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February 7, 1908
A thru G
This is a list of NAMES⁄BUSINESSES ONLY. I chose not to include the phone numbers.
Acker, Walter A. & Co.
Acker, Walter, res
Alexander, Dr. W.P.
Alschuler, H. Co.
Ambos & Cremer
Ash, Julius
Bartholomae & Roesing
BORMAN DRUG CO. (has 3 listings)
Bennett, John
Big Three Real Estate Co.
Bilkovic, JOhn
The Binzenhof
Binzen, Mike, res
Bioff, M.
Bloom Grocery & Supply Co.
Board of Education
Bonick, J.
Bernstein, Max
Benight, F.C., res.
Borman Bros.
Boston Oyster House
" " "
Broadway Hotel
Brunswick Billiard Rooms
Caldwell, M.A. Trustee, res.
Calumet Printing Co.
Calumet Supply Co.
Casey, J.J., res.
Castleman & Jones
Chicago, Gary & Southwestern R.E. Co.
Chicago Telephone Co.
Clear Title Land Co.
Club Cigar Store
Curtis, Widholm & Slick
Danich, Mike
Delaware Hotel
Della-Chiesa, C.
Deuel, Rev. E.G., res
Desir, Mike
Dobry, John
Duchich, M.M. & Co.
Du Frain & Son
Faulds, Dr. W.S.
Ferry, Frank
Fitzgerald, W.H.
Fitzgerald & Godwin
Fetterer & Hall
Fox & Dunn
Fislando Cigar Co.
Friedlander Dry Goods Co.
Fitzgerald, P.L.
Town of Gary
Knotts, T.H. Pres. Board, res
Caldwell, M.A. Trustee, res
Police Station
Gallion, M.E.
Gardner, Dr. B.S.
Gary Bakery
Gary Blacksmiths
Gary Co Co. Yards
Gary Daily News
Gary Furn & Undertaking Co.
Gary Hotel (3 listings)
Gary Heat, LIght & Water Co.
Gary Investment Co.
Gary Land Co.
Gary Laundry Co.
Gary Lumber Co. (2 listings)
Gary Produce Co.
Gary Shoe Co.
Gary Supply Co.
Gary Theater
Geisel & DeLong, Drs.
Geisel & DeLong, res
Goldman Morris
Gord, Gus
Gormaly, T.J.
Grahovac, Tony
Graven. W.E.
H thru O
Hall's Pharmacy (2 listings)
Harris & Bretsch
Hodges and Ridgely
Homes, C.O., res.
Hosmer, Dr. H.M.
Hospital, Mercy
Houren, Sefton & Renollet
Huber, A.C.
Indiana Steel Company plant
Jursa, Steve
Jursich, John
Kaluza, Frank
Kertesz & Volsckso
King, Harry & Co.
Klein, K. Benjamin
Klienschmidt, Frank
Knickerbocker Ice Co.
Knotts, T.E., Town President
Knotts, T.E., res.
Kohn, J.F.
Korich, Frank
Lake Shore Ry
Loy, Dr. H.N.
Mack Company, The
?????, Fitzgerald
Martin, J.D., Chief of Police, res
McBride, Morris
McGinnity, O.S.
McNally, Walter
Miller, R.L.
Miller, Sam
Melton, A.P., City Engineer, res.
Mullen Packing Co.
Mursyn, John
Nieukirk, Dr. J.W.
Nowak & Mis
Nuppnau & Co.
Orosz, Robert
Olympia Candy Kitchen
P thru W
Packard, Dr. C.W.
Paine-Maurer Co., The
Penn Coal & Teaming Co.
Petrovics, F.J.
Poturica, V.
Prica, MIlan
Putz, Leo & Co.
Police Station
Prascsak Brothers
Reiner, M.G. & Co.
Rogers, James
Roberts & Welch
Ross, Walter S. & Co. (2 listings)
Rurich & Narancich
Rzescotarski, Stanislaw
Silverman, M.S.
Silsbee, Ralp
Smith, G.L.
Smith, E.G.
South Gary Land and C. Co.
Sulentich & Co.
Tolleston Coal Co.
Ulrich, Perry
VanGrove, McDonnell & Co.
Walbash City Ticket Office
Wachowski, J.T.
Wagner & Smith
M Weil
R.Walder & Co.
Walsh & Templin, Drs. (2 listings)
Walsh, Michael
Western Union Telegraph Office
Winslow, Dr. G.N.
Wolfe, A.R. (?)

Submitter - Ken Curtis
Email - bkcurtis@prodigy.net