Sturgis, Mich., where he died December 28, 1858, aged sixty-seven years. Amos Allman came to America with his father in 1830, and lived in Toronto and Whitby, Canada residing with his eldest sister. In 1842, he began to learn the trade of tailor at Sturgis, Mich. In 1843, he came to Crown Point and worked at his trade, which he soon abandoned, owing to a partial failure of sight and went back to Sturgis, where he remained until 1855, engaged in mercantile business. He again returned to Lake County to look after his father's business of Recorder, and has since remained.
In 1856, he was elected Recorder, and held the position for eight years, since which time he has been actively engaged in th real estate business, having the only complete set of abstract books in Lake County. Mr. Allman has been twice married, once November 26, 1857, to Miss Olive Wilcox, who died June 1, 1859, without issue, and again to Miss Mary A. Duther, on March 22, 1860, by whom he had five children - Walter L., Irene, Jessie, Claude and Nellie. Mr. Allman owns the old Crown Point homestead, and is one of the solid men of Lake County, a most respected citizen. He was formerly a Whig, but is now a Republican, and for eighteen months, beginning in 1866, he was Deputy Revenue Collector of Lake County.
Source: "Counties of Porter and Lake, Indiana, Historical and Biographical"
Goodspeed and Blanchard, 1882
Page: 599, Crown Point and Centre Township
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