Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
Roc to Ryo
ROCK, Charles E. 2AER2-8353
ROCK, Charles E. Y-8353
ROCKHILL, Aaron AER6-174
ROCKHILL, Aaron (Est. Of) G-89
ROCKHILL, Amos G-200
ROCKHILL, Estella E. AER17:238
ROCKHILL, Estella E. O-38
ROCKHILL, George E. AER10-323
ROCKHILL, George E. J-237
ROCKHILL, Sarah N-468
ROCKHILL, Sarah J. AER16:390,397
ROCKHILL, Susannah E. H-181
RODEBAUGH, Alonzo AER20:30
RODEBAUGH, Alonzo C-39
RODEBAUGH, Alonzo O-404
RODEBAUGH, Anna C. Q-259
RODEBUSH, David AER3-144
Rodeheaver, Co. AER24:325
RODEHEAVER, Homer T-7278
RODEHEAVER, Homer A. 2AER2-7278
RODEHEAVER, Homer A. S-7278
RODEHEAVER, Joseph Newton AER20:36
RODEHEAVER, Joseph Newton P-396
RODEHEAVER, Yumbert Q-590
RODEHEAVER, Yumbert P. AER22:615
RODGERS, Alfred M. AER9-547
RODGERS, Alfred M. I-387
RODGERS, Irma B. CC-E67-20
RODIBAUGH, George W. AER15:73
RODIBAUGH, Lewis AER17:454
RODIBAUGH, Lewis E. AER18:35
RODIBAUGH, Maggie AER15:172
ROGERS, Luella D. O-265
ROGERS, Sara Lenelma N-572
ROGERS, Sara S. AER17:117,162
ROGERS, Sarah D-9
ROGERS, William S. AER22:374
ROGERS, William S. Q-512
ROGERS, Willliam S. AER23:83
ROGUS, Luella D. AER18:409
ROHR, James H. Y-8281
ROHRER, Catharine AER23:468
ROHRER, Catharine T-7321
ROHRER, Clara B. AER16:540
ROHRER, Clara B. N-491
ROHRER, Ralph II-SE-75-61
ROLLERT, Anton J. AER22:559
ROLLERT, Anton J. O-231
ROMAINE, John W. AER10-110
ROMAINE, John W. J-76
ROMAINE, Mary Jane AER10-22
ROMAINE, Mary Jane AER9-365
ROMAINE, Mary Jane I-375
ROMBERGER, Gertrude AER16:428
ROMBERGER, Gertrude N-286
ROMINE, Eliza K. AER21:16
ROMINE, Eliza K. Q-108
RONCH, William H. AER4-106
ROOK, John W. N-493
ROOKSTOOL, Charles A. AER14:166
ROOKSTOOL, Charles H. M-105
ROOKSTOOL, Ethel M. FF-E-70-58
ROOKSTOOL, Sophia AER11-487
ROOKSTOOL, Sophia K-429
ROOKSTOOL, William AER3-47
ROOKSTOOL, William D-186
ROONEY, Paul AER11-296
ROONEY, Paul K-164
ROOP, John W. AER16:435
ROOP, Martha Draper AER24:607
ROOP, Martha Draper O-557
ROOT, Helen I. AER20:306
ROOT, Helen I. P-228
ROSBRUGH, Amanda AER15:99
ROSBRUGH, Andrew W. I-425
ROSBRUGH, Andrew W. N-173
ROSBRUGH, Andrew W. Jr. AER15:574
ROSBRUGH, Benaiah F-347
ROSBRUGH, Beniah AER5-403
ROSBRUGH, Fae Oram EE-E-69-95
ROSBRUGH, Jacob AER4-306
ROSBRUGH, Jacob W. AER12-513
ROSBRUGH, Jane AER11-142
ROSBRUGH, John E. AER19:421
ROSBRUGH, Robert Dale EE-E-69-92
ROSBRUGH, Samuel AER24:211
ROSBRUGH, Samuel U-7574
ROSBRUGH, Stephen AER15:257
ROSBRUGH, Stephen M-585
ROSBRUGH, Susan I-525
ROSE, Edith G. 2AER3-8588
ROSE, Edith G. Z-8588
ROSE, George AER16:38
ROSE, George N-235
ROSE, Harvey H. II-E-75-17
ROSEBRUGH, Andrew W. AER10-8,386
ROSEBRUGH, Jacob W. L-162
ROSEBURGH, John E. O-538
ROSENBOHM, Herman O-87
ROSS, Amy V. AER18:484
ROSS, Amy V. O-15
ROSS, Arch R. 2AER2-8303
ROSS, Arch R. Y-8303
ROSS, Benjamin F. AER19:199
ROSS, Benjamin F. O-584
ROSS, Blanche L. X-8149
ROSS, Charles AER22:624
ROSS, Charles S-7160
ROSS, Charles W. AER15:150,184
ROSS, Charles W. AER21:43
ROSS, Charles W. M-538
ROSS, Charles W. Q-117
ROSS, Chloe Q-391
ROSS, Chloe E. AER25:117
ROSS, Cyrus F. AER19:440
ROSS, Cyrus F. O-562
ROSS, David Ray AER18:450
ROSS, David Roy O-438
ROSS, Enoch AER17:42
ROSS, Enoch N-538
ROSS, Grace L. AER19:2
ROSS, Grace L. P-18
ROSS, Hannah AER9-234
ROSS, Hannah I-277
ROSS, Jehu E-417
ROSS, John AER4-439,432
ROSS, John A. CC-E67-13
ROSS, Martha E. AER15:59
ROSS, Martha E. L-270
ROSS, Minnie Elizabeth AER25:502
ROSS, Minnie Elizabeth X-8022
ROSS, Phebe AER4-540
ROSS, Phebe E-419
ROSS, Robert AER13:301
ROSS, Robert K-566
ROSS, Susan AER13:388
ROSS, Susan L-400
ROSS, Thomas AER12-165
ROSS, Thomas K-149
ROSS, Violet 2AER5-E66-163
ROSS, William J. II-E-75-58
ROTHENBERGER, Martha E. EE-E-70-49
ROUCH, Caddye F. HH-SE-73-6
ROUCH, Edward P-440
ROUCH, Edward E. AER20:87
ROUCH, Jacob H-446
ROUCH, Sarah E. E-553
ROUCH, William H. E-163
ROUDABAUGH, John Wesley U-7506
ROUDEBUSH, David D-190
ROUGH, Sarah E. AER4-535
ROUSH, Blanche L. 2AER3-E66-26
ROUSH, Blanche L. BB-E66-26
ROUSH, Rachel E. Morehead FF-E-71-55
ROUSH, Susannah AER17:575
ROVENSTINE, Cassius A. AER22:545
ROVENSTINE, Cassius A. R-68
ROVENSTINE, Lulu M. U-7469
ROW, Bert D. Q-446
ROWAN, Harry AER19:166
ROWAN, Harry M-586
ROWDABAUGH, Anna AER25:561,564
ROWDABAUGH, John Wesley 2AER1-7506
ROWDABAUGH, John Wesley AER24:168
ROWDABAUGH, Seth E. DD-E-68-122
ROWE, Alfred E-545
ROWE, Bert D. AER21:403
ROWE, Franklin 2AER4-8585
ROWE, Oliver D. P-581
ROWE, William Franklin Z-8585
ROWLAND, Abraham AER4-177,290
ROWLAND, Abraham AER4-514
ROWLAND, Abraham E-219
ROWR, Alfred AER4-516
ROYER, Frank 2AER5-E67-81
ROYER, Frank CC-E67-81
ROYSE, Lemuel W. AER20:2
ROYSE, Lemuel W. P-473
ROYSE, Nancy I-99
RUCH, John J. AER20:417
RUCH, John J. P-513
RUCH, Joseph R-15
RUCH, Joseph Foster AER21:626
RUCH, Rosa AER22:558
RUDIG, Mattie AER25:69
RUDIG, Mattie V-7789
RUDIN, Adolf AER15:260
RUDIN, Adolf M-404
RUDIN, Mary AER15:282
RUDIN, Mary M-529
RUDIN, Tiffie A. AER23:31
RUFF, Martha DD-E-68-4
RUHLAND, John J. AER18:345
RULLER, Cyrus AER6-147
RUMFELT, Susan AER16:404
RUMFELT, Susan N-331
RUMMELL, Barbara AER10-151
RUMMELL, Barbara J-59
RUNYAN, Peter L. AER4-194
RUNYAN, Peter L. AER5-100
RUNYAN, Peter L. AER6-343
RUNYAN, Peter L. D-547,571
RUNYAN, Peter L. F-306
RUPE, Aden D. AER17:189
RUPE, Aden D. N-539
RUPE, Amos A-312
RUPE, Andrew P. H-367
RUPE, Cornelius AER16:73
RUPE, Elizabeth AER9-29
RUPE, Jacob AER3-100
RUPEL, Glenna Mabel Y-8454
RUPLE, Allen AER12-491
RUPLE, Allen L-173
RUPLE, Lulu B. CC-E67-10
RUPLE, Warren AER18:588
RUPLE, William AER1:449
RUPPLE, Jesse W. AER19:367
RUSE, Julia A. BB-E65-189
RUSE, Ray AER23:32
RUSE, Roy T-7220
RUSE, Roy R. S-7220
RUSH, Burton AER18:418
RUSH, Jacob S. AER11-582
RUSH, Jacob S. K-341
RUSH, Mary H-564
RUSHER, Christian J-163
RUSHER, Christiana H. AER10-232
RUSHER, Edna L. 2AER2-8429
RUSHER, Edna L. Y-8429
RUSHER, James Delbert AER21:488
RUSHER, James Delbert Q-278
RUSHER, John O-23
RUSHER, John M. AER17:219
RUSHER, M. Amanda FF-E-70-72
RUSHER, Max E. HH-SE-72-61
RUSHER, William Henry AER15:451
RUSHER, William Henry M-43
RUSSELL, Wolcott AER3-500
RUSSELL, Wolcott AER4-15
RUSSELL, Wolcott M. D-438
RUTAN, Rynon S. AER1:521
RUTH, Genevieve G. HH-E-73-29
RUTLEY, Clara J. AER10-447
RUTTER, Richard G. P-80
RYAN, John B. AER10-57
RYAN, John Sr. AER1:341
RYAN, Michael A-311
RYAN, Michael AER3-305
RYERSON, Catharine AER5-510
RYERSON, Catharine F-446
RYERSON, Frank P. AER6-87
RYERSON, Frank P. F-545
RYERSON, George W. AER1:265
RYERSON, George W. AER4-39
RYMAN, David AER17:543
RYMAN, Guy II-E-74-105
RYON, John AER3-128

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