Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
Hom to Hyn
HOMAN, Amos AER11-381
HOMAN, Anna F. HH-SE-73-38
HOMAN, Catharine AER18:330
HOMAN, Catherine O-424
HOMAN, Earl AER18:463
HOMAN, Earl O-537
HOMAN, Mary AER6-307
HOMAN, Mary DD-E-68-140
HOMAN, Mary A. AER9-505
HOMAN, Mary A. I-496
HOMMAN, Joseph P. AER18:70
HOMMAN, Mary AER5-480
HOMMAN, Mary F-410
HOMMAN, Mary A. AER5-514
HONICK, Ambrose AER21:29
HONTZ, Anna L-208
HONTZ, Anna M. AER13:435
HONTZ, William C. AER12-342
HONTZ, William C. L-44
HOOD, James M. GG-E-72-129
HOOD, Mary AER16:171
HOOD, Mary N-117
HOOK, Viola A. AER12-250
HOOK, Viola A. AER13:224,229
HOOK, Viola A. AER17:602
HOOK, Viola A. K-336
HOOLEY, Luella AER11-177
HOOPENGARNER, Josephine L. D-395
HOOPER, Jacob W. H-100
HOOPINGARNER, Benjamin F. AER12-427
HOOPINGARNER, Donald Eugene HH-SE-73-30
HOOPINGARNER, Josephine L. AER3-389
HOOPLER, Jacob AER1:31
HOOVER, Amanda AER17:416
HOOVER, Amanda O-7
HOOVER, Benjamin H-196
HOOVER, Daniel AER3-334
HOOVER, Daniel D-339
HOOVER, David AER17:1
HOOVER, Dessie M. AER21:294
HOOVER, Dessie M. Q-231,328
HOOVER, Ella AER12-89
HOOVER, Enoch I-194
HOOVER, Everett P. AER25:427
HOOVER, Everett P. Q-482
HOOVER, Franklin W. AER25:154
HOOVER, Haman AER10-223
HOOVER, Isaac K-553
HOOVER, Isaac S. AER12-304
HOOVER, Isaiah G-536
HOOVER, Jacob AER3-13
HOOVER, James S. AER1:69
HOOVER, John D. AER3-557
HOOVER, John D. AER4-126
HOOVER, John D. D-572
HOOVER, Mary AER13:414
HOOVER, Mary L-394
HOOVER, Perry EE-E-70-40
HOOVER, Scott R. AER20:394
HOOVER, Timothy J. AER22:409
HOPE, Fred Hill P-299
HOPE, Frederick Hill AER19:560
HOPKINS, Oscar S. AER23:64
HOPKINS, Oscar S. T-7225
HOPNER, Janette S. AER9-297
HOPPAS, Fred M. 2AER2-8308
HOPPAS, Fred M. Y-8308
HOPPIS, Christian E-301
HOPPIS, Christopher AER6-448
HOPPIS, George L. AER5-488
HOPPIS, George L. F-369
HOPPIS, Margaret AER15:22
HOPPIS, Margaret M-344
HOPPIS, Philip AER10-85
HOPPUS, Chester A. AER21:313
HOPPUS, Eliza AER9-309
HOPPUS, Eliza I-323
HOPPUS, Emma AER17:11
HOPPUS, Emma N-566
HOPPUS, John C. AER16:206
HOPPUS, John C. N-168
HOPPUS, Mahlon AER9-466
HOPPUS, Maude BB-E65-89
HOPPUS, Rose AER19:19
HOPPUS, Rose P-22
HORICK, Emma AER23:132
HORICK, Emma T-7332
HORN, Emma C. AER22:235
HORN, Emma C. Q-478
HORN, Hannah AER9-420
HORN, Hannah Elizabeth I-386
HORN, Sara F. AER15:69
HORNER, Lydia A. AER22:111
HORNER, Lydia A. R-64
HORNER, Milton E. AER25:145
HORNER, Milton E. Q-55
HORRICK, Ambrose L. Q-141
HORRICK, Blanche DD-E-68-7
HORRICK, William H. AER11-55
HORRICK, William H. J-506
HORTON, Elijah A-459
HORTON, Louisa J. AER9-2
HOSE, Veva V. II-E-74-1
HOSFORD, Elizabeth Mary 2AER4-E65-23
HOSFORD, Elizabeth Mary AA-E65-23
HOSMAN, Elizabeth C-199
HOSSLER, Emery L. AER24:469,471
HOSSLER, Emery L. V-7743
HOSSLER, George W. AER12-392
HOSSLER, Jacob A-42
HOSSLER, John P. AER14:319
HOSSLER, John P. AER15:447
HOSSLER, John P. AER16:216
HOSSLER, John P. M-12
HOSSLER, Kate AER9-511
HOSSLER, Kate I-400,443
HOSSLER, Lena B. CC-E66-103
HOSSLER, Marion AER19:99
HOSSLER, Marion L. P-14
HOSSLER, Quincy A. AER6-298
HOSSLER, William V. AER14:57,396
HOSSLER, William V. AER16:557
HOSTETLER, Dean Edward AER24:335
HOSTETLER, Dean Edward V-7635
HOSTETLER, Harvey Howard AER18:70
HOSTETLER, William C. AER22:97
HOSTETLER, William C. R-10
HOUSE, James H. G-340
HOUSE, Virdle AER24:119
HOUSE, Virrle V-7620
HOUSER, Mary K. 2AER2-8434
HOUSER, Mary K. Y-8434
HOUSOUER, Adam D. AER15:30
HOUSOUER, Adam D. M-473
HOUSTON, Mamie 2AER2-8391
HOUSTON, Mamie Y-8391
HOVER, Ella K-499
HOVER, Emmarilla AER9-115
HOVER, Enoch AER-181
HOVER, Ida M. AER22:626
HOVER, Ida M. O-167
HOVER, Iva M. CC-E66-206
HOVER, Jacob D-108
HOVER, James S. AER17:330
HOVER, James S. O-170
HOVER, James W. AER9-9,254,503
HOVER, James W. I-100
HOVER, Jason S. AER3-142
HOVER, John Est. Of G-141
HOVER, Margaret E. AER10-500
HOVER, Margaret E. AER11-196
HOVER, Margaret E. J-366
HOVER, Mary S. AER20:74
HOVER, Nathaniel AER12-557
HOVER, Nathaniel L-154
HOVER, Peter H. G-353
HOVER, Rebecca AER4-96
HOVER, Rebecca D-251
HOVER, Scott E. Q-24
HOVER, William H. AER11-188
HOVER, William H. K-26
HOVERS, James W. AER10-342
HOWARD, Bernice L. 2AER5-E66-92
HOWARD, Bernice L. BB-E66-92
HOWARD, Charles Norman AER16:258
HOWARD, Charles Norman N-303
HOWARD, Charles W. AER23:101
HOWARD, Charles W. T-7253
HOWARD, Doris H. P-168
HOWARD, Ella A. AER12-114
HOWARD, Emma P-505
HOWARD, Fred E. AER19:530
HOWARD, Fred E. P-257
HOWARD, Gertrude P-544
HOWARD, James W. AER20:172
HOWARD, James W. P-504
HOWARD, Lowell Bruce AER25:565
HOWARD, Lowell Bruce V-7715
HOWARD, Roscoe C. CC-E67-43
HOWARD, Roscoe C. DD-E-67-43
HOWARD, Ulysses B. AER11-464
HOWARD, Ulysses B. K-279
HOWARD, Walter DD-E-67-145
HOWE, Jennie AER19:20
HOWE, Omer DD-E-69-31
HOWE, Ray W. AER22:579
HOWE, Samantha M. AER12-289
HOWE, Samantha M. K-415
HOWE, Virginia AER15:269
HOWE, Virginia M-467
HOWELL, John AER22:424
HOWELL, John P-546
HOWELL, Lulu M. AER18:118
HOWELL, Lulu M. O-336
HOWER, John AER6-108
HOWSER, George W. A-59
HOY, B. F. M-540
HOY, Benjamin F. AER17:37
HOY, Clifford R. AER18:575
HOY, Clifford R. P-2
HOY, Fannie C. 2AER4-8654
HOY, Mary Ott FF-E-71-21
HOYT, Isabel K. AER21:384
HOYT, Isabel K. AER25:435
HOYT, Isabel K. Q-251
HOYT, John W. AER20:323
HOYT, John W. P-531
HUBERT, Louis W. AER20:571
HUBLER, David AER1:424
HUBLER, David H. H-508
HUBLER, Henry AER6-213
HUBLER, Henry AER9-199
HUBLER, Henry F-181
HUDDLESTON, Robert H. Sr. AER20:45
HUDSON, Anna E. U-7424
HUDSON, Lewis P. AER15:289
HUDSON, Lewis P. M-592
HUFF, Delilah H-383
HUFF, Edwin AER17:541,573
HUFF, Ella C. AER21:543
HUFF, Ella C. Q-438
HUFF, James R. AER1:28
HUFF, John Wesley AER15:313
HUFF, John Wesley N-32
HUFF, Marvin P. EE-E-70-24
HUFF, William Dennis AER23:341
HUFF, William Dennis U-7482
HUFFER, Alwilda N-567
HUFFER, Alwilda J. AER17:402,435,485
HUFFER, Dale P. AER19:470
HUFFER, Edmund N-492
HUFFER, Edmund R. AER17:56
HUFFER, Effie N. AER16:76
HUFFER, Elizabeth AER5-30
HUFFER, Eva AER20:158
HUFFER, Florence B. 2AER2-8377
HUFFER, Florence B. Y-8377
HUFFER, Harry R. DD-E-68-94
HUFFER, Horton C. AER15:179
HUFFER, Horton C. N-12
HUFFER, Ida 2AER3-8631
HUFFER, Ida 2AER4-8631
HUFFER, Ida Z-8631
HUFFER, Jacob D. AER12-328
HUFFER, Lawrence H-113
HUFFER, Leonard H. AER20:156
HUFFER, Lillie S. L-388
HUFFER, Lily S. AER13:290
HUFFER, Margaret AER17:354
HUFFER, Mary Elnora GG-E-72-127
HUFFER, Mary M. L-120
HUFFER, Nettie M. 2AER3-8541
HUFFER, Nettie M. Z-8541
HUFFER, Rose AER21:50
HUFFER, Rudolph AER9-46
HUFFER, Rudolph H-521
HUFFER, Sarah AER9-49
HUFFER, Sherman AER18:502
HUFFER, Sherman O-516
HUFFMAN, Andrew AER4-336
HUFFMAN, Andrew E-247
HUFFMAN, Cynthia AER16:77
HUFFMAN, Cynthia A. N-292
HUFFMAN, Elizabeth AER11-383
HUFFMAN, Elizabeth AER12-425
HUFFMAN, Elizabeth AER14:481
HUFFMAN, Elizabeth K-382
HUFFMAN, Floyd R. BB-E66-48
HUFFMAN, George L. AER10-202
HUFFMAN, George L. J-102
HUFFMAN, Herbert AER12-182
HUFFMAN, Herbert K-347
HUFFMAN, Jacob A-137
HUFFMAN, Jacob AER1:149,277
HUFFMAN, James H. AER11-139
HUFFMAN, James H. J-399
HUFFMAN, John AER10-75
HUFFMAN, John J-179
HUFFMAN, John C. AER14:466
HUFFMAN, John C. M-313
HUFFMAN, Lizzie J. AER11-355
HUFFMAN, Margaret AER16:224,519
HUFFMAN, Margaret AER17:155
HUFFMAN, Margaret M-561
HUFFMAN, Mary C. AER11-290
HUFFMAN, Mary C. K-268
HUFFMAN, Mary S. 2AER5-E65-81
HUFFMAN, Mary S. AA-E65-81
HUFFMAN, Olive May EE-E-70-3
HUFFMAN, Sarah AER12-97
HUFFMAN, Sarah K-487
HUFFMAN, William AER10-446
HUFFMAN, William J-348
HUFFMAN, Wilson AER9-195
HUFFMAN, Wilson I-226
HUGHES, Betty Jean Y-8526
HUGHES, Edith E. 2AER5-E66-83
HUGHES, Edith E. CC-E66-83
HUGHES, Ida May II-E-75-71
HUGHES, John Jr. K-391
HUGHES, John P. AER19:548
HUGHES, John P. P-386
HUGHES, Lillie AER22:502
HUGHES, Lily Bell Q-198
HUGHES, Prudence AER14:120
HUGHS, John W. AER12-263
HUGHS, John W. K-391
HUGHS, Prudence M-47
HULBART, John D-25
HULL, James AER5-511
HUMBLE, John W. V. AER6-503,505
HUMBLE, John W. V. G-231
HUMES, Luretta L-295
HUMMEL, Ensign AER11-468
HUMMEL, Ensign K-297
HUMMEL, Pearl Maude GG-E-72-51
HUMPHREY, Helen R. DD-E-68-119
HUMPHREY, J. Cyrus AER17:47
HUMPHREY, J. Cyrus N-335
HUMPHREY, Leslie H. 2AER4-8624
HUMPHREY, Leslie H. Z-8624
HUMPHREY, Robert M. AER12-543
HUMPHREYS, Cyrus C. AER6-358
HUMPHREYS, Cyrus C. F-374
HUMPHREYS, Hannah AER6-521
HUMPHREYS, John M. AER15:506
HUMPHREYS, John M. L-530
HUMPHREYS, Robert M. AER13:64
HUNSBERGER, Richard FF-E-71-1
HUNSCHE, Elsie Lea AER21:175
HUNSCHE, Elsie Lea Q-218
HUNT, Daniel B. AER19:176
HUNT, James C. AER1:361
HUNT, Jennie P. HH-E-73-105
HUNTER, Caroline AER11-506
HUNTER, Caroline K-347
HUNTER, Isaac N. AER25:83
HUNTER, Jennie T. AER23:56
HUNTER, Jennie T. T-7239
HUNTER, Lydia AER9-257
HUNTER, Lydia I-298
HUNTER, Mary E. 2AER5-E67-23
HUNTER, Mary E. CC-E67-23
HUNTER, Robert Thomas AER18:465
HURD, Tanzey A-508
HURSEY, Virgil G. AER26:204
HURSEY, Virgil G. X-8199
HUSER, Gertrude L. AER26:242
HUSER, Gertrude L. X-8138
HUSSER, Mary M. AER12-446
HUTCHESON, Margaret J. L-382
HUTCHINSON, Lola M. 2AER3-8571
HUTCHINSON, Margaret J. AER13:363
HUTCHISON, Amos I. AER17:217
HUTCHISON, Helen AER24:194
HUTCHISON, Lola M. Z-8571
HUTTON, Grace AER25:407
HUTTON, Grace W-7943
HYKE, Rebecca Jane AER24:21
HYKE, Rebecca Jane T-7325
HYLAND, Sarah AER12-525
HYNDMAN, Charles F. Q-27
HYNDMAN, Leo 2AER2-8364
HYNDMAN, Leo Y-8364
HYNDMAN, Susie A. P-496

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