Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
Wab to Whe
WABLE, George AER20:46
WABLE, George L. P-333
WACHLINGER, Joseph 2AER5-E66-14
WACHLINGER, Joseph CC-E66-141
WADDELL, Nellie AER17:438
WADDELL, Nellie O-164
WADE, William B. A-249
WADE, William B. AER1:80
WAGGONER, James H. AER5:338
WAGGONER, James H. F-246
WAGNER, James H. AER25:216
WAGNER, James H. Q-166
WAGNER, John A. AER15:390
WAGNER, Joseph D. AER11:230
WAGNER, Joseph D. K-93
WAGNER, Nora B. AER19:459
WAGNER, Nora B. P-355
WAGNER, Sara M. M-461
WAGNER, Sarah E. AER12-229
WAGNER, Sarah E. K-551
WAGNER, Sarah M. AER15:581
WAGNER, Sarah M. AER17:43,412
WAGNER, Sarah M. AER18:396
WAGNER, Sarah M. AER19:397
WAGONER, Emma HH-E-74-36
WAGONER, Ora E. II-E-74-110
WALDBESER, Benjamin H. EE-SE-70-19
WALGAMUTH, George A. AER11-109
WALGAMUTH, George A. J-489
WALGAMUTH, Lucille Werstler GG-E-73-2
WALGAMUTH, Susannah AER9-574
WALGEMUTH, Millard Ray EE-E-70-33
WALKER, Carl CC-E67-124
WALKER, Cynthia A. AER5-223
WALKER, Cynthia A. F-59
WALKER, Emeline S. C-339
WALKER, Eva AER3-140,358
WALKER, Hazel Martindale AER16:520
WALKER, Hazel Martindale N-341
WALKER, John H-297
WALKER, Plumetta E. GG-E-72-12
WALKER, Robert R. HH-E-73-136
WALKER, Sarah E. AER4-14
WALKER, Sarah E. D-383
WALL, Sarah J. AER4-211
WALLACE, Alexander A-298
WALLACE, Alexander AER1:208
WALLACE, Blanche a. EE-E-69-45
WALLACE, Emma E. AER25:317
WALLACE, Emma E. U-7548
WALLACE, Etta M. EE-SE-69-37
WALLACE, Ezra AER22:135
WALLACE, Harley C. 2AER5-E67-35
WALLACE, Lizzie AER22:476
WALLACE, Lizzie S-7125
WALLACE, Lorain AER1:573
WALLACE, Loren C-10
WALLACE, Matilda AER15:575
WALLACE, Matilda AER16:444
WALLACE, Matilda AER17:295
WALLACE, Matilda AER19:98
WALLACE, Matilda AER20:318
WALLACE, Matilda M-488
WALLACE, Millard F. AER16:597
WALLACE, Millard F. N-391
WALLACE, Moses C-240
WALLACE, Oliver Winslow AER20:389
WALLACE, Robert I-92
WALLACE, Samuel A-215,225
WALLACE, Sofrona AER3-123
WALLACE, Victor C. AER23:617
WALLACE, Washington C-30
WALLACE, William H-133
WALLIS, Mabel B. 2AER3-8561
WALLIS, Mabel B. Z-8561
WALMER, Anna C. FF-E-69-57
WALTER, Esther E. AER18:176
WALTER, Harold L. AER21:157
WALTER, Harold L. Q-241
WALTER, La Vaughn M. R-40
WALTER, Lavaughn M. AER21:623
WALTER, Lena AER22:411
WALTER, Lena S-7138
WALTER, Mary Louise HH-E-73-132
WALTERS, Alonzo A. 2AER4-E65-129
WALTERS, Alonzo A. BB-E65-129
WALTERS, David C. AER11-465
WALTERS, David C. K-319
WALTERS, Edward H-362
WALTERS, Frederick W. AER12-113
WALTERS, Frederick W. K-503
WALTERS, Hazel L. HH-E-73-134
WALTERS, Jettie S. AER21:197
WALTERS, Russell AER22:427
WALTERS, Sarah J. AER23:18
WALTERS, Sarah J. T-7276
WALTERS, Susannah AER19:24
WALTERS, Susannah P-6
WALTHER, Glen E. DD-E-69-1
WALTON, Albert T. AER17:421
WALTON, Albert T. O-203
WALTON, Boaz R. AER3-320
WALTON, Wilson H. AER11-414
WALTON, Wilson H. K-267
WANN, Lucius Cassius AER15:285,371
WARBEL, Daniel AER1:158
WARBEL, Susan E-294
WARBLE, Susan AER4:223
WARD, Alice Q-150
WARD, Alice M. AER25:15
WARD, Charles Howard GG-SE-71-76
WARD, Charles W. AER26:28
WARD, Charles W. W-7878
WARD, Ethel B. AER24:434
WARD, Ethel B. V-7674
WARD, Fred S. AER23:453
WARD, Fred S. U-7467
WARD, Hazel V-7669
WARD, Hazel M. AER24:243
WARD, John AER14:134
WARD, John M-7
WARD, John B. DD-E-67-178
WARD, Morgan AER15:176
WARD, Morgan M-435
WARD, Nancy E. AER21:643
WARD, Nancy E. Q-560
WARD, Seth S. II-SE-74-54
WARD, Seth S. II-SE-74-54
WARD, Seth S. II-SE-74-54
WARD, Seth S. II-SE-74-54
WARD, William W. AER15:520
WARD, William W. M-6
WARFEL, Sella AER21:257
WARFEL, Sella Q-357
WARING, Alice C. AER18:157
WARING, Alice C. O-322
WARING, John I. AER11:249
WARING, John Q. K-222
WARNER, Abraham AER10:134
WARNER, Alva AER18:115
WARNER, Alva O-314
WARNER, Amanda AER5:296
WARNER, Anretta AER15:589
WARNER, Anretta N-77
WARNER, Bessie A. AER26:171
WARNER, Blonde GG-E-72-148
WARNER, Calvin F. AER17:142,242
WARNER, Conrad AER5:279
WARNER, Conrad F-245
WARNER, Glen B. Y-8224
WARNER, Golda V. AER22:581
WARNER, Joseph AER5:32
WARNER, Joseph F-52
WARNER, Julia Ann AER24:127
WARNER, Julia Ann V-7664
WARNER, Lillian CC-E66-138
WARNER, Maude E. AER18:217
WARNER, Ruby L. GG-E-72-128
WARNER, Russell A. AER26:29
WARNER, Russell A. W-7830
WARNER, Ruth S. H-91
WARNER, Sarah AER18:112
WARNER, Sarah E. O-315
WARNER, Sarena AER1:233
WARNER, Talmage J. AER26:19
WARNER, Talmage J. W-7840
WARNER, Thomas K. CC-E67-72
WARNER, Thomas K. H-328
WARNER, Thomas K. III 2AER5-E66-94
WARNER, Thomas K. III CC-E66-94
WARNER, William H. AER21:282
WARNER, Winfield A. S-7180
WARREN, Bessie A. X-8055
WARREN, Clara C. AER14:488
WARREN, Clara C. M-291
WARREN, Edward V. J-530
WARREN, Edward V. K-3
WARREN, Elizabeth AER9-38,183
WARREN, Elizabeth I-244
WARREN, Ivan L. AER23:414
WARREN, Ivan L. L-50
WARREN, Ivan L. U-7463
WARREN, James AER6-405
WARREN, James G-277
WARREN, James M. G-388
WARREN, John AER21:137
WARREN, John H-141
WARREN, John Q-138
WARREN, Lewis Alvah AER18:578
WARREN, Lewis Alvah O-574
WARREN, Lulu AER25:135
WARREN, Mary E. FF-E-71-56
WARREN, Mary L. AER12-6
WARREN, Mary L. K-405
WARREN, Robert S. AER12-324
WARREN, Samuel AER5-212
WARREN, Samuel F-355
WARREN, Samuel H-538
WARREN, Samuel B. AER18:363
WARREN, Sylvester AER14:314
WARREN, Thomas G-552
WARREN, Willaim W. L-448
WARREN, William W. AER13:443
Warsaw Radio Co. Inc. AER24:465
WARSHAM, Rose AER24:469
WARSHAM, Rose O-143
WARSING, Hannah A-287
WATKINS, Abner J. AER14:278,590
WATKINS, Abner J. L-288
WATKINS, Elizabeth AER10-93
WATKINS, Franklin AER13:381
WATKINS, Harry Jr. AER22:205
WATKINS, Harry Sr. S-7017
WATKINS, Perry AER14:590
WATKINS, Perry AER16:399
WATKINS, Rosa Etta May AER25:517
WATKINS, William AER10-118
WATKINS, William AER14:201
WATKINS, William M-111
WATKINS, William A. J-52
WATSON, De Etta AER20:193
WATSON, De Etta P-503
WATSON, James AER10-43
WATSON, James I-554
WATSON, Mary C. AER15:284,370
WATSON, Thomas J. HH-E-73-7
WATSON, William H. 2AER3-7981
WATSON, William H. Y-7981
WATT, John I. AER4-583
WATT, John I. AER5-221,429
WATT, John I. F-15
WATT, Serena AER5-317
WATT, Serena F-276
WATTS, Nelson A-133
WATTS, William M. AER21:386
WATTS, William M. Q-326
Wawasee Boat Co. AER24:263
Wawasee Inn Co. AER9-430,531
WAYBRIGHT, Emma B. AER13:157
WEADE, John I-133,134
WEAVER, Charles F. M-172
WEAVER, Charles Franklin AER14:540
WEAVER, Cora AER22:355
WEAVER, Cora L. R-69
WEAVER, Emma F. AER18:421
WEAVER, George W. AER20:25
WEAVER, George W. AER21:251
WEAVER, George W. P-501
WEAVER, Ingaba A. AER16:66
WEAVER, Ingaba A. M-503
WEAVER, Jacob Edward AER20:509
WEAVER, Jacob S. AER9-129
WEAVER, Jacob S. I-180
WEAVER, James H. Q-526
WEAVER, Jessie DD-E-68-113
WEAVER, John A. AER11:461
WEAVER, John A. K-312
WEAVER, Lucille AER15:484
WEAVER, Lucille N-128
WEAVER, Mary AER3:132
WEAVER, Perry AER10:44
WEAVER, William A. AER19:83
WEAVER, William A. N-349
WEAVER, William E. 2AER3-8615
WEAVER, William E. Z-8615
WEAVER, William H. AER16:312
WEBB, David A-302
WEBB, James T. AER11:553
WEBB, Mary AER16:465
WEBBER, Eliza AER18:394
WEBBER, Irvin B. H-326
WEBBER, Jennie M. M-425
WEBBER, Sildon AER10-79
WEBER, John AER1:63,223
WEBSTER, Agnes AER6-188
WEBSTER, Agnes F-526
WEBSTER, Charles H-350
WEBSTER, Gale W. AER11-204,272
WEBSTER, Gale W. K-140,143
WEBSTER, James H. AER23:392
WEBSTER, James H. Q-526
WEBSTER, Martha J. AER6-44
WEBSTER, Mary I. AER14:526
WEBSTER, Mary I. M-64
WEBSTER, William F. M-122
WEBSTER, William H. AER11-526
WEBSTER, William H. K-350
WEBSTER, William L. AER4-42,358
WEBSTER, William L. AER5-342,507,512
WEBSTER, William L. E-101
WEDRICK, William R. 2AER2-7534
WEDRICK, Wm. R. U-7534
WEHRLY, Adam AER9-123
WEHRLY, George AER16:375
WEHRLY, Wesley O-212
WEHRLY, Weslie AER18:58
WEHRLY, William B. A-523
WEHRLY, William B. AER1:463,559
WEHRLY, William O. AER20:9
WEHRLY, William O. P-217
WEICK, Blanche E. Y-8226
WEICK, Blanche L. 2AER1-8226
WEIDNER, George G-484
WEIMER, Cyrus AER12-395
WEIMER, Cyrus L-93
WEIMER, Emily AER15:161
WEIMER, Emily M-226
WEIMER, Harry O. AER16:543
WEIMER, Jacob I-122
WEIMER, Jesse Olive AER21:46
WEIMER, John W. AER12-466
WEIMER, John W. L-142
WEIMER, Minnie GG-SE-71-6
WEIMER, Sadie AER24:8
WEIMER, William H. AER12-429
WEIRICK, Charles V. CC-E68-33
WEIRICK, Edward C. AER21:99
WEIRICK, Edward C. Q-67
WEIRICK, Jacob D-295
WEIRICK, Margaret AER4-128
WEIRICK, Margaret E-187
WEIRICK, Napoleon AER11-471
WEIRICK, Napoleon K-121
WEIRICK, Willard H. L-159
WEISS, Calvin R. AER18:163
WEISSER, Matthew AER19:128
WEISSER, Matthew P-175
WEISSER, Sophia AER23:529
WELCH, Benjamin F. AER14:243,555
WELCH, Charles W. AER12-547
WELCH, Clara B. AER16:200
WELCH, Clara B. N-327
WELCH, David S. AER12-239
WELCH, Emma AER17:443
WELCH, James H. N-244
WELCH, John B. AER16:205
WELCH, John B. N-277
WELCH, John H. AER16:126
WELCH, Martha E. AER23:516
WELCH, Oral AER25:549
WELCH, Oral AER26:178
WELCH, Oral X-8057
WELDY, Amos B. FF-SE-70-52
WELHER, Franklin P. N-535
WELKER, Franklin P. AER17:184
WELKER, Walter AER15:373
WELKER, Walter N-107
WELLES, Albert B. Y-8280
WELLES, Ida J. 2AER3-8475
WELLES, Ida J. Y-8475
WELLS, Albert B. 2AER1-8280
WELLS, Belinda AER4-236
WELLS, Belinda AER5-321
WELLS, Belinda E-290
WELLS, Elva H. AER12-227
WELLS, Esther AER12-432
WELLS, John S. A-318
WELLS, W. P. F-340
WELLS, William D. A-579
WELLS, William P. AER5-351,507
WELSCH, David S. K-562
WELTY, Clifford Raymond AER22:338
WELTY, Dora Lovina HH-E-73-74
WELTY, Emanuel AER19:544
WELTY, Emanuel P-308
WENGER, Samuel AER13:41,292
WENGER, Samuel L-397
WERICK, Willard H. AER12-370
WERNTZ, Oliver W. AER19:284
WERNTZ, Oliver W. O-443
WERNTZ, Pearl R. 2AER1-8052
WERNTZ, Pearl R. X-8052
WERSTLER, Adam F-219
WERSTLER, Esta AER21:327
WERSTLER, Jesse C-219
WERSTLER, Lydia AER20:126
WERSTLER, Lydia P-529
WERSTLER, Mauias D-111
WERSTLER, Minnie E. AER17:123
WERSTLER, Minnie E. N-586
WERSTLER, Monroe S. H-356
WERSTLER, Rebecca D-111
WERSTLER, Ronald E. AER17:244
WERSTLER, Ronald E. O-34
WERSTLER, Theodore AER10-468
WERSTLER, Theodore J-141
WERSTLER, William F. AER14:232
WERTENBERGER, John AER15:476,477
WERTENBERGER, Margaret AER10-489
WERTENBERGER, Margaret C. J-394
WERTENBERGER, Wayne W. 2AER5-E65-131
WEST, Frances AER18:478
WEST, Frances O-579
WEST, George F. AER22:47
WEST, George F. R-34
WEST, Minnie E. AER22:45
WEST, Minnie E. R-37
WESTLAKE, Wesley AER10-1,67
WEYBORN, Martha O. AER14:523,599
WEYBRIGHT, Bertha M. 2AER2-8333
WEYBRIGHT, Bertha M. Y-8333
WEYBRIGHT, Charles C. AER23:235
WEYBRIGHT, Charles E. T-7324
WEYBRIGHT, Emma B. L-473
WEYBRIGHT, Franklin W. AER10-234
WEYBRIGHT, Franklin W. J-98
WEYBRIGHT, Jacob J. AER20:135
WEYBRIGHT, Jacob J. O-568
WEYBRIGHT, John A. M-551
WEYBRIGHT, Rebecca AER4-207
WEYBRIGHT, Rebecca E-217
WEYBRIGHT, Sarah N-175
WEYBRIGHT, Sarah A. AER17:25
WEYBURN, Martha O. M-441
WHEELER, Harriet AER6-296
WHEELER, Harriet G-341
WHEELER, Isaac AER10-383
WHEELER, Isaac J-289
WHEELER, Lyman T. AER1:138
WHEELER, Lyman T. AER3-107
WHEELER, Thomas AER16:323
WHEELER, Thomas S. H. AER16:183
WHEELER, Thomas S. H. M-364
WHETSTONE, Abraham W-7946
WHETSTONE, David H-479
WHETSTONE, Dora E. GG-E-72-53
WHETSTONE, Myrtle L. Y-8442
WHETSTONE, Thomas 2AER3-8651
WHETSTONE, Thomas Z-8651
WHETSTONE, Wilbur Wade AER24:87
WHETSTONE, Wilbur Wade Q-257
WHETTEN, Anna AER9-311
WHETTEN, Anna I-331
WHETTEN, John AER5-272
WHETTEN, John F-227
WHETTEN, William AER12-110
WHETTEN, William K-144

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