Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
XANDERS, Amanda L. AER16:343
XANDERS, Amanda L. N-236
XANDERS, Ge0Rge L. CC-E67-103
XANDERS, Ruth O. CC-E66-214
YAGER, John AER1:128
YAGER, Sarah L. Guardian A-340
YANTISS, Cassie M. AER18:307
YARGER, Clem S. FF-E-70-7
YARGER, Edith Tomaline W-7910
YARGER, Norval C. AER25:390
YARIAN, Eunice C. AER18:381
YARIAN, John L. FF-E-70-91
YARIAN, John W. H-372
YARIAN, Orville V. DD-E-69-42
YARNELL, Elizabeth H-308
YARNELLE, William R. AER19:27
YASTE, Harriet AER10-318
YASTE, Harriet J-226
YASTE, William H. G-424,458
YATES, Aaron AER10-45
YATES, Aaron J-31
YATES, Esther AER10-45
YATES, Esther J-545
YATES, Everett Clinton AER25:350
YATES, Everett Clinton W-7869
YATES, John Wesley AER22:546
YATES, John Wesley Q-345
YATES, Malissa GG-E-71-102
YATES, Nelson I. AER18:233
YATES, Nelson L. O-348
YATES, Soloman I-118
YAZEL, Lafe W. AER24:128
YAZEL, Lafe W. V-7663
YAZEL, Lucinda C. EE-E-70-36
YEAGER, C. E. K-241
YEAGER, Clinton E. AER11-493
YEAGER, Eliza M. AER19:552
YEAGER, Eliza M. P-379
YEAGER, Elizabeth AER20:548
YEAGER, Elizabeth Q-66
YEAGER, John A-236
YEAGER, Nellie E. 2AER1-8100
YEAGER, Nellie E. X-8100
YEAHEL, Charles M. AER12-268
YEAKEL, Charles M. L-68
YEAKEL, Hattie B. AER15:234
YEAKEL, Hattie B. M-475
YEITER, Cretia 2AER5-E65-188
YEITER, Cretia BB-E65-188
YEITER, David H. AER12-521
YEITER, David H. L-218
YEITER, Edna Joy 2AER4-8712
YEITER, Edna Joy AA-8712
YEITER, George AER16:563,597
YEITER, George AER17:115
YEITER, George N-324
YEITER, Henrietta AER14:245
YEITER, Henrietta AER18:156
YEITER, Henrietta AER24:303
YEITER, Henrietta L-516
YEITER, Joseph AER13:427
YEITER, Lizzie B. II-SE-75-4
YEITER, Sophia AER21:334
YEITER, Sophia Q-347
YENNER, Augustus L. AER12-581
YENNER, Benjamin H. HH-E-71-26
YENNER, Elizabeth AER4-146
YENNER, Elizabeth E-185
YENNER, Jacob AER10-165
YENNER, John Franklin AER21:382
YEO, Phebe T. AER16:139
YEO, Phoebe T. N-290
YOCUM, Amanda AER10-512
YOCUM, Ellen Elizabeth AER19:119
YOCUM, Ellen Elizabeth O-586
YOCUM, Emma C. AA-E65-75
YOCUM, Meloni G. AER16:383
YOCUM, Melvin G. N-382
YOCUM, Merl E. O-208
YOCUM, Myrtle Belle 2AER4-8661
YOCUM, Myrtle Belle Z-8661
YOCUM, Silas AER16:358
YODER, Christina AER20:225
YODER, Christina P-209
YODER, Eli S. AER18:209
YODER, Eli S. O-344
YODER, Frank AER26:179
YODER, Frank X-8069
YODER, Harvey AER23:272
YODER, Lizzie AER17:70
YODER, Noah L. AER20:80
YODER, Noah L. P-411
YODER, Reuben D. 2AER3-8533
YODER, Reuben D. Z-8533
YODER, Tobias E-105
YODER, Walter G. P-488
YOHN, Benjamin AER5-407
YOHN, Benjamin AER6-31
YOHN, Benjamin F-381
YOHN, Etta AER17:107
YOHN, Etta R. O-14
YOHN, Nettie AER6-137
YOHN, William B. AER15:307,552
YOHN, William B. N-60
YOKUM, Merl AER17:350,577
YONTZ, Joseph AER4-590
YOST, William B. AER14:181,183
YOTTER, Elizabeth AER10-529
YOTTER, Frances A. A-354
YOTTER, Henry AER3-1
YOUNCE, Elizabeth K-494
YOUNCE, Sarah M. AER18:208
YOUNCE, Sarah M. O-334
YOUNG, Albert P. AER24:271
YOUNG, Albert P. U-7597
YOUNG, Amos P. AER12-375
YOUNG, Amos P. L-76
YOUNG, Andrew J. AER6-373
YOUNG, Andrew J. F-367
YOUNG, Charles H. I-132
YOUNG, Chauncey E. AER17:567
YOUNG, Chauncey E. O-251
YOUNG, David A-54
YOUNG, Forrest AER13:373
YOUNG, Forrest J. L-440
YOUNG, Mary E. AER15:430
YOUNG, Mary J. L-428
YOUNG, Mary M. AER13:382
YOUNG, Mary Sewell AER10-452
YOUNG, Mildred AER16:219
YOUNG, Nannie S-6873
YOUNG, Nannie O. AER22:227
YOUNG, Netta AA-8714
YOUNG, Ray DD-E-68-56
YOUNG, Ripley F. AER20:416
YOUNG, Ripley F. Q-93
YOUNT, Levi B. AER11-60
YOUNT, William L. F-319
ZARTMAN, Calvin H. AER24:431
ZARTMAN, Calvin H. P-368
ZARTMAN, Sarah E. AER21:519
ZARTMAN, Sarah Shirley Q-434
ZARTMAN, William Perry AER20:400
ZARTMAN, William Perry P-512
ZEIDER, George C-482
ZELLERS, John H-365
ZENT, Orpha V. AER21:636
ZENTZMASTER, Theobald AER6-558
ZERBE, Charles Wade EE-E-70-2
ZERBE, Jessie H. HH-E-72-136
ZIGLER, Carrie Ulery O-617
ZIGLER, Carrie Ulrey AER19:79
ZIMMER, Elmer E. AER20:549
ZIMMER, Elmer E. Q-132
ZIMMER, Janet M. 2AER1-8069
ZIMMER, Janet M. X-8069
ZIMMER, Justin O. AER21:615
ZIMMER, Justin O. AER23:450
ZIMMER, Justin O. AER26:155
ZIMMER, Justin O. Q-403
ZIMMER, Mary Etta AER24:199
ZIMMER, Nancy E. AER15:339
ZIMMER, Nancy E. N-39
ZIMMER, Raymond V. AER19:157
ZIMMER, Raymond V. O-507
ZIMMER, William H. AER13:95
ZIMMER, William H. L-306
Zimmerman & Co. AER4-136,427
ZIMMERMAN, Charles M-74
ZIMMERMAN, Charles H. AER14:159
ZIMMERMAN, Charles H. AER15:592
ZIMMERMAN, Charles H. AER16:379
ZIMMERMAN, Frank Est. Of G-146
ZIMMERMAN, Franklin AER6-330
ZIMMERMAN, Harry F. 2AER2-8318
ZIMMERMAN, Harry F. Y-8318
ZIMMERMAN, Janet M. 2AER2-8069
ZIMMERMAN, Joshua AER12-413
ZIMMERMAN, Joshua AER13:22
ZIMMERMAN, Joshua L-201
ZIMMERMAN, Marvin N-239
ZIMMERMAN, Marvin A. AER16:22
ZIMMERMAN, Mary L. AER10-297
ZIMMERMAN, Nathan AER1:239
ZIMMERMAN, Nathan Jr. A-402
ZIMMERMAN, Rebecca AER15:540
ZIMMERMAN, Rebecca M-381
ZIMMERMAN, Wallace Mckinley AER21:612
ZIMMERMAN, Wallace Mckinley Q-595
ZIMMERMAN, William AER4-98
ZIMMERMAN, William AER5-206
ZIMMERMAN, William Est. Of E-138
ZIMMERMAN, Wm & Co. E-50,88
ZINN, Raymond M. 2AER5-E66-33
ZINTSMASTER, Catharine C-188
ZINTSMASTER, Theobold G-468
ZINTZ, Jeremiah H-461
ZOLMAN, Alta Maude HH-E-73-119
ZOLMAN, John W. AER16:30
ZOLMAN, John W. M-427
ZOLMAN, Lavina H-58
ZOLMAN, Oliver AER14:111
ZOOK, Caleb A. AER11-481
ZOOK, Caleb A. K-311
ZOOK, Clarence E. FF-E-70-54
ZOOK, Ruth A. AER11-273
ZUMBRUM, Levi H-532
ZUMBRUM, Lucy AER10-314
ZUMBRUM, Lucy J-247

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