Kosciusko County Census Data

Kosciusko County was organized in April, 1836. Prior to this most of the land was part of a large Cass County, with a tiny sliver of Turkey Creek and Tippecanoe Townships part of a larger Allen County. Complete Census Transcriptions are currently on line for both 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870, each with an everyname index. Also available are the Mortality Schedules for 1850 and 1860. The LDS now has the complete 1880 on-line at familysearch.org.

Census Year Population Census Availability
1840 4,170 Complete Transcription On-Line with Index,  Microfilm,  CD-Rom,  Hard Copy  -  Index & Census Transcription. Heads of Household Only
1850 10,243 Complete Transcription On-Line with Index,  Microfilm,  CD-Rom,  Hard Copy  -  Index & Census Transcription. 1850 Mortality Schedule
1860 17,420 Complete Transcription On-Line with Index,  Microfilm,  CD-Rom,  Hard Copy,  CD-Rom,  -  Index & Census Transcription. 1860 Mortality Schedule
1870 23,531 Complete Transcription On-Line with Index,  Microfilm,  Hard Copy,  CD-Rom,  -  Index & Census Transcription.
1880 26,494 Microfilm,    CD-Rom;Partial Soundex,  Hard Copy  -  Index Only.  On-line at familysearch.org  HERE
1890   What Happened to the 1890 Census?
1900 29,109 Microfilm,  Soundex,  CD-Rom,  Hard Copy  -  Index Only.
1910 27,936 Microfilm,  Hard Copy    CD-Rom;-  Index Only.
1920 27,120 Microfilm,  Soundex,  CD-Rom,  Hard Copy  -  Index Only.
1930 27,488 Microfilm
1940 29,561 To Be Released 2012.  Statistics Available Now.
1950 33,002 To Be Released 2022.  Statistics Available Now.
1960 40,373 To Be Released 2032.  Statistics Available Now.
1970 48,127 To Be Released 2042.  Statistics Available Now.
1980 59,555 To Be Released 2052.  Statistics Available Now.
1990 65,373 To Be Released 2062.  Statistics Available Now.
1997e 70,363 Population Estimated
2000e 70,300 Population Estimated
2010e 74,600 Population Estimated
2020e 78,300Population Estimated
2030e 80,900 Population Estimated

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