Frederick Hartline and Pete Smith

This picture of Frederick Hartline (on left) and Pete Smith (on right) is from a tintype taken on 25 March 1873 in Columbia City, IN.  An excerpt from Frederick Hartline's diary recounts this trip:

24 March 1873:
"Pete Smith, myself and Rose Mock started out for Columbia City.  We went about 2 miles and then turned back again.  I gave Rose Mock $1 for a present.  I then went to Elias Fashbaughs and took dinner there and returned back to my Father-in-Law's again.  I stayed at Pete Smiths tonight again.  More sleet and ice and snow."
25 March 1873:
"This morning we took a fresh start for Columbia City in Father-in-Laws Old Gypsy Wagon and we got there by 10pm.  Paid cash to artist for 2 gems for Rose Mock $1.  Paid cash for same of 1 gem of Pete Smith and myself taken together on one plate for 50 cts.  Paid cash for 2 drinks of whiskey 20 cts.  Paid cash for 1/2 pint of whiskey 25 cts and bid goodbye to Pete Smith and Rose Mock and left to take the 3 o'clock local for Coesse.  But it did not come.  So I did #2 slow train afoot.  I stayed all night in Coesse at a No. 1 Hotel."

     Pete Smith and Frederick Hartline were brother-in-laws, married to Phoebe and Lovina Fashbaugh.  When the Fashbaugh family migrated to Kosciusko County in 1849, Frederick and Lovina Fashbaugh Hartline stayed in Tuscarawas County, OH to make their home.  Lovina and Phoebe were daughters of Jacob and Katie Mock Fashbaugh.  Lovina was born 1831 Tuscarawas Co, OH and d 1915 Tuscarawas Co, OH.  Lovina and Frederick were married 11 Feb 1849.  Phoebe Fashbaugh was b 1839 Tuscarawas Co, OH and d 1927 Kosciusko Co, IN.  She married Pete Smith 4 Jan 1862.  Peter Smith was born Sept 1836 in Ohio, but his death date is unknown.

The photo is provided courtesy of Jim Hartline of Sterling Heights, Michigan.

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