Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
JACKSON, Andrew J. AER14:573
JACKSON, Barbara AER18:13
JACKSON, Barbara O-72
JACKSON, Charles W. AER21:556
JACKSON, Charles W. Q-489
JACKSON, Daniel AER18:530
JACKSON, Daniel AER19:320
JACKSON, Fred 2AER2-8346
JACKSON, Fred Y-8346
JACKSON, Henry AER13:164
JACKSON, Henry L-324
JACKSON, John AER14:337
JACKSON, John AER5-167,169
JACKSON, John F-22
JACKSON, John M-235
JACKSON, Lula M. Y-8263
JACKSON, Lulu M. 2AER2-8263
JACKSON, Ralph O. AER21:258
JACKSON, Ralph O. Q-343
JACKSON, Sarah E. AER15:236
JACKSON, Sarah E. M-468
JACKSON, Sarah M. AER18:599
JACKSON, Sarah M. P-10
JACKSON, Verona A. FF-E-70-111
JACKSON, William N-563
JACKSON, William W. AER17:103
JACOBS, Samuel AER6-400
JACOBS, Samuel G-344
JAMES, Benjamin AER11-387
JAMES, Benjamin F. K-209
JAMES, Eunice Givens Z-8295
JAMES, George AER9-212
JAMES, George I-203
JAMES, Georgiana AER10-21
JAMES, Georgiana I-398
JAMES, Mary Jeanette AER23:572
JAMES, Mary Jeanette S-7157
JAMES, Thomas 2AER1-7858
JAMES, Thomas AER25:526
JAMES, Thomas X-7358
JAMESON, Alvria O-505
JAMESON, Jacob M. AER3-59
JAMESON, Mary L. O-295
JAMESON, Paul V. AER19:428
JAMESON, Rebecca AER4-111
JAMESON, Rebecca E-169
JAMISON, Alvira AER18:372
JAMISON, Jacob M. D-164
JAMISON, Mary L. AER18:189
JAMISON, Minnie M. DD-E-67-83
JAMISON, Nancy V. AER13:76
JAMISON, Nancy V. L-275
JAMISON, Thomas AER3-505,543
JAMISON, Thomas J. AER11-456
JAMISON, Thomas J. C-162
JAMISON, Thomas J. K-324
JAMISON, Thomas Jr. AER3-246
JANKE, Maple Fawn DD-E-68-11
JAQUAYS, William L. AER12-291
JAQUES, Oliver P. H-348
JAQUES, Phebe L-320
JAQUES, Phebe E. AER13:392
JAQUES, William L. L-21
JARRETT, Elizabeth I-80
JARRETT, Elizabeth J. AER9-33
JARRETT, James AER11-170
JARRETT, James K-24
JARRETT, James C. N-310
JARRETT, Levi AER10-197
JARRETT, Levi J-136
JARRETT, Lewis AER4-261
JARRETT, Lewis AER5-359,392
JARRETT, Lewis E-395
JARRETT, Norris A-503
JARRETT, Samuel AER10-544
JARRETT, Samuel AER11-34
JARRETT, Samuel J-363
JARRETT, William G-305
JARRETT, William H. AER1:251
JARRETT, William H. AER3-3
JARRETTE, James C. AER16:451
JAY, E. Loyd GG-SE-72-38
JBENNINGHOFF, William N. GG-E-71-46
JEFFERIES, Catherine AER17:67
JEFFERIES, Charles T-7208
JEFFERIES, Mahlon AER24:594
JEFFERIES, Nancy J. AER16:298
JEFFERIES, Oliver O. BB-E65-111
JEFFERIES, Pierce AER26:73
JEFFERIES, Pierce W-7987
JEFFERIS, Charles AER22:588
JEFFERIS, Charles HH-E-74-38
JEFFRIES, Catherine N-238
JEFFRIES, George W. AER6-12
JEFFRIES, George W. F-497
JEFFRIES, Levi P. N-147
JEFFRIES, Mahlon V-7774
JEFFRIES, Milton AER4-360,556
JEFFRIES, Milton E-402
JEFFRIES, Nancy N-319
JEMISON, Selena AER10-409
JEMISON, Selena J-306
JENKINS, Charles A. AER11-437
JENKINS, Gertrude Helser AER18:485
JENKINS, Margaret A. Q-409
JENKINS, Margarett A. AER21:377
JENKINS, May FF-E-71-31
JENKINS, Thomas E. W-7898
JENNINGS, Ethel M. AER22:198
JENNINGS, Ethel M. R-79
JENNINGS, Fred AER22:586
JENNINGS, Fred S-7118
JENNINGS, William AER11-68
JENNINGS, William J-494
JENSEN, Jesse E. W-7923
JESSUP, Joseph W. II-SE-74-55
JOBE, Edward AER22:582
JOBE, Edward T-7209
JOHN, William H. AER18:36
JOHN, William H. O-231
JOHNSON, A. Thure AER17:460
JOHNSON, A. Thure O-103
JOHNSON, Andrew J. M-370
JOHNSON, Blythe V. DD-E-68-115
JOHNSON, Blythe V. DD-E-68-115 - Amended
JOHNSON, Carl HH-E-73-22
JOHNSON, Catharine AER6-563
JOHNSON, Catharine G-324
JOHNSON, Charles AER3-58
JOHNSON, Charles C-417
JOHNSON, Charles A. AER1:77
JOHNSON, Charles W. L-365
JOHNSON, Daniel AER11-222
JOHNSON, Daniel K-74
JOHNSON, Edgar S. AER18:295
JOHNSON, Edgar S. O-175
JOHNSON, Elizabeth AER13:152
JOHNSON, Elsie AER10-157,419
JOHNSON, Elsie AER11-193
JOHNSON, Elsie AER12-162
JOHNSON, Elsie AER13:85
JOHNSON, Ethel Jane AER20:378
JOHNSON, Ethel Jane Q-69
JOHNSON, Ford George BB-E65-39
JOHNSON, Henry AER4-391,571
JOHNSON, Henry H. E-426
JOHNSON, Isaac AER4-548
JOHNSON, Isaac AER5-239
JOHNSON, Isaac I-43
JOHNSON, John A-331
JOHNSON, John AER1:218
JOHNSON, John AER11-388
JOHNSON, John K-258
JOHNSON, Joseph Earl 2AER5-E66-194
JOHNSON, Joseph Earl CC-E66-194
JOHNSON, Kenneth R. GG-E-71-104
JOHNSON, Lena X-8243
JOHNSON, Lloyd W. 2AER5-8583
JOHNSON, Lloyd W. AA-8583
JOHNSON, Lona 2AER1-8243
JOHNSON, Lona AER26:230
JOHNSON, Mabel G. 2AER2-8363
JOHNSON, Mabel G. Y-8363
JOHNSON, Martha D. DD-E-68-97
JOHNSON, Martha E. AER16:521
JOHNSON, Martha E. AER17:198
JOHNSON, Mary AER22:398
JOHNSON, Mary S-7056
JOHNSON, Mary Jane DD-E-68-186
JOHNSON, Matilda AER15:55
JOHNSON, Matilda R. AER16:109
JOHNSON, Matilda R. AER17:94
JOHNSON, Matilda R. M-133
JOHNSON, Minnie Olive AER21:436
JOHNSON, Nancy H. AER11-488
JOHNSON, Oliver F. AER6-166
JOHNSON, Oliver T. G-101
JOHNSON, Oscar J. AER20:529
JOHNSON, Paul W. AER22:155
JOHNSON, Paul W. S-7028
JOHNSON, Suda G. Smith DD-E-68-144
JOHNSON, Thos. M. A-98
JOHNSON, Verna DD-E-68-11
JOHNSON, William AER15:564
JOHNSON, William C-490
JOHNSON, William C. AER3-17
JOHNSTON, Adaline AER11-45
JOHNSTON, David AER9-499
JOHNSTON, Evalinda GG-SE-72-75
JOHNSTON, Jacob O. 2AER2-8424
JOHNSTON, Jacob O. Y-8424
JOLLY, William A-456
JOLLY, William AER1:209
JONES, Abraham M. AER14:54
JONES, Arthur E. AER23:100
JONES, Arthur R. T-7273
JONES, Charles W. AER9-210
JONES, Clem O-612
JONES, Clem A. AER18:571
JONES, Eliza Jane AER16:515
JONES, Eliza Jane AER17:52
JONES, Eliza Jane N-306
JONES, Elizabeth AER9-209
JONES, Ellis E. AER22:199
JONES, Ellis E. Q-511
JONES, Eunice D. AER13:53
JONES, Eunice D. L-149
JONES, Eunise D. AER12-358
JONES, Frances M. AER12-81
JONES, Francis M. K-488
JONES, George L. AER24:233
JONES, George L. V-7657
JONES, George W. AER10-17
JONES, George W. I-556
JONES, Harry F. AER16:534
JONES, Harry F. M-397
JONES, Hayden M. 2AER5-E66-137
JONES, Hayden M. CC-E66-137
JONES, James D. AER17:502
JONES, James D. O-144
JONES, Jason H-273
JONES, Jennie AER18:38
JONES, John AER10-404
JONES, John J-317
JONES, Laura M. AER15:170
JONES, Lewis F. EE-SE-69-35
JONES, Lillie M. AER25:491
JONES, Lillie M. X-8035
JONES, Lillie Maude 2AER1-8113
JONES, Madison F. DD-E-68-130
JONES, Mary J. AER14:557
JONES, Mary J. M-302
JONES, Milton E. AER18:39
JONES, Milton E. O-245
JONES, Nancy AER16:68
JONES, Nancy N-159
JONES, Nellie M. GG-E-72-38
JONES, Ottis V. AER25:14
JONES, Ottis V. Q-131
JONES, Pearl M. AER17:387
JONES, Rhoda P. Y-8279
JONES, Rhonda P. 2AER1-8279
JONES, Samuel AER5-365
JONES, Samuel F-358,420
JONES, Samuel minor heirs of F-547
JONES, Sr. Willmet Abram EE-SE-69-34
JONES, Susan H-269
JONTZ, Benjamin D. 2AER3-8610
JONTZ, Benjamin D. Z-8610
JONTZ, Chester R. 2AER3-8519
JONTZ, Chester R. Y-8519
JONTZ, Horace G. AER15:541
JONTZ, Horace G. N-51
JONTZ, Joseph AER4-404,412
JONTZ, Joseph AER5-134
JONTZ, Joseph L. E-447
JONTZ, Mae M. EE-SE-69-16
JORDAN, Carrie B. FF-E-71-54
JORDAN, Carrie B. FF-E-71-54
JORDAN, Fern E. II-E-74-112
JORDAN, Fern E. II-E-74-112
JORDAN, Henry C.K. AER9-259
JORDAN, John C. AER3-541
JORDAN, John C. D-551
JORDAN, Orion B. AER11-318
JORDAN, Orion B. K-223
JOY, Oscar B. HH-E-73-135
Joyner Corp. AER25:284
JOYNER, Charles E. AER25:481
JOYNER, Charles E. W-7938
JUDAY, Amy AER12-176
JUDAY, Charles H. AER22:18
JUDAY, Charles H. Q-568
JUDAY, Lewis AER9-362
JUDAY, Lewis I-382
JUDD, Allen AER5-242
JUDD, Allen F-233
JUDY, Amy L-35
JULIAN, Elice Benton AER23:120
JULIAN, Elice Benton T-7311
JUNKIN, Scott D. H-136
JUSTICE, Clara Robinson AER24:598
JUSTICE, Clara Robinson S-6994
JUSTUS, Percy T. AER23:117
JUSTUS, Percy T. T-7284
JWNKINS, Thomas E. AER26:167

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