Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
Hea to Hol
HEACOCK, Edwin Isaac O-531
HEACOCK, Isaac AER18:534
HEACOCK, Mary E. AER12-147
HEACOCK, Mary E. AER12-499
HEACOCK, Nathan AER16:575
HEACOCK, Nathan L. AER18:514
HEADLE, Susan AER17:582
HEADLEY, J. Edward AER21:21
HEADLEY, J. Edward P-338
HEAGRY, William M. Q-174
HEAGY, John S. H-428
HEAGY, Mary E. H-103
HEAGY, William M. AER20:567
HEARN, Catharine C. AER12-449
HEARN, James V. AER10-66
HEARN, Samuel M. AER9-76
HEATER, Peter AER11-13
HECHE, Harold L. DD-E-68-76
HECKAMAN, James A. U-7454
HECKAMAN, James H. AER17:321
HECKAMAN, James H. O-118
HECKAMAN, Rolland J. S-7184
HECKAMAN, Rolland Jay AER22:494
HECKAMAN, William AER3-457
HECKMAN, Aaron D. AER11-2
HECKMAN, Aaron D. J-441
HECKMAN, Clara M. GG-E-71-123
HECKMAN, Henry AER4-213,443
HECKMAN, Henry AER5-62
HECKMAN, Henry E-193
HECKMAN, James A. AER23:420
HECKMAN, John AER12-369
HECKMAN, John L-183
HECKMAN, Mary A. AER4-431
HECKMAN, Mary A. AER5-80,235
HECKMAN, Pearle HH-SE-73-85
HECKMAN, Reason C-4
HECKMAN, Samuel A-265
HECKMAN, Samuel AER1:151
HECKMAN, William AER4-172
HEDDENS, Amelia Ann AER24:589,591
HEDDENS, Amelia Anne S-7094
HEDDINGTON, Joseph AER15:328
HEDINGTON, Daniel E. AER17:91
HEDINGTON, Joseph AER16:249
HEDINGTON, Samuel AER15:20
HEDINGTON, Samuel M-423
HEERMAN, Bessie E. DD-E-68-135
HEERMAN, Spencer Louis AER21:109
HEETER, Delilah AER12-131
HEETER, Delilah K-542
HEETER, Donna G. AER20:557
HEETER, Donna G. Q-185
HEETER, Ellen AER9-302
HEETER, Elnora AER14:485
HEETER, Elnora M-271
HEETER, Gertrude 2AER1-8092
HEETER, Gertrude AER26:191
HEETER, Gertrude X-8092
HEETER, Mary Alice AER25:115
HEETER, Mary Alice Q-274
HEETER, Mary E. AER16:374
HEETER, Mary E. N-340
HEETER, Peter AER10-572
HEETER, Peter J-465
HEFF, Edwin N-599
HEIGHWAY, Marion AER14:559
HEIGHWAY, Orven A. DD-E-68-117
HEINZELMAN, Albert AER26:189
HEINZELMAN, Alberta 2AER1-7845
HEINZELMAN, Alberta W-7845
HEINZELMAN, Alberta Y-7965
HEINZELMAN, Karl J. Jr. U-7451
HEISER, John M-484
HEISLER, Charles J. GG-E-72-23
HEISLER, Chester W. AER11-424
HEISLER, Edward E. AER24:31
HEISLER, Edward E. U-7525
HEISLER, George S. AER9-305
HEISLER, George S. C-321
HEISLER, George S. I-461
HEISLER, Ida M. AER18:373
HEISLER, Ida M. AER22:527
HEISLER, John AER15:173
HEISLER, Katherine AER15:462
HEISLER, Kathrine N-103
HEISLER, Philip W. AER13:107
HEISLER, Philip W. L-260
HEISLER, Sadie E. 2AER3-8491
HEISLER, Sadie E. Y-8491
HEISLER, William AER13:240
HEITZ, Leah W-7863
HELD, Rebecca J. AER16:576
HELFRICH, Kenneth C. 2AER3-8617
HELFRICH, Kenneth C. Z-8617
HELMINGER, Bertha AER24:557,589
HELMINGER, Bertha W-7800
HELMUTH, John E. FF-E-70-74
HELSER, Eli AER16:466
HELSER, George AER1:454
HELSER, George W. O-361
HELVEY, Clarence A. 2AER4-8681
HELVEY, Clarence A. Z-8681
HELVEY, Hazel B. Y-8444
HELWIG, J. L. AER14:545
HELWIG, Llewellyn M-284
HENDEE, Mattie O. AER23:55
HENDERSON, Etta B. 2AER1-7771
HENDERSON, Etta B. AER26:205
HENDERSON, Etta B. V-7771
HENDERSON, George C. AER16:314
HENDERSON, George C. N-305
HENDERSON, John W. AER12-171
HENDERSON, Violet M. HH-SE-73-91
HENDRICK, Andrew M. AER13:447
HENDRICK, Andrew M. M-13
HENDRICK, Fred A. 2AER5-E66-98
HENDRICK, Louise Gottaman AER17:315
HENDRICK, Louise Gottsman O-68
HENDRICKS, Fred A. CC-E66-98
HENDRICKSON, George D. BB-8726
HENDRIX, A. Lavera HH-E-73-41
HENRY, Alice AER10-478
HENRY, Murvel AER16:54
HENTZLER, Edith J. AER22:168
HENWOOD, Cleo M. GG-E-72-18
HENWOOD, Lee 2AER4-8644
HENWOOD, Lee Z-8644
HEPLER, Amanda AER14:285
HEPLER, Andrew AER14:494
HEPLER, Andrew M-409
HEPLER, Emanuel AER15:15
HEPLER, Emanuel AER16:74
HEPLER, Etta L. HH-SE-72-82
HEPLER, Florence I. CC-E66-184
HEPLER, Franklin AER18:85
HEPLER, Franklin O-299
HEPLER, Fred AER16:398
HEPLER, Fred M-582
HEPLER, George W. AER17:231
HEPLER, George W. O-13
HEPLER, Glen J. AER18:477
HEPLER, Glen J. O-527
HEPLER, Jackson AER18:422
HEPLER, Jackson O-439
HEPLER, Jacob AER10-214
HEPLER, Jacob J-84
HEPLER, Margaret AER13:145
HEPLER, Margaret L-181
HEPLER, Mary J-357
HEPLER, Mary A. AER11-24
HEPLER, Paul I-6
HEPLER, Samuel C. H-235
HERD, Mary A. AER12-280
HERD, Mary A. K-580
HERD, Richard A-209
HERENDEEN, Edward AER14:557
HERMAN, Spencer Louis Q-18
HERRICK, Elizabeth K. AER14:1
HERRICK, Elizabeth K. L-359
HERRICK, William S. AER9-140
HERRICK, William S. I-213,215
HERRON, John A. AER15:250
HERRON, John A. M-515
HERRON, Samuel AER12-411
HERSCH, Frank J. Y-8443
HERSCHER, Henry C. FF-E-71-3
HERSHBERGER, Daniel E. AER23:521
HERSHBERGER, Daniel E. U-7514
HERVEY, Willard AER3-95
HERVEY, Willard D-39,43
HESS, Anna V. AER21:65
HESS, Anna V. P-574
HESS, Edna V. AER21:481
HESS, Edna V. Q-447
HESS, John A-124
HESS, John AER1:70
HESS, John A. AER22:39
HESS, John R. AER11-339
HESS, John R. K-180
HESS, Martha J. AER18:117
HESS, Martha Jane O-302
HESS, Perry AER11-409
HESS, Perry K-281
HESSEL, Bertha K-150
HESSEL, Caroline J. AER19:167
HESSEL, Caroline J. AER20:280
HESSEL, Caroline J. AER21:511
HESSEL, Caroline J. AER22:627
HESSEL, Caroline J. O-541
HESSEL, Charles J-40
HESSEL, Charles J. I-520
HESSELL, Bertha AER11-254
HESSELL, Charles J. AER9-540
HESTER, Edna M. 2AER4-8679
HESTER, Edna M. Z-8679
HETFIELD, Hamlet D. AER10-208
HETFIELD, Hamlet D. I-573
HIBBEN, Edwin K. AER17:386
HIBBEN, Glen S. AER19:239
HIBBEN, Glenn S. P-149
HIBNER, Albert F. AER18:272
HIBNER, Albert F. O-352
HIBNER, Mary B. AER19:302
HIBNER, Mary B. P-203
HIBSCHMAN, Anna M. AER14:433
HIBSCHMAN, Anna M. M-209
HIBSCHMAN, Burlington D. AER17:464
HIBSCHMAN, Daniel AER12-331
HIBSCHMAN, Daniel E. AER19:554
HIBSCHMAN, Daniel E. P-351
HIBSCHMAN, David K-545
HIBSCHMAN, Elizabeth AER17:290
HIBSCHMAN, Elizabeth O-63
HIBSCHMAN, John W. AER13:202,406
HIBSCHMAN, John W. L-430
HIBSCHMAN, Rebecca A. AER9-59
HIBSCHMAN, Wallace C. AER15:524
HIBSCHMAN, Wallace C. N-8
HICKMAN, Amanda Eva AER17:40
HICKMAN, Amanda Eva N-578
HICKMAN, John W. AER14:69
HICKMAN, John W. L-529
HICKMAN, Mary A. E-551
HICKMAN, Reason AER1:507,571
HICKMAN, Robert M. AER12-185,244
HICKMAN, Robert M. K-539
HICKMAN, William D-489
HICKS, Elmer C. AER19:478
HICKS, Elmer E. O-431
HIDY, Jesse G-540
HIEBER, Emma J. AER18:101
HIEBER, Emma J. O-94
HIEBER, George W. AER18:166
HIEBER, Irvin F. AER18:316
HIEBER, Irvin F. O-240
HIESLER, Elizabeth H-124
HIGBEE, Edward S. A-254
HIGBEE, Edward S. AER1:114,268
HIGBEE, Edward S. AER4-354
HIGBEE, Edwin W. AER12-50
HIGBEE, Edwin W. K-547
HIGBEE, Olive G. AER16:147
HIGBEE, Olive G. N-318
HIGER, John M-253
HIGGINS, Cyrus AER1:61
HIGHT, John L. II-SE-75-68
HIGHT, Samuel Y-8514
HILANDE, Sarah L-129
HILDENBRAND, Alpheus AER18:456
HILDENBRAND, Alpheus O-387
HILDENBRAND, Benjamin A. AER12-459
HILDENBRAND, Benjamin A. L-139
HILDENBRAND, Edith L. HH-E-73-52
HILDENBRAND, Florence AER17:447
HILDENBRAND, Florence O-138
HILDENBRAND, Josiah AER5-47,390
HILDENBRAND, Julia A. AER19:494,498
HILE, Emery AER20:374
HILE, Emery A. Q-64
HILE, Grace G. FF-SE-71-16
HILL, Carrie E. AER18:467
HILL, Carrie E. O-289
HILL, Delta AER25:65
HILL, Delta W-7819
HILL, Ellis E. II-E-74-137
HILL, Ellis E. II-E-74-137
HILL, Emma O. AER23:67
HILL, Emma O. S-7049
HILL, Etta May AER25:378
HILL, Etta May W-7867
HILL, Frank M. AER10-23
HILL, Herbert C. AER24:577
HILL, Herbert C. V-7700
HILL, Horton AER12-59
HILL, Horton K-509
HILL, John M. AER6-461
HILL, John M. G-184,206
HILL, John P. AER6-396
HILL, John P. G-215
HILL, Mary AER4-449
HILL, Mary Werley AER9-526
HILL, Mary Worley I-480
HILL, Milton AER1:491
HILL, Nellie M. AER25:478
HILL, Nellie M. W-7969
HILL, Stephen K-495
HILL, Stephen D. AER12-196
HILLABOLD, Christopher A-117,235
HILLEBOLD, Christopher AER3-262
HILLERY, Harmon H. AER21:160
HILLERY, Levi AER10-139
HILLERY, Levi J-57
HILLERY, Martha A. H-267
HIMES, Albert AER25:109
HIMES, George 2AER4-8500
HIMES, George Y-8500
HIMES, H. Earl EE-E-68-82
HIMES, Howard R. 2AER4-E65-132
HIMES, James D. 2AER4-E65-119
HIMES, James D. AA-E65-119
HIMES, Luretta AER14:30
HINDE, Mattie O. T-7228
HINDERER, Amanda Jane AER25:278
HINDERER, Amanda Jane P-348
HINDS, Charlers E. E-38
HINEBAUGH, Elizabeth AER3-49
HINEBAUGH, Elizabeth D-365
HINEBAUGH, Minerva AER11-146
HINES, Authur L. H-320
HINES, Frederick AER11-101
HINES, Frederick J-546
HINES, Howard R. BB-E65-132
HINES, Ollie AER19:393
HINES, Ollie P-205
HINES, Wesley L. AER12-393
HINES, Wesley L. L-95
HINKLE, Eliza G-530
HINKLEY, Walter Coleman AER23:190
HINKLEY, Walter Coleman T-7348
HINKSON, Alpha M. 0-166
HINKSON, Alpha M. AER17:304
HINKSON, James E. AER16:458
HINTZ, Carl F. AER25:94
HINTZ, Carl F. Q-349
HIPP, Mattie A. EE-E-69-117
HIPSHER, Rosa BB-E66-58
HIRE, Amanda AER14:71
HIRE, Amanda M-101
HIRE, Blanche S 2AER1-7864
HIRE, George A 2AER1-8003
HIRE, George A. AER25:537
HIRE, George L. FF-SE-70--60
HIRE, Harman L. AER18:562
HIRE, Harmon L. O-545
HIRE, Isaac E. AER23:135
HIRE, Isaac E. T-7367
HIRE, Lawson AER11-445
HIRE, Lawson K-243
HIRE, Louisa J. I-69
HIRE, Milton E. H-32
HIRE, Rudolph AER3-117
HIRE, Rudolph D-223
HIRE, Sadie A. AER23:532
HIRE, Sadie A. U-7563
HIRE, Wilma F. GG-E-72-49
HISER, Ferril AER6-190
HISER, Terril F-407
HISEY, Sylvanus AER3-490
HISEY, Sylvanus D-400
HISSONG, Peter A-241
HISSONG, Peter AER3-11
HITE, Florence AER23:102
HITE, Hallie 2AER5-E66-66
HITE, Hallie BB-E66-66
HITZLER, Robert H. AER11-407
HITZLER, Robert H. K-256
HIVELY, Elizabeth AER15:35,169
HIVELY, Elizabeth M-219
HIVELY, Laura AER21:483
HIZER, John AER14:521
HOADLEY, Sadie B. AER9-318
HOADLEY, Wilmer M. AER17:437
HOAGLAN, Edwin C. AER17:2
HOAGLAND, Ada B. 2AER1-8099
HOAGLAND, Ada B. X-8099
HOAGLAND, Barbara J-409
HOAGLAND, Barbara A. AER11-30
HOAGLAND, Celia AER11-82
HOAGLAND, Celia J-507
HOAGLAND, Edwin C. AER16:275
HOAGLAND, Edwin C. N-339
HOAGLAND, Florence I. AER20:130
HOAGLAND, Florence I. P-373
HOAGLAND, George II-E-74-114
HOAGLAND, John AER10-334
HOAGLAND, John J-256
HOAGLAND, Nettie II-E-74-146
HOCKER, Charles F. AER19:505
HOCKER, Charles F. P-294
HOCKER, Josiah J-414
HOCKER, Lovina AER14:21
HOCKER, Lovina M-126
HOCKY, Josiah AER10-476
HODEY, Andrew H. L-190
HODGE, Bertha V. O-283
HODGE, Julia Mott AER21:539
HODGE, Julia Mott Q-433
HODGES, Bertha V. AER17:583
HODGES, Eliza AER5-360, 551
HODGES, Eliza F-167
HODGES, Merl P. AER16:419
HODGSON, George R. FF-E-71-79
HOELCHER, Cora Mae AER22:213
HOFFER, Andrew E. AER16:518
HOFFER, Andrew E. N-448
HOFFER, Banka A. DD-E-68-67
HOFFER, Charles AER22:257
HOFFER, Charles Q-220
HOFFER, Daniel AER4-292
HOFFER, Daniel E-421
HOFFER, Elizabeth F-45
HOFFER, Emma BB-E66-29
HOFFER, Frank O-588
HOFFER, Frank J. AER19:29
HOFFER, Idyl D. GG-SE-71-70
HOFFER, John AER5-129
HOFFER, John E-434
HOFFER, Mary AER9-281
HOFFER, Mary I-294
HOFFER, Mary C. 2AER3-8570
HOFFER, Mary C. Z-8570
HOFFER, Melvin HH-E-73-10
HOFFER, Nellie 2AER1-7895
HOFFER, Nellie AER26:180
HOFFER, Nellie W-7895
HOFFER, Orrin A. Q-300
HOFFER, Samuel AER13:336
HOFFER, Samuel AER25:456
HOFFER, Samuel L-386
HOFFER, Samuel U-7577
HOFFMAN, Arthur R. Q-212
HOFFMAN, Ollie G. DD-E-68-45
HOFFMAN, William A. AER21:592
HOFFMAN, William A. R-23
HOGAN, Lucy AER24:209
HOGAN, Lucy V-7667
HOHMAN, Edward AER12-91
HOHMAN, Edward K-456
HOHMAN, Ida J. AER21:375
HOHMAN, Ida J. Q-413
HOHMAN, Roy E. 2AER1-8172
HOHMAN, Roy E. X-8199
HOHMAN, William D. AER14:15
HOHMAN, William D. L-513
HOLAWAY, John J. FF-E-71-49
HOLAWAY, Martha Harmon FF-E-70-93
HOLBROOK, Catharine G-363
HOLBROOK, Charles AER25:437
HOLBROOK, Charles W-7996
HOLBROOK, Clark M. AER21:268
HOLBROOK, Cora E. CC-E67-18
HOLBROOK, Dallas AER3-161
HOLBROOK, Dallas AER4-531
HOLBROOK, Dallas P. D-49
HOLBROOK, Erma T. 2AER1-7999
HOLBROOK, Erma T. W-7999
HOLBROOK, John AER20:579
HOLBROOK, Joseph R. AER14:224
HOLBROOK, Joseph R. M-148
HOLBROOK, Mahlon AER23:226
HOLBROOK, Mahlon T-7391
HOLBROOK, Margaret A. AER6-528
HOLBROOK, Margaret A. G-430
HOLBROOK, Martin V. AER10-58
HOLBROOK, Martin V. J-6
HOLBROOK, Mary C. AER14:428
HOLBROOK, Mary C. M-263
HOLBROOK, Richard H. AER16:20
HOLBROOK, Sarah E. AER3-315
HOLBROOK, Sarah E. D-365
HOLDERMAN, Augusta AER15:134,201
HOLDERMAN, Barbara G-470
HOLDERMAN, George AER19:426
HOLDERMAN, Georgia A. AER19:101
HOLDERMAN, Hettie M. AER24:473
HOLDERMAN, Hettie M. V-7787
HOLDERMAN, Lewis C. AER22:552
HOLDERMAN, Sadie F. DD-E-67-165
HOLLANDS, William Newton H-550
HOLLAR, Alexander AER22:561
HOLLAR, Amos R. 2AER5-E65-160
HOLLAR, Amos R. BB-E65-160
HOLLAR, Betty AER19:155
HOLLAR, Clarence Valentine BB-E66-145
HOLLAR, Elizabeth AER11-86
HOLLAR, Elizabeth J-322
HOLLAR, Eva AER12-423,498
HOLLAR, Eva L-205
HOLLAR, Grace B. HH-E-73-21
HOLLAR, James E. AER9-131
HOLLAR, James E. I-86
HOLLAR, Joseph AER9-70
HOLLAR, Joseph I-173
HOLLAR, Kathryn E. EE-SE-70-2
HOLLAR, Mary Belle II-SE-75-10
HOLLAR, Samuel AER21:35
HOLLAR, Samuel Q-188
HOLLAR, Silas AER11-331
HOLLAR, Silas K-211
HOLLAR, William Frank FF-E-70-122
HOLLAR, William H. DD-E-68-70
HOLLOPETER, Nettie Vantilbury AER19:55
HOLLOPETER, Nettie Vantilbury P-28
HOLLOWAY, Aaron A-139
HOLLOWAY, Aaron AER1:76,152,192,334,412
HOLLOWAY, Amos AER19:152
HOLLOWAY, Elizabeth A-407
HOLLOWAY, Elizabeth AER1:258,419
HOLLOWAY, Everton Eugene AER17:565
HOLLOWAY, Everton Eugene O-182
HOLLOWAY, George W. C-134
HOLLOWAY, Hallie E. AER21:218
HOLLOWAY, Hollie E. Q-232
HOLLOWAY, John M. AER3-384
HOLLOWAY, John M. D-375
HOLLOWAY, Lula B. 0-280,319
HOLLOWAY, Lulu B. AER18:59
HOLLOWAY, Neva P. AER14:127
HOLLOWAY, Thomas C. AER10-271
HOLMES, Elmer J-531
HOLMES, Elmira J-346
HOLMES, Elmira E. AER11-40
HOLTON, Mary V. AER19:401
HOLTON, Mary V. P-265
HOLTZINGER, Leoma J. 2AER5-E66-41
HOLTZINGER, Leona J. BB-E66-41
HOLTZWORTH, Frederick A-18

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