Milburn Wagon Shop

In a letter from Elias FASHBAUGH to his brother-in-law, Frederick HARTLINE dated 10 September 1874, Elias describes going into a wagon shop business. This photo is believed to depict that wagon shop. A close-up of the people in the photo can be seen HERE. The people are believed to be, from the left; Frederick HARTLINE, Rachel (BEEZLEY) FASHBAUGH, Elias FASHBAUGH, Jacob FASHBAUGH and Catharine (MOCK) FASHBAUGH. Here is an excerpt from Elias' letter:

"So a few weeks ago they got at me, that is, Mr Runyan, a wagon makerhere and Jacob Gardner who is working in the shop, to buy out the juniorpartner of the firm Runyan & Scholl, Carriage and Wagon Makers and asthey have been doing a good business. I thought I would try it for awhile and now we would like to send you a wagon gotten up in Tip TopStyle for your own use and as a sample for you to take orders by for."
"Write to us and tell us what you think about it and if you want onesent. Would you want it on a wide track? Our price here for 2 horsewagons is all finished with lock, spring seat, top box and stay chainsis $85 cash, $90 on time. Buggies is from $150 to $325."

It is uncertain as to the location of this shop. It might have been in Milford, Van Buren Township or Pierceton, Washington Township or another town altogether. If you have any information on where this shop was located, please contact either Jim Hartline or Gene Andert.

The photo is provided courtesy of Jim Hartline of Sterling Heights, Michigan.

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Created: 16 April 1998
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