Kosciusko County Men in the Civil War

Civil War records contain valuable information for genealogical research.  The information linked below for each individual shows full name, rank, unit served and enlistment date.  This information is sufficient to request either Service Records or Pension Files from the National Archives.  In some cases you will find the same individual listed more than once.  When the Civil War began, many thought it would only last 90 days, so the first units organized were for very short duration, 100 days to 1 year.  After these units were dissolved and the men discharged, the units were reorganized and many men re enlisted for 3 years.  There were also many cases of men being discharged for disability due to disease, subsequently recovering and re enlisting in another unit.

Kosciusko County men who served in the Civil War as recorded by Lt. Col Joseph B. Dodge in the 1879 Combination Atlas Map of Kosciusko Co, IN, published by Kingman Bros.

Kosciusko County Civil War Soldiers: A to B
Kosciusko County Civil War Soldiers: C to E
Kosciusko County Civil War Soldiers: F to G
Kosciusko County Civil War Soldiers: H to J
Kosciusko County Civil War Soldiers: K to M
Kosciusko County Civil War Soldiers: N to R
Kosciusko County Civil War Soldiers: S to T
Kosciusko County Civil War Soldiers: U to Z

Kosciusko County Civil War Veterans' Graves

1890 Reunion of Veterans of the 74 Ind Regiment in Warsaw
Photo and Newspaper accounts.

Civil War Units involving Kosciusko County Soldiers

Indiana Infantry
9 th 11 th 12 th 13 th 16 th 17 th
18 th 20 th 21 st 22 nd 26 th 29 th
30 th 35 th 42 nd 44 th 46 th 47 th
48 th 51 st 58 th 59 th 68 th 74 th
83 rd 88 th 118 th 123 rd 128 th 129 th
130 th 138 th 146 th 151 st 152 nd 155 th
Indiana Battery - Light Artillery
15 th 20 th 23 rd




Indiana Cavalry
39th - 8th Cav 41st - 2nd Cav 77th - 4th Cav 90th - 5th Cav 119th - 7th Cav 127th - 12th Cav

Civil War Research Resources

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