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Lake County Info--Gary, Indiana History
7th Anniversary of Fire Department
The Gary fire department yesterday celebrated its seventh anniversary. Three members at this time, only, are among the seven men who were members of the first department, organized December 14, 1908. They are are Captain Frank undine of No. 2 company, Captain Patrick Rogers of Truck company No. 1 and Captain Charles Smith of Hose company No. 3.
The department seven years ago consisted of seven men, one horse and an out of date hose wagon, which was housed in a frame building opposite the present city hall. So cold was the temporary shack that the firemen were obliged to stay across the street in the frame police station and await telephone calls to fires. It was a year later before the first automobile fire truck was bought and the truck at that time was the first auto fire truck in the state. The old station station now stands at Ninth avenue and Broadway and is used by Pa- McCormick at a blacksmith shop.
Today the department has eight --automobile trucks, no horses and 4-men. The equipment is valued at $105,000. There are five fire stations.
One year ago today, on the departments sixth anniversary, one of the biggest fires in the past few years broke out in the Fabianski block, sixteenth avenue and Broadway.
Submitter - Ken Curtis
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