Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
ABBOTT, Jay Carleton AER20:545
ABBOTT, Jay Carleton O-341
ABBOTT, Nancy Shand AER18:379
ABSHIRE, Joen O. EE-SE-69-18
ABTS, Irene X. T-7329
ABTS, Irene Y. AER24:150
ABTS, Mathew C. AER24:567,570
ABTS, Mathew C. V-7689
ACKLEY, Bentley Deforest V-7735
ACKLEY, Bentley Deforrest AER24:523
ACRES, Muriel F. FF-SE-70-33
ADAMS, Bettie AER25:505
ADAMS, Betty W-7916
ADAMS, Edwin H. AER17:351
ADAMS, Edwin H. O-77
ADAMS, Ernest M. AER23:320
ADAMS, Ernest M. T-7356
ADAMS, Grace AER21:125
ADAMS, Grace Q-310
ADAMS, Greenville G. AER12-450
ADAMS, Greenville G. L-244
ADAMS, Ida M. AER15:13
ADAMS, Ida M. AER17:100,197
ADAMS, Isaac D-5
ADAMS, Jackson II-jE-74-148
ADAMS, Lucinda AER13:28
ADAMS, Lucinda L-265
ADAMS, Mary I AER14:103
ADAMS, Tollie R. 2AER1-8202
ADAMS, Tollie R. X-8202
ADAMS, William AER14:148
ADAMS, William N-589
ADAMS, William S. AER17:474
ADAMS, William S. O-178
ADAMS, Wm. W-7902
ADAMSON, Annie M. AER19:111
Advance Radiator Co. H-569
AGNEW, Jessie C. AER25:447
AGNEW, Jessie C. W-7813
AILER, Mahala AER12-242
AILER, Mahala K-568
AITKEN, James E. 2AER4-8669
AITKEN, James E. Z-8669
AKENS, David L. 2AER5-E66-171
AKENS, David L. BB-E66-171
AKER, Florence Bell AER22:231
AKER, Florence Belle P-584
AKER, Russel Dean AER26:185
AKER, Russell Dean 2AER1-8018
AKER, Russell Dean X-8018
AKERS, Elizabeth L-344
AKERS, Elizabeth J AER13:211
AKEY, Alice M. II-E-74-122
ALBERTSON, Charles D. AER11-554
ALEXANDER, Arvada AER20:100
ALEXANDER, Charles G. AER21:475
ALEXANDER, Charles G. Q-418
ALEXANDER, Ellia E. Q-236
ALEXANDER, Ellis E. AER21:176
ALEXANDER, Elvin V. GG-SE-72-10
ALEXANDER, George M. AER20:146
ALEXANDER, Gilbert W. AER9-139
ALEXANDER, John Z-8630
ALEXANDER, John Frank AER19:46
ALEXANDER, John Frank O-546
ALEXANDER, Mathew M. AER5-250
ALEXANDER, Mathin M. F-127
ALEXANDER, Rachael E-90
ALEXANDER, Rachel AER4-116
ALEXANDER, Rose S-7987
ALFORD, Elmer J-559
ALFORD, George W. AER9-336
ALFORD, James AER10-558
ALFORD, Lillie AER19:69
ALFORD, Lillie P-17
ALLEMAN, Pearl AER18:138
ALLEMAN, Pearl O-379
ALLEN, Flora AER22:221
ALLEN, Flora S-6966
ALLEN, James AER10-40
ALLEN, James I-407,444
ALLEN, Orrin T. AER20:253
ALLEN, Susan G. AER15:148
ALLEN, Susan G. M-419
ALLISBAUGH, Samuel H-397
ALLISBAUGH, Verling R. N-21
ALLISBOUGH, Verling AER16:156
ALLISON, Randolph B. AER19:572
ALMACK, Heater W. AER12-430
ALMACK, Hester N. L-114
ALMACK, Leroy F. L-114
ALSPACH, William M. AER18:374
ALSPAUGH, Thomas J. AER19:532
ALT, Ira M. AER6-67
ALT, Ira M. G-49
ALTLAND, Nathaniel F. N-161
ALTLAND, Nathaniel P. AER16:215
AMAN, Froma AER16:426,476
AMAN, Frona N-336
American Amusement Co. H-426
AMES, Isaac Orlando AER13:417
AMISS, Anna E. 2AER3-8643
AMISS, Anna E. Z-8643
AMISS, Ella AER17:381
AMISS, Ella O-141
AMISS, Sarah AER11-476
AMISS, Sarah K-318
AMOS, Carrie J. AER21:655
AMOS, George AER1:589
AMOS, John F. AER4-227,383
AMOS, Rebecca AER4-223
AMOS, Rebecca E-232
ANDERECK, Benjamin Z-8698
ANDERICK, Benjamin H-153
ANDERSON, Elizabeth I. 2AER3-8529
ANDERSON, Elizabeth I. Z-8529
ANDERSON, Emra D. AER25:533
ANDERSON, Emra D. W-7932
ANDERSON, John AER11-482
ANDERSON, John K-370
ANDERSON, Merle L. 2AER2-8327
ANDERSON, Merle L. Y-8327
ANDERSON, Sarah C. AER15:93
ANDERSON, Sarah E. AER14:312
ANDERSON, Sarah E. L-468
ANDREAS, Cyrus D. AER11-119,298
ANDREAS, Cyrus D. J-272
ANDREAS, John L. AER13:437
ANDREAS, John L. L-231
ANDREAS, Mary AER13:438
ANDREW, John H. I-313,349
ANDREW, Joseph C. AER12-517
ANDREW, Joseph C. L-198
ANDREW, Sarah C. A-474
ANDREW, Sarah C. AER1:254
ANDREWS, John H. AER9-303
ANDREWS, Lydia Anna AER12-316
ANDREWS, Lydia Anna L-51
ANDREWS, William H. AER11-491
ANDREWS, William H. K-340
ANGEL, David AER4-173,249
ANGEL, David E-207
ANGEL, George E-316,550
ANGEL, John J. EE-E-68-116
ANGEL, Myrtle B. AER23:348
ANGEL, Myrtle B. S-7161
ANGLIN, Arthur J. AER22:180
ANGLIN, Arthur J. Q-574
ANGLIN, Axsa S. AER11-200
ANGLIN, Axsa S. K-35
ANGLIN, Charles H. AER16:429
ANGLIN, Charles H. N-422
ANGLIN, Charles W. AER17:514
ANGLIN, Charles W. O-89
ANGLIN, David AER5-339
ANGLIN, David F-324
ANGLIN, Della Z-8641
ANGLIN, Elam H. AER12-478
ANGLIN, Elam H. L-115
ANGLIN, Elizabeth A. AER15:287
ANGLIN, Elizabeth A. AER16:363,365
ANGLIN, Emma AER24:456
ANGLIN, Emma P-324
ANGLIN, Everett T. AER25:182
ANGLIN, Everett T. Q-581
ANGLIN, George AER17:525
ANGLIN, George B. AER18:503
ANGLIN, George B. O-523
ANGLIN, George W. AER18:174
ANGLIN, Harvey M. AER3-340
ANGLIN, Homer B. AER24:417
ANGLIN, Homer B. V-7637
ANGLIN, Isaac AER4-140
ANGLIN, Isaac E-92
ANGLIN, James A-350
ANGLIN, James AER1:177,189,198
ANGLIN, James F. AER9-6
ANGLIN, James F. I-126
ANGLIN, John D. AER12-141
ANGLIN, John D. K-528
ANGLIN, John W. AER11-43
ANGLIN, John W. J-495
ANGLIN, John Wesley AER9-235
ANGLIN, John Wesley I-312
ANGLIN, Margaret AER10-362
ANGLIN, Margaret C. AER6-175
ANGLIN, Margaret C. F-376
ANGLIN, Mary A. AER8-338
ANGLIN, Matilda R. AER22:389
ANGLIN, Matilda R. S-7129
ANGLIN, Pearl II-E-74-41
ANGLIN, Rolla A. 2AER2-8084
ANGLIN, Rolla A. X-8084
ANGLIN, Samuel D. AER9-77,145
ANGLIN, Samuel D. I-143
ANGLIN, Susan Smith AER17:529
ANGLIN, Susan Smith AER18:234
ANGLIN, Susan Smith AER22:66
ANGLIN, T. Wayne AER10-138
ANGLIN, T. Wayne J-3
ANGLIN, Victor V. AER23:601
ANGLIN, Victor V. U-7570
ANGLIN, Washington AER25:428A
ANGLIN, Washington I. T-7274
ANGLIN, William B. K-491
ANGLIN, William O. AER12-95
ANSPACH, Elizabeth AER14:287
ARCHER, Malinda AER5-475
ARCHER, Mary AER11-542
ARCHER, Mary K-335
ARCHIBALD, Edward A-404
ARMEY, Abraham H-333
ARMEY, Hannah AER12-44
ARMEY, Hannah AER14:95
ARMEY, Hannah L. M-23
ARMEY, Jacob A-337
ARMEY, Mary E. AER12-277
Armington Bros. AER4-424
Armington Bros. E-117-133
ARMINGTON, Lydia A. AER10-461
ARMSTRONG, Eliza AER10-557
ARMSTRONG, Jennie H-331
ARMSTRONG, John E. AER22:269
ARMSTRONG, John F. Q-239
ARMSTRONG, Sarah N-601
ARNOLD, Ader CC-E66-176
ARNOLD, Alma FF-E-70-96
ARNOLD, Barbara J. AER10-159
ARNOLD, Barbara J. J-45
ARNOLD, Dulcena AER16:284
ARNOLD, Dulcina N-325
ARNOLD, Frank AER25:18
ARNOLD, George W. AER5-473
ARNOLD, George W. F-365
ARNOLD, Henry H. AER3-167
ARNOLD, James B. AER15:470
ARNOLD, James B. N-2
ARNOLD, James Frank AER17:576
ARNOLD, James Frank O-210
ARNOLD, Jesse E. 2AER5-E67-53
ARNOLD, Jesse E. CC-67-53
ARNOLD, Jesse E. DD-E-68-53
ARNOLD, Joel AER16:333
ARNOLD, Joel AER9-425
ARNOLD, Joel I-428
ARNOLD, Joel N-410
ARNOLD, John I. AER24:506
ARNOLD, John J. V-7650
ARNOLD, Katie H. AER18:343
ARNOLD, Katie H. O-523
ARNOLD, Mahlon W. AER9-353
ARNOLD, Mahlon W. I-346
ARNOLD, Margaret ARE4-25
ARNOLD, Margaret D-398
ARNOLD, Martin AER3-522
ARNOLD, Martin D-563,580
ARNOLD, Martin E-29
ARNOLD, Mary Ellen Q-122
ARNOLD, Mary Ellen AER21:111
ARNOLD, Noah AER8-341
ARNOLD, Noah I-346
ARNOLD, Oder 2AER5-E66-176
ARNOLD, Orpha O. AER20:284
ARNOLD, Orpha O. P-441
ARNOLD, Peter AER6-183
ARNOLD, Ray AER10-349
ARNOLD, Waid C. U-7524
ARNOLD, Ward AER12-418
ARNOLD, Ward L-219
ARNOLT, Stanley H. AA-8569
ARNOLT, Stanley H. Z-8569
ASHBY, Aphelia E. CC-567-53
ASHER, William AER16:580
ASHER, William N-503
Ashley-Dill Burial Case Mfg. Co. AER14:359
Ashley-Dill Burial Case Mfg. Co. AER16:188
Ashley-Dill Burial Case Mfg. Co. AER18:9,323
ASHLY, Philo A. AER16:299,300
ATKINSON, Elizabeth AER19:461
ATKINSON, Elizabeth P-222
ATKINSON, Mary Alice HH-SE-72-70
ATKINSON, William J. AER10-467
ATKINSON, William J. AER19:141
ATKINSON, William J. P-178
ATKISON, Raymond J-371
ATKISON, William J J-351
AUER, John GG-E-72-36
AUER, Nellie DD-E-68-38
AUGEL, George AER4-270,285
AUGSBURGER, Daniel K-486
AUGSPURGER, Clyde E. AER17:503
AULT, Benjamin AER19:64
AULT, Thomas J. AER21:548
AULT, Thomas J. Q-412
AXTELL, John Stockton AER15:594
AXTELL, John Stockton N-190
AXTELL, Lena Dickson N-457
AXTELL, Sena Dickson AER16:446
AYARS, Effie M. AER20:219
AYARS, Harrison AER14:101
AYERS, Harrison M-82
AYERS, John 2AER3-8649
AYERS, John AER5-515
AYERS, John G-46
AYERS, John Z-8649
AYERS, Maude E. AER18:515
AYERS, Maude E. O-554
AYERS, Thomas D. AER21:104
AYERS, Thomas D. P-487
AYRES, Ruth A. GG-SE-71-28

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