Kosciusko County, Indiana

Delayed Birth Records
1858 - 1935

Abb to Boy Bra to Coy Cra to Fel Fer to Gwi
Haa to Hol Hom to Kin Kir to Loz Luc to Mon
Moo to Pri Qui to Sen Sha to Sto Str to Zol

This is a transcription of the Kosciusko County, Indiana Delayed Birth Records. This data was compiled from the microfilm of the original records by Tina Buchman, of the Kosciusko County Genealogy Society. The other information that is on the record beside name and birthdate is:
father's name, where born
mother's name, where born
number of children to family (order of birth)
person in attendance
date recorded
This record was often required when filing for social security benefits.

Delayed and affidavit birth registrations are those filed after the mandated 365 day period for a regular registration. The vast majority of registrations covered in this index were filed between 1941 and 1948 by persons seeking to establish Social Security eligibility. Persons seeking to register births were required to do so with the county in which the birth occurred and to present evidence as to the facts of the birth. The counties registering the births retained a copy of the registration and forwarded a copy to the state vital records office where they were assembled into books for each county. Application to Establish Time and Place of Birth The first ACT pertaining to this records was approved February 19, 1941 as Chapter 24, Acts 1941. There were changes made in 1943 by Chapter 218, Act 1943. This latter act made some changes and repealed the former Act. The basic legislation enacted in 1943 is still in effect as Indiana Code 34-4-3-1-12. Section 10 had been added by a subsequent law.

For look-ups, contact Librarian at the Kosciusko County Genealogy Society: PO Box 1071, Warsaw, IN 46581-1071.

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