Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
NAFFZIGER, Bertha L. AER22:308
NAFFZIGER, Bertha L. R-89
NAFFZIGER, Leslie J. K-197
NAFTZGER, Edna J. AER26:39
NAFTZIGER, Leslie J. AER11-300
NAFZIGER, Emmy AER19:188
NAIL, Elizabeth AER4-258,352
NAIL, Elizabeth E-323
NAIL, Franklin T.S. AER3-215
NAIL, Franklin T.S. D-230
NAY, Celucius A-22
NEAL, Arthur G. AER12-225
NEAL, Arthur G. K-489
NEAL, Charles F. AER11-65
NEAL, Charles F. K-89
NEAL, Nelle CC-E67-110
NEAL, Nellie 2AER5-E67-110
NEAL, Samuel A-392
NEAL, Samuel AER1:165
NEAL, Thomas AER1:372
NEELY, Joseph S. AER11-430
NEELY, Thomas AER11-241
NEER, Charles W. AER12-373
NEER, Christina M. AER12-374
NEER, Clara AER24:582
NEER, Clara Q-370
NEER, Fred AER23:498
NEER, Fred U-7549
NEES, Charles C. AER13:16
NEES, Miranda M. AER14:81
NEES, Noel G. CC-E66-183
NEESBAUM, John W. AER9-164
NEFF, Abraham L. AER10-101
NEFF, Abraham L. J-53
NEFF, Cleo Stanley HH-E-73-27
NEFF, Daniel E. AER15:247
NEFF, Daniel E. N-33
NEFF, David A-454
NEFF, Elijah AER5-346
NEFF, Fred L. HH-E-72-100
NEFF, Henry E. AER17:385
NEFF, Iverson A. AER6-556
NEFF, Iverson A. G-374
NEFF, James AER11-131
NEFF, James K-151
NEFF, James Quinter 2AER1-8076
NEFF, James Quinter P-284
NEFF, James Quinter X-8076
NEFF, John Russell AER22:543
NEFF, John Russell R-51
NEFF, John S. AER12-320
NEFF, John S. L-143
NEFF, Lewis O-238
NEFF, Lewis A. AER18:30
NEFF, Mary J. AER17:45
NEFF, Mary J. N-483
NEFF, Minnie AER23:270
NEFF, Minnie M. Q-355
NEFF, Noble W. AA-8711
NEFF, Orilla AER20:94
NEFF, Rosetta AER10-74
NEFF, Rosetta J-78
NEFF, Xoa AER21:199
NEHER, Elizabeth DD-E-68-139
NEHER, Levi M. AER12-352
NEHER, Levi M. K-587
NEHER, Martha A. AER24:337
NEHER, Martha A. U-7523
NEHER, William AER12-262
NEHER, William K-563
NEIBERT, Bertha Popenfoose AER18:232
NEIBERT, Riley E. AER24:143
NEIBERT, Riley E. T-7307
NELLANS, George W. AER19:594
NELLANS, George W. AER20:368
NELLANS, George W. P-184
NELLANS, William C. AER23:144
NELSON, Ina M. DD-E-68-29
NELSON, Mariah AER9-549
NELSON, Mariah I-530
NELSON, Mild Z-8689
NELSON, Milo 2AER3-8689
NELSON, Robert A-183
NELSON, Thomas AER9-28
NELSON, Thomas R. AER20:406
NELSON, William AER5-195
NELSON, William AER9-254
NELSON, William A. AER20:323
NELSON, William A. P-588
NESBITT, William L. AER23:365
NESON, William AER4-362
NESS, Noel G. 2AER5-E66-183
NETTLETON, Hoyl Thorn AER21:318
NETZEN, Alexander A. AER18:69
NETZEN, Alexander A. O-347
NEWBURG, William J. AER14:385
NEWBY, Isabel AER16:498
NEWBY, Mary E. J-423
NEWCOMB, Alfred M. A-305
NEWCOMB, Alfred M. AER1:141
NEWCOMER, Ella E. AER25:519
NEWCOMER, Ella E. X-8034
NEWCOMER, Jacob H-515
NEWLIN, Ora A. AER24:299
NEWLIN, Ora Allen O-504
NEWMAN, Kathryne I. GG-SE-72-30
NEWTON, William M. I-509
NEWTON, William N. AER10-129
NICE, Isabelle F-150
NICELY, Catharine K-559
NICELY, Catharine A. AER12-302
NICELY, Emma M. AER21:271
NICELY, Emma M. Q-244
NICELY, Samuel A-290
NICELY, Sarah J. AER6-46,192
NICELY, Sylvester H-174
NICELY, William AER10-307
NICELY, William J. J-242
NICEWOOD, Jacob AER4-344
NICEWOOD, Jacob E-273
NICHOLS, Adda L. J-521
NICHOLS, Addie L. AER11-78
NICHOLS, Alice Cedola HH-E-73-32
NICHOLS, David AER12-60
NICHOLS, Edward AER12-85
NICHOLS, Edward K-410
NICHOLS, Lincy J. G-118
NICHOLS, Lorenzo D. AER11-545
NICHOLS, Lorenzo D. K-422
NICHOLS, Lucinda AER13:90
NICHOLS, Lucy E. GG-E-72-78
NICHOLS, Lucy J. AER6-145
NICHOLS, O. Lee 2AER5-E66-199
NICHOLS, O. Lee CC-E66-199
NICHOLS, Solomon AER1:505
NICKEL, Lillian D. GG-SE-71-72
NICKLES, Sarah AER17:407
NICOLAI, Harry R. II-SE-74-64
NICOLAI, Susan AER18:135
NICOLAI, Susan O-163
NIDELINGER, Elijah H. AER17:339
NIDELINGER, Elijah H. O-124
NIDELINGER, Matilda AER17:380
NIDELINGER, Matilda O-107
NIEDERMAYER, Vincent II-SE-75-49
NILES, Bert AER11-91
NILES, Bert J-389
NILES, Claude AER16:514
NILES, Claude N-471
NILES, Hulda C. GG-SE-72-66
NINE, Charles A. AER21:448
NINE, Harvey AER25:216
NINE, Henry AER17:45
NINE, Isabelle AER5-79,395,503
NINE, Jonathan AER3-35,401
NINE, Jonathan AER4-89,199
NINE, Jonathan E-175
NINE, Michael A-421
NINE, Susan A. AER25:269
NINE, Thomas E. II-SE-75-3
NIXON, Emma J. AER12-32
NIXON, Emma J. K-362
NIXON, Jane AER3-322
NIXON, Jane D-350
NOBLE, Angeline AER13:20
NOBLE, Angeline L-376
NOBLE, Ray L. II-E-75-61
NOCKLER, David K-377
NOEL, Bram AER19:316
NOEL, Caroline AER11-560
NOEL, Caroline K-387
NOEL, Charles A. AER11-57
NOEL, Charles A. AER9-435
NOEL, Elsie AER4-417,511
NOEL, Elsie E-498
NOEL, George Reeson AER17:221
NOEL, George Reeson O-58
NOEL, John W. G-427
NOEL, Lewis A. C-450
NOEL, Louise A. AER24:213
NOEL, Louise A. R-2
NOEL, Mary A. AER9-325
NOEL, Mary A. I-358
NOEL, Nancy AER6-132
NOEL, Nancy G-137
NOEL, Nicholas AER6-139
NOEL, Ora A. AER18:76
NOEL, Oscar AER23:628
NOEL, Oscar U-7588
NOFTSKER, Katie AER14:252,579
NOFTSKER, Katie M-68
NOFTSKER, William L. AER14:105
NOFTSKER, William L. L-422
NOFTZGER, Edna J. W-7944
NOGGLE, William G-395
NOKE, Comella J. N-197
NORRIS, Barbara E. AER12-325
NORRIS, Barbara E. L-49
NORRIS, Emma AER10-310
NORRIS, Emma J-241
NORRIS, Hortenia G-201
NORRIS, Hotenthia AER6-347
NORRIS, James AER5-499
NORRIS, James F-450
NORRIS, John L. AER11-27
NORRIS, John L. J-481
NORRIS, Lizzie A. AER12-566
NORRIS, Lizzie A. L-222
NORRIS, Luther AER24:41
NORRIS, Luther AER6-353
NORRIS, Luther U-7592
NORRIS, Mildred AER22:40
NORRIS, Mildred Q-569
NORRIS, Nelson AER23:507
NORRIS, Nelson U-7501
NORRIS, Nelson B. AER3-404
NORRIS, Nelson B. AER4-579
NORRIS, Nelson B. AER5-189
NORRIS, Nelson B. D-411
NORRIS, Russel 2AER1-8227
NORRIS, Russell X-8227
NORRIS, Thames Frederick AER19:185
NORTH, Mary A. AER13:59
NORTH, Samson J. AER10-252,359
NORTH, Samson J. J-274
NOSS, Grace GG-E-71-113
NOVAK, Pearl F. FF-E-70---61
NOWLIN, Lena M. AER21:126
NOWSCKY, Edward AER3-255
NOWSKY, Edward AER1:469
NOYER, Charity AER16:511
NOYER, Charity M. N-463
NUELL, Albert C. II-E-75-1726
NUELL, James H. II-SE-75-50
NUSBAUM, Ruby G. 2AER2-8378
NUSBAUM, Ruby G. Y-8378
NYCE, William W. AER10-498
NYE, Charles F. AER11-377
NYE, Charles F. AER9-390
NYE, Daisy M. AER11-360
NYE, Daisy M. K-183
NYE, Florence 2AER5-E66-10
NYE, Florence BB-E66-10
NYE, Harry A. 2AER1-8090
NYE, Harry A. X-8090
NYE, Hiram E. AER22:487
NYE, Isabelle G-384
NYE, John R. AER6-274,488
NYE, John R. G-52
NYE, Mary AER16:85
NYE, Mary AER6-453
NYE, Mary N-121
NYE, Oral C. Q-425
NYE, Oral Cloe AER22:485
NYE, Tom J. AER14:551
NYE, Tom J. M-250
NYE, William W. J-404

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