Kosciusko County, Indiana

Index to Guardianship Reports
1871 - 1964
19 Volumes

Snyd-Tayl Teeg-WatsWeav-Zook

This index was compiled by Marjorie Priser from 19 volumes of Guardianship Reports found at the Jail Museum Library.

Guardianship Reports were required to be filed by the guardian with the judge of the circuit court on a regular basis. Some guardianships were maintained for CHILDREN of a deceased parent and some guardianships were maintained for PERSONS AGED AND INFIRM. The guardian provided the court with a variety of information, many times accounting for sums of money that he or she was responsible for. In the case of children, often the whereabouts and the age of the child is given. In the case of the elderly, the report often gives the whereabouts of the person, and in the final report often gives the death date. This index provides the researcher with the Volume Number (1-19) and Page Numbers. Please note that in several of the earlier books (1-8) this index may show the report on one page, when in reality, the report actually covers two pages. Copies of the records can be obtained by sending an e-mail request to Sue Zellers, Research assistance at kcgensearch@embarqmail.com . Sue will notify you of the number of pages and the cost, by return e-mail along with ordering instructions. Or contact Librarian for more information

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