Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
Mea to Mil
MEADE, Hulda DD-E-69-4
MECK, Beulah M. AER13:210
MECK, Beulah M. L-337
MECK, Cora AER24:386
MECK, Isabella AER12-456
MECK, Isabella L-241
MECK, Minerva E. AER16:41
MECK, Minerva E. AER19:66
MECK, Urilla A. Hoover EE-SE-70-28
MECK, William Albert EE-SE-70-18
MEEK, Bertha Viola W-7930
MEEK, Charles E. AER25:7,9
MEEK, Charles E. W-7802
MEEK, Charles Jr. 2AER4-E65-3
MEEK, Charles Jr. AA-E65-3
MEEK, Cora O-288
MEEK, Joseph M. AER11-71
MEEK, Joseph M. J-496
MEINERT, August F. AER21:278
MEINERT, August F. Q-270
MELICK, Flora E. Anglin AA-E65-8
MELICK, Samuel AER10-338
MELICK, Samuel J-239
MELLENCAMP, Ethel A. HH-E-73-9
MELLENCAMP, Jesse Elmore 2AER1-8287
MELLENCAMP, Jessie Elmore X-8250
MELLICK, William T. AER12-279
MELLINGER, Catharine AER16:136
MELLINGER, Catharine N-165,263
MELLINGER, Matilda J. AER18:95
MELLINGER, Maude F. HH-SE-73-25
MELLOTT, Daisy O. AER21:651
MELLOTT, Daisy O. R-45
MELLOTT, Howard S. AER14:299
MELLOTT, Howard S. M-241
MELLOTT, James A. AER21:624
MELLOTT, Salathiel G-532
MELLOY, David AER10-186
MELOY, Arvilla AER24:86
MELOY, Awilla T-7283
MELOY, David J-105
MELOY, Polly AER5-14
MELOY, Polly F-24
MELTON, Arlie D. BB-8726
MELTON, Hattie A. AER25:222
MELVIN, Katherine A. AER24:107
MENDEL, Etta 2AER2-8428
MENTZER, Samuel AER4-23,247
MENTZER, Samuel E-48
MENTZER, Sarah Ann BB-E66-80
MENZIE, Alexander C-12
MENZIE, Alexander M-305
MENZIE, Alexander E. AER15:258
MENZIE, Bessie V. AER20:528
MENZIE, Carland Ray N-75,388
MENZIE, Ethel Mae 2AER3-8590
MENZIE, Ethel Mae Z-8590
MENZIE, Garland Ray AER16:51
MENZIE, Harry E. AER11-400
MENZIE, Harry E. K-344
MENZIE, Isadora AER17:228
MENZIE, John AER5-376
MENZIE, John F-412
MENZIE, Joseph L. AER15:384
MENZIE, Joseph L. M-575
MENZIE, Lydia I-309
MENZIE, Lyman 2AER4-E65-103
MENZIE, Lyman BB-E65-103
MENZIE, Samuel B. AER19:546
MENZIE, Samuel B. P-366
MENZINBERGER, Henriette V. AER16:225
MEREDITH, Ada M. 2AER1-8019
MEREDITH, Ada M. W-8019
MEREDITH, Ada M. X-8019
MEREDITH, Andrew J. AER14:185
MEREDITH, Andrew J. M-10
MEREDITH, Bertha Pearl AER22:204
MEREDITH, Bertha Pearl S-7058
MEREDITH, Delbert P. DD-E-68-103
MEREDITH, Elmer E. P-464
MEREDITH, John G. AER5-427
MEREDITH, Mahala C. O-31
MEREDITH, Majalia AER19:524
MEREDITH, Robert AER5-53,55
MEREDITH, Robert D-136
MEREDITH, Roy E. AER20:265
MEREDITH, Silas M. AER21:356
MEREDITH, Silas M. Q-351
MEREDITH, Simon C. C-58
MEREDITH, Stella L. AER18:510
MEREDITH, Stelle L. O-547
MEREDITH, Thomas L. AER23:189
MEREDITH, Thomas L. T-7334
MERIDETH, John G. AER4-561
MERIDETH, Mahala C. AER17:214
MERIDETH, Robert AER3-180
MERKEL, Lina AER21:421
MERKLE, George M-465
MERKLE, Jennie AER16:235
MERKLE, Jennie AER26:106
MERKLE, Jennie W-8000
MERKLE, Jennie X-8000
MERKLE, Lina Q-428
MERRICK, Richard W. AER5-233,326
MERRICK, Sarah E. AER13:82
MERRIFIELD, Rachel M. AER6-529
MERRILL, Irma F. DD-E-67-131
MERRIMAN, Florence AER17:180
MERRIMAN, Florence N-580
MERRITT, Jack Y-8321
MERSHON, Aaron J. AER4-185,471
MERSHON, Aaron J. E-251,332
MERSHON, Leah R. AER5-357
MERSHON, Leah R. F-315
MERY, Harriett V. AER21:306
MERY, Harriett V. Q-344
MESSERSMITH, Leander AER24:374
MESSERSMITH, Leander AER25:146
MESSERSMITH, Leander W-7821
MESSIMORE, Joseph AER3-69,397
MESSIMORE, Joseph C-427
MESSIMORE, Lucinda AER4-429
MESSIMORE, Lucinda AER5-49
MESSIMORE, Lucinda AER6-385
MESSIMORE, Lucinda E-517
MESSIMORE, Rachel AER10-511
MESSNER, Lovina H-323
MESSNER, Peter H-325
METCALF, Clara AER11-397
METCALF, Clara K-351
METHOD, Rolla M. AER17:500
METICK, William F. K-558
METZ, Holis A. AER23:377
METZ, Mary AER16:404
METZ, Mary H. N-401
METZ, Oscar AER14:62
METZ, Oscar M-28
METZ, Reba J. 2AER5-E67-77
METZ, Reba J. CC-E67-77
METZ, Rillie AER13:257
METZ, Rillie AER14:136
METZ, Sarah E. AER14:64
METZGER, Abraham AER12-403
METZGER, Abraham L-122
METZGER, David C. AER16:569
METZGER, Edna B. 2AER2-8413
METZGER, Edna B. Y-8413
METZGER, Elizabeth AER6-325
METZGER, Elizabeth G-189
METZGER, Elizabeth J-11
METZGER, Elizabeth S. AER10-55
METZGER, Emery AER21:329
METZGER, Isaac AER12-307
METZGER, Isaac L-41
METZGER, John W. AER21:598
METZGER, John W. Q-506
METZGER, Mary C. AER22:172
METZGER, Mary C. Q-508
METZGER, Nellie Nettie 2AER5-E66-170
METZGER, Nellie Nettie BB-E66-170
METZGER, Perry R. 2AER1-8274
METZGER, Perry R. 2AER2-8274
METZGER, Perry R. Y-8274
METZGER, Raymond AER11-473
METZGER, Raymond K-301
METZGER, Russell 2AER4-E65-1
METZGER, Russell AA-E65-1
METZGER, Samuel S. K-649
METZGER, Sarah Ann 2AER4-E66-80
METZGER, Sarah C. AER20:517
METZGER, Sarah C. Q-42
METZLER, Daniel AER1:108,408
MEYER, Emma S. AER20:22
MEYER, Emma S. P-328
MEYER, Gustave AER16:319
MEYER, Gustave N-402
MEYER, Maurice AER18:297
MEYER, Maurice AER20:220
MEYER, Maurice O-399
MEYER, Sarah AER18:77
MEYER, Sarah O-307
MICHAEL, Anna AER6-332
MICHAEL, Anna G-223
MICHAEL, Peter AER12-129
MICHAELS, Martha J. H-250
MICHAELS, Mildred G. X-8007
MICHEL, John AER3-267,544
MICHEL, John D-302
MICK, Hannah Mae Q-362
Mickey & Menzie Ptnship AER15:580
MICKEY, Hiram G. AER16:116
MICKEY, Hiram G. M-494
MICKEY, Isaac C-180,333
MIDDLETON, Everest B. Y-8352
MIKEL, Alexander AER18:215
MIKEL, Alexander O-372
MIKEL, Joseph AER18:386
MIKEL, Lydia AER18:587
MIKEL, Lydia P-15
MIKEL, Mary K-404
MIKEL, Mary M. AER11-547
MIKEL, Moses H. AER10-277
MIKEL, Moses H. J-192
MIKEL, Walter 2AER2-8488
MIKEL, Walter M. Y-8488
MIKEL, William S. H-184
MIKESELL, Daniel B. AER17:477
MIKESELL, Daniel B. O-146
MIKESELL, Neal P-284
MILBERN, Austin I-568
MILBERN, Hiram AER1:101
MILBOURN, Tilden H-407,408
MILES, Cora AER22:275
MILES, Cora S-7059
MILES, Elhannon W. AER3-588
MILES, Elhannon W. C-453
MILES, George W. AER12-461
MILES, George W. I-534
MILES, John AER14:192
MILES, Lizzie AER15:166
MILES, Perry A. AER11-90
MILES, Perry A. J-300
MILICE, Anna S. AER12-339
MILICE, Anna S. L-55
MILICE, Henry C. AER9-96,484
MILICE, Henry C. H-442
MILLBERN, Austin AER10-37,125
MILLER, Adam AER11-227
MILLER, Adam K-70
MILLER, Albert D. AER11-128
MILLER, Amanda AER20:14
MILLER, Amanda P-461
MILLER, Andrew AER23:351
MILLER, Andrew S-7079
MILLER, Andrew D. AER15:298
MILLER, Ann Archbald AER22:32
MILLER, Benj. C. A-467
MILLER, Benjamin C. AER1:252
MILLER, Benton AER9-270
MILLER, Benton I-240
MILLER, Carrie V. AER23:343
MILLER, Carrie V. U-7491
MILLER, Catharine H-337,533
MILLER, Charity AER3-352
MILLER, Charity C-485
MILLER, Charles A. AER5-519
MILLER, Charles A. F-508
MILLER, Charles F. AER19:61
MILLER, Charles L. AER11-271
MILLER, Charles L. K-28
MILLER, Charles M. AER15:565
MILLER, Charles M. AER16:329
MILLER, Charley M. AER21:531
MILLER, Christina AER16:48
MILLER, Christina M-387
MILLER, Clara AER12-259
MILLER, Clara L-90
MILLER, Clarence R. P-85
MILLER, Cloyce E. AER19:516
MILLER, Clyde AER24:437
MILLER, Clyde T-7345
MILLER, Clyde R. AER26:240
MILLER, Clyde R. Y-8351
MILLER, David AER12-161
MILLER, David K-413
MILLER, David K. AER9-97,550
MILLER, David K. I-165
MILLER, David W. AER11-278
MILLER, David W. K-32
MILLER, Edith H. AER21:646
MILLER, Edith H. R-25
MILLER, Edward E. AER19:388
MILLER, Eli E. AER24:476
MILLER, Eli E. V-7728
MILLER, Elizabeth AER15:412
MILLER, Elizabeth AER17:121
MILLER, Ellen AER16:433
MILLER, Ellen M-537
MILLER, Ellen C. AER17:427
MILLER, Elva A. AER26:27
MILLER, Elva D. AER26:79
MILLER, Elva D. W-7904
MILLER, Emma E. AER22:263
MILLER, Enos D. AER13:131
MILLER, Enos D. L-332
MILLER, Ezekiel AER4-101,145
MILLER, Ezekiel E-160,293
MILLER, Ezra B. BB-E66-109
MILLER, Foye B. DD-E-69-16
MILLER, Frances Ellen AER12-216
MILLER, Frances L. FF-E-70-51
MILLER, Frank E. AER23:603
MILLER, Frederick C-437
MILLER, George AER5-531
MILLER, George AER6-177,290
MILLER, George AER6-478
MILLER, George G-40,377
MILLER, Henry AER4-388
MILLER, Herbert A. AER12-545
MILLER, Hiram AER16:436
MILLER, Hudson AER20:69
MILLER, Hudson P-445
MILLER, Ida M. AER23:316
MILLER, Ida M. U-7476
MILLER, Ira Ray AER26:65
MILLER, Ira Ray V-7765
MILLER, Jacob AER3-121
MILLER, Jacob D-93
MILLER, Jacob W. H-548
MILLER, James H. AER14:390
MILLER, Jeremiah C-154
MILLER, John L-222
MILLER, John E. AER22:94
MILLER, John E. S-7001
MILLER, John W. AER12-356
MILLER, John W. AER6-185
MILLER, John W. G-187
MILLER, Jonas E. AER16:526
MILLER, Joni J. AER21:283
MILLER, Joni J. Q-195
MILLER, Joseph C. AER11-371,379
MILLER, Joseph C. K-212
MILLER, Joseph D. AER12-271
MILLER, Joseph D. L-9
MILLER, Julia A. AER19:529
MILLER, Julia A. P-358
MILLER, Lena AER9-385
MILLER, Lena I-434
MILLER, Levi AER25:85
MILLER, Levi V-7740
MILLER, Lou AER20:129
MILLER, Lucinda H-409,494
MILLER, Lulu Q-437
MILLER, Lydia AER19:175
MILLER, Magalena I-317
MILLER, Magdalena AER10-148
MILLER, Magdalena AER9-571
MILLER, Marion F. AER10-540
MILLER, Marion F. J-456
MILLER, Mary AER16:56
MILLER, Mary AER3-79
MILLER, Mary D-127
MILLER, Mary N-205
MILLER, Mary A. AER11-203
MILLER, Mary A. J-311
MILLER, Mary A. J-398
MILLER, Maude A. HH-SE-72-54
MILLER, Millicent AER15:65,467
MILLER, Millicent M-339
MILLER, Minnie A. AER23:21
MILLER, Minnie A. T-7247
MILLER, Minnie E. HH-E-74-52
MILLER, Morris M. AER13:29
MILLER, Morris M. L-294
MILLER, Nancy E. AER12-511
MILLER, Nancy F. H-217
MILLER, Nathan C-67
MILLER, Nathaniel AER22:259
MILLER, Nathaniel Q-136
MILLER, Nelson AER1:46
MILLER, Olive Eudora AER19:195
MILLER, Olive Eudora P-147
MILLER, Oliver AER12-452
MILLER, Ora Della AER23:479
MILLER, Ora Della U-7510
MILLER, Orrin Enu AER23:10
MILLER, Orrin Enu T-7218
MILLER, Owen F. AER16:241
MILLER, Rachel J. AER14:125
MILLER, Rachel J. AER15:379
MILLER, Rachel J. AER16:486,560
MILLER, Rachel J. AER18:167
MILLER, Rachel J. N-302
MILLER, Rachel S. L-455
MILLER, Ralph W. V-7631
MILLER, Richard K. II-E-74-89
MILLER, Rosalee A. AER21:81
MILLER, Rosalie A. Q-245
MILLER, Roxie AER20:367
MILLER, Samuel P. AER11-171
MILLER, Sarah 2AER4-E65-19
MILLER, Sarah AA-E65-19
MILLER, Sarah C. AER23:471
MILLER, Sarah C. U-7458
MILLER, Simon G-381
MILLER, Sol AER19:162
MILLER, Sol O-497
MILLER, Stephen G-40
MILLER, Stephen D. AER14:36
MILLER, Stephen D. L-191
MILLER, Stephen E. A-270
MILLER, Stephen E. AER1:156,297,473
MILLER, Stephen E. AER5-467
MILLER, Stephen E. AER6-51
MILLER, Steven E. AER3-286
MILLER, Thomas AER22:574
MILLER, Thomas J. S-7008
MILLER, Vera Ayars HH-SE-73-10
MILLER, Vera Ayars HH-SE-73-10
MILLER, Vivian AER25:108
MILLER, William AER3-25
MILLER, William D-175
MILLER, William H-40
MILLER, William N-123
MILLER, William C. AER16:137
MILLHERN, Hiram A-204
MILLICE, Meta AER20:139
MILLMAN, C. Gordon AER24:331
MILLMAN, C. Gordon V-7694
MILLS, Charles AER25:545
MILLS, Charles AER26:189
MILLS, Charles X-8139

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