Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
Whi to Wyn
WHIDDEN, Marjorie E. FF-E-71-30
WHIDDEN, Robert P. AER23:292
WHIRLEDGE, Edward AER20:13
WHISLER, Orestes B. 2AER2-8301
WHISLER, Orestes B. Y-8301
WHISLER, Vera L. HH-E-73-90
WHISTLER, Emma G. AER22:322
WHISTLER, Emmett S-7020
WHITAKER, Wiley AER23:118
WHITAKER, Wiley T-7327
WHITE, Alonzo B. AER23:40
WHITE, Alonzo B. T-7238
WHITE, Andrew GG-E-72-21
WHITE, Birch L. AER22:13
WHITE, Birch L. R-8
WHITE, Blanche Alice AER25:61
WHITE, Blanche Alice U-7581
WHITE, Daniel B. AER13:344
WHITE, Daniel B. L-168
WHITE, Elizabeth AER4-222
WHITE, Fred M-225
WHITE, Fred M. AER14:431
WHITE, George AER4-17
WHITE, George E-229
WHITE, George E. 2AER5-E66-57
WHITE, George E. BB-E66-57
WHITE, Irvin AER17:491
WHITE, Josephine D. 2AER3-8471
WHITE, Josephine D. Y-8471
WHITE, Mary C. 2AER2-8187
WHITE, Mary C. X-8187
WHITE, Meade S. 2AER2-8186
WHITE, Meade S. X-8186
WHITE, Minnie M. AER12-153
WHITE, Minnie M. K-513
WHITE, Myrtle A. HH-E-73-14
WHITE, Olive R. O-91
WHITE, Olive Rosaland AER17:355
WHITE, Phebe E. AER6-500
WHITE, Phebe E. G-379
WHITE, Savilla O. AER17:490
WHITE, Savilla V. O-99
WHITE, Sidella May AER21:253
WHITE, Sidella May Q-376
WHITEHEAD, Calvin E. FF-E-71-15
WHITEHEAD, Catherine AER14:339
WHITEHEAD, Catherine E. M-311
WHITEHEAD, Emeline AER11-396
WHITEHEAD, Emeline K-215
WHITEHEAD, Ervin E. 2AER5-8748
WHITEHEAD, Ervin E. AA-8748
WHITEHEAD, Gertrude T. GG-SE-72-65
WHITEHEAD, Jacob A. K-71
WHITEHEAD, James E. H-553
WHITEHEAD, Leo Bertram 2AER3-8509
WHITEHEAD, Leo Bertram Y-8509
WHITNEY, George W. AER10-422
WHITNEY, George W. J-368
WHITNEY, Isaac T. D-13
WHITNEY, Iva L. AER26:127
WHITNEY, Iva L. W-7994
WHITNEY, Mary J. AER10-131
WHITNEY, Mary J. I-558
WHITNEY, Sylvia L. GG-E-72-66
WIARD, Bessie Irene AER13:186
WIARD, Owen O. AER16:460
WIDAMAN, Allan S. 2AER4-8637
WIDAMAN, Allan S. Z-8637
WIDAMAN, Jean GG-E-72-123
WIDAMAN, John D. AER14:222
WIDAMAN, John D. M-8
WIDAMAN, John D. GG-E-72-70
WIDAMAN, Julia A. AER3-374
WIDAMAN, Marjorie L. GG-E-72-71
WIDEMAN, Jacob W. A-44
WIDEMAN, Ralph R. GG-E-71-126
WIDNER, David AER1:499
WIDUP, Edward AER21:532
WIDUP, Edward Q-569
WIDUP, Elsie Mary AER21:412
WIDUP, Thomas AER13:11
WIDUP, Thomas L. L-107
WIESEHAN, Kenneth L. AER25:237
WIESEHAN, Kenneth L. Q-406
WIGGINS, Frank E. AER19:327
WIGGINS, Frank E. P-272
WIGGINS, Sarah E AER20:67
WIGGINS, Sarah E. P-491
WIGGS, Bunola DD-E-68-28
WIGGS, Joseph AER18:365
WIGGS, Joseph O-218
WIGGS, Sarah L. O-218
WIGGS, Sarah` L. AER18:364
WIGGS, Stephen E. AER14:341
WIGGS, Stephen E. M-166
WILCOX, Charles E. GG-E-72-34
WILCOX, Elnora AER16:594
WILCOX, Elnora N-510
WILCOX, Luella AER19:522
WILCOX, Luella Shroyer P-72
WILCOX, William AER1:13
WILDER, Albert H-468,478
WILES, Frank M. FF-SE-70-20
WILES, John C. AER21:29
WILES, John C. Q-458
WILEY, Cynthia A. AER9-476
WILEY, David AER9-573
WILEY, David I-456
WILEY, Gertrude E. AER21:288
WILEY, Richard W. AER22:503
WILEY, Thomas M. AER4-298
WILEY, Thomas M. AER6-195
WILEY, Thomas M. E-201
WILKENSON, Charlotte J. AER16:464
WILKENSON, Henrietta AER3-111
WILKENSON, Henry H-131
WILKENSON, January AER3-319
WILKENSON, Linville AER10-18
WILKENSON, Mary A. AER26:138
WILKENSON, William AER4-157,275,498
WILKESON, Charles AER12-166
WILKINSON, Charlotte I. AER16:15
WILKINSON, Henrietta D-222
WILKINSON, Mary A. W-7891
WILKINSON, William E-195,265
WILKISON, Charles H. K-517
WILLARD, Cornelius AER9-215,292
WILLARD, Cornelius I-316
WILLARD, Harry AER23:294
WILLARD, Harry U-7551
WILLARD, Hattie I. AER19:198
WILLARD, John L-195
WILLARD, John H. AER13:318
WILLARD, Lawrence AER17:293
WILLARD, Mary E. AER6-507
WILLARD, Robert C. 2AER5-E67-91
WILLARD, Robert C. CC-E67-91
WILLARD, Rome AER19:48
WILLARD, Rome O-616
WILLETTE, Jessie Marie DD-E-68-37
WILLIAMS, Bramwell AER16:500
WILLIAMS, Bramwell N-245
WILLIAMS, Cyrus M. C. G-316
WILLIAMS, Dorie V. AER16:369
WILLIAMS, Dorie V. N-276
WILLIAMS, Dorie Victor AER15:600
WILLIAMS, Estelle 2AER5-E67-130
WILLIAMS, Estelle CC-E67-130
WILLIAMS, Freda A. AER22:57
WILLIAMS, Freda A. Q-449
WILLIAMS, Jack E. AER21:632
WILLIAMS, James E. Q-588
WILLIAMS, Jemimah AER9-444
WILLIAMS, Logan H. AER21:361
WILLIAMS, Logan H. Q-121
WILLIAMS, Mary AER20:377
WILLIAMS, Matilda A. AER16:516
WILLIAMS, Matilda A. N-489
WILLIAMS, Nancy H-346
WILLIAMS, Paul R. AER22:364
WILLIAMS, R. Joseph H-410
WILLIAMS, Sr. Robert Lee HH-SE-73-33
WILLIAMS, Stephanie 2AER1-8241
WILLIAMS, Stephanie X-8241
WILLIAMS, Virgil V. J-354
WILLIAMSON, Charles A. AER14:87
WILLIAMSON, Charles A. M-72
WILLIAMSON, Clair C. AER17:495
WILLIAMSON, Clair C. O-248
WILLIAMSON, Eliza C. Q-579
WILLIAMSON, Ernest B. Q-109
WILLIAMSON, Harold B. AER21:347
WILLIAMSON, Harold B. Q-265
WILLIAMSON, Isaac H. O-330
WILLIAMSON, Isaac N. AER18:165
WILLIAMSON, Julia Ann AER12-419
WILLIAMSON, Julia Ann K-557
WILLIAMSON, Lela May AER11-220
WILLIS, Annette S. AER20:188
WILLIS, Annette S. P-560
WILLIS, Elizabeth AER12-68
WILLIS, Grant S-6972
WILLIS, Grant B. AER22:466
WILLIS, Henry AER12-125
WILLIS, Henry K-452
WILLIS, Henry A. AER24:413
WILLIS, Henry A. V-7684
WILLIS, Maude 2AER1-8383
WILLIS, Maude Supplement Y-8383
WILLITS, Charlestine FF-E-71-29
WILLSEY, Evert L. AER21:216
WILMOT, David AER3-206
WILSON, Ada AER14:511
WILSON, Ada M-283
WILSON, Anna Mae CC-E66-70
WILSON, Florence EE-E-69-75
WILSON, Hannah May AER19:207
WILSON, Harriet AER3-365
WILSON, Henry E. AER16:218
WILSON, John A. AER17:505
WILSON, John A. N-430
WILSON, Lucinda AER17:163
WILSON, Lyman I-49
WILSON, Margaret E. AER18:73
WILSON, Margaret Ella AER18:144
WILSON, Margaret Ella O-151
WILSON, Mary Ruth II-SE-75-58
WILSON, Minnie AER11-179
WILSON, Minnie K-91
WILSON, Raymond R. EE-SE-69-12
WILT, Nellie P. 2AER4-8648
WILT, Nellie P. AA-8648
WILT, Nellie P. AA-8648
WILT, Wakefield M. AER18:87
WILT, Wakefield M. O-269
WILTROUT, Alton J. AER16:64
WILTROUT, Charles E. AER10-279
WILTROUT, Charles E. J-185
WILTROUT, Daniel A-439
WILTROUT, Daniel AER1:187,221
WILTROUT, David D-387
WILTROUT, Lucinda AER12-527
WILTSHIRE, Catherine P-58
WILTSHIRE, Catherine R. AER19:420
WILTSHIRE, Mariah AER12-533
WILTSHIRE, Mariah L-202
WILTSHIRE, Sarah J. AER3-429
WINCE, Roxanna M-200
WINCE, Roxanne AER14:318
WINCH, Jacob AER3-349
WINDBIGLER, Jeremiah R. AER17:262
Wine Brothers, AER9-127,129,182
Wine Brothers, I-1
WINE, Jacob T-7304
WINE, Jacob Gail AER23:200
WINE, John E. AER12-349
WINESBURG, Fred Eugene II-SE-73-44
WINGARD, John U. AER15:140
WINGARD, John V. M-267
WINSHIP, Mabel E. AER18:180
WINSHIP, Mabel E. O-397
WINSHIP, Wynn AER19:174
WINSHIP, Wynn P-202
WINSLEY, Lura Olive 2AER4-8723
WINSLEY, Lura Olive AA-8723
WINSOR, Patience AER17:469
WINTERS, Eliza G-253
WINTERS, Eliza A. AER6-490
WISE, Cassius C. AER12-555
WISE, Charles H. FF-SE-71-12
WISE, Clyde O. 2AER1-8043
WISE, Clyde O. AER25:538
WISE, Clyde O. X-8043
WISE, Jesse AER24:460
WISE, Jesse F. AER21:660
WISE, Jesse F. R-7
WISE, Susannah AER14:9
WISE, Susannah L-499
WISE, William A. AER16:391
WISE, William A. N-357
WISEMAN, Howard AER25:156
WISEMAN, Howard T-7343
WISSLER, Mahala J. AER15:399
WISSLER, Mahala J. N-11
WISSLER, Mary AER16:434
WISSLER, Mary N-370
WISSLER, Nora L. J-37
WISSLER, Norah L. AER10-60
WISSLER, Reuben L. H-377
WISSLER, William AER10-403
WITHAM, Harriet AER19:94
WITHAM, Harry CC-E67-27
WITHAM, John H. AER21:201
WITHAM, John H. Q-269
WITHAM, Lorinda AER12-386
WITHAM, Myrtle I. FF-E-71-107
WITHERS, Josiah G. AER10-317,568
WITHERS, Josiah G. J-315
WOGIMAN, John P. AER15:81,306
WOGOMAN, William F. AER21:409
WOLCOTT, Erastus AER6-238
WOLCOTT, Erastus F-550
WOLF, Charles F. AER13:208
WOLF, Charles F. L-330
WOLF, Elizabeth AER22:241
WOLF, Elizabeth Larena GG-SE-72-71
WOLF, Elmer C. AER19:481
WOLF, Emanuel AER11-145
WOLF, Emanuel K-168
WOLF, Frank C-266
WOLF, Henry AER22:510
WOLF, Hiram AER12-214
WOLF, Hiram K-536
WOLF, John C. AER11-365
WOLF, John C. K-208
WOLF, Lydia AER12-140
WOLF, Lydia L-34
WOLF, Sarah AER13:264
WOLFE, Alfred M. AER19:150
WOLFE, Alfred M. P-9
WOLFE, Cyrus AER16:90
WOLFE, Cyrus N-210
WOLFE, Daniel E. AER19:160
WOLFE, Edna H. 2AER1-8031
WOLFE, Edna H. AER25:530
WOLFE, Edna H. X-8031
WOLFE, Elmer C. P-312
WOLFE, George M-314
WOLFE, George W. AER15:495
WOLFE, Grace B. AER21:579
WOLFE, Grace B. Q-530
WOLFE, Grover M. AER25:201
WOLFE, Grover M. W-7814
WOLFE, Henry S. S-7083
WOLFE, Howard W. AER12-69
WOLFE, Lovell G. V-7709
WOLFE, Lowell G. AER24:586
WOLFE, Nelly C. HH-E-71-105
WOLFERMAN, Earl F. GG-E-72-37
WOLFORD, Donald Arthur AER25:141
WOLFORD, Donald Arthur W-7841
WOLFORD, William AER10-494
WOLFORD, William D. J-407
WONER, Lyman M. AER20:317
WONER, Lyman M. Q-9
WONES, Dora L. AER20:154
WONES, Dora L. P-322
WONES, Marie AER10-344
WONES, Marie Trusteeship J-230
WONES, William R. AER9-562
WOOD, Albert AER16:302
WOOD, Albert M-584
WOOD, Andrew G. AER12-293
WOOD, Andrew G. L-112
WOOD, James C. CC-E67-167
WOOD, Mahala C-74
WOOD, William E. AER13:273
WOOD, William E. M-31
WOODS, Eve Ann AER6-82
WOODS, James F. AER15:67
WOODS, James F. M-337
WOODS, Lillie V-7623
WOODS, Milton AER11-368,401
WOODS, Milton K-77
WOODS, Tillie AER24:388
WOODS, W. Perry AER11-350
WOODS, W. Perry J-286
WOODS, William AER6-408
WOODS, William G-282
WOOLEY, Caroline AER10-324
WOOLEY, Caroline AER11-185
WOOLEY, Caroline J-214
WOOLEY, Nicholas AER1:397
WORKMAN, Fred AER18:569
WORKMAN, Ida L. AER15:396,571
WORKMAN, Ida L. N-445
WORKMAN, Larry E. DD-E-68-63
WORKMAN, Larry E. DD-E-68-63
WORKMAN, Martin L. AER14:281
WORKMAN, Martin L. AER15:33
WORKMAN, Martin S. AER17:235
WORKMAN, Mary Elizabeth AER17:82
WORKMAN, Mary Elizabeth N-445
WORKMAN, Mayme AER22:96
WORLEY, Angynetta I-321
WORLEY, Angynettie AER9-275,335
WRAY, Charles M. AER11-229
WRAY, Charles M. K-88
WRAY, David A-358
WRAY, David AER1:200,281
WRAY, Wealthy A. G-581
WRENCH, Joseph AER15:106
WRENCH, Joseph AER16:342
WRENCH, Joseph L-362
WRIGHT, Carl 2AER1-8150
WRIGHT, Carl X-8150
WRIGHT, Edna AER18:55
WRIGHT, Elias AER16:98
WRIGHT, Elias N-280
WRIGHT, Elizabeth AER5-330
WRIGHT, Elizabeth A. F-312
WRIGHT, Grover C. AER17:498
WRIGHT, Grover C. AER18:303
WRIGHT, Grover C. O-45
WRIGHT, John W. A-408
WRIGHT, John W. AER1:243,377
WRIGHT, John W. AER3-138
WRIGHT, Mary A. AER11-348
WRIGHT, Mary L. K-193
WRIGHT, Morris P. AER9-17
WRIGHT, Morris P. I-82,184
WRIGHT, Oscar AER3-243
WRIGHT, Rebecca I-98
WRIGHT, Thomas J. H-309
WRIGHT, William H. AER22:515
WRIGHT, William H. Q-576
WRIGLEY, David H-414
WRIGLEY, George AER22:131
WRIGLEY, Nancy E. AER11-344
WRIGLEY, Nancy E. K-184
WRIGLEY, Sarah AER10-311
WRIGLEY, Sarah J-135
WRIGLEY, Thomas AER3-223
WRIGLEY, Thomas D-55
WUCHTER, Catharine AER11-349
WUCHTER, Catharine K-201
WUCHTER, Peter A-428
WUELFING, Otto CC-E67-102
WUTHRICH, Andrew W. M-415
WUTHRICH, David Q-486
WUTHRICH, David B. AER21:457
WUTHRICH, Elizabeth AER21:433
WUTHRICH, Fred K-448
WUTHRICH, Fred W. DD-E-69-2
WUTHRICK, Andrew F. AER15:152
WYGANT, Maurice C. U-7439
WYLAND, Belle AER17:219
WYLAND, Belle O-41
WYLAND, Eldon R. AER25:4
WYLAND, Eldon R. Q-128
WYLAND, Isabella AER4-230
WYLAND, Isabelle D-542
WYLAND, Jonathan AER13:304
WYLAND, Jonathan AER3-424,472
WYLAND, Jonathan AER6-272
WYLAND, Jonathan D-403
WYLAND, Mary E. AER14:110
WYLAND, Moses B. AER11-129
WYLAND, Moses B. J-532
WYMAN, Charles W. AER21:182
WYMAN, Mary J. AER22:513
WYMER, Eliza AER13:350
WYNANT, M. Belle AER17:420
WYNANT, M. Belle O-131

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