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GARY, The Wonder City of Opportunities
Magazine article from "Homes and Home Ownership"
(date not known - printed before 1959)
Written by J. H. Palmer
In the history of the country there has been no city which has had such rapid growth and development as Gary. In 1906, nothing but a prairie, it now has a population of over 80,000 with a valuation of taxable property amounting to close to $135,000,000. From its very incorporation the city was laid out along a definite, beautiful plan. The city has excellent fire and police departments, wonderful parks containing a total of 525 acres, all located within the city limits, and its public improvements include fifteen miles of boulevards, one hundred and fifty-five miles of improved street and over one hundred and forty-four miles of cement sidewalks. The Gary public schools have come to occupy a position of recognized educational leadership through the rapid adoption throughout the country of the now famous "Gary Plan," known also as the Platoon, or ork-study-play system, with five high schools and eighteen grade schools. There are also nine parochial schools, as well as a business college. Sixty-three churches of various denominations minister to the spiritual needs of the city.
The development of such a wonder city necessitated the cooperation, keen judgment, and vision on the part of its public-spirited citizens. The building of homes and industrial plants was carried on by men who had faith in Gary and its opportunities, and one of those men was Leslie I. Combs. Mr. Combs located in Gary in 1908 and has been continuously connected with the building industry since that time and during the past ten years has devoted his entire time and attention to the building and selling of homes on easy payments. During this time he has built hundreds of modern homes, most of which were built on the north side in the various subdivisions of the Gary Land Company.
Mr. Combs, during all these many years, has never foreclosed a mortgage on a person who has purchased a home from him and to my knowledge no purchaser of one of Mr. Combs' homes has ever had to sell his home at a loss. With such a record it is no wonder that Mr. Combs is held in such high esteem, not only by his satisfied customers, but even by his competitors in the real estate and building business. He is well equipped and thoroughly competent to serve you in matters pertaining to real estate and is eager for an opportunity to prove it.
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