Kosciusko County, Indiana 1850 Census

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SCHEDULE I--Free Inhabitants in Franklin Township in the County of Kosciusko,State

of Indiana , enumerated by me, on the 17th day of October, 1850 George Moon Ass't Marshall

LineDwFamLast NameFirst NameAgeSexColorOccupationValue of Real EstatePlace BornMarried Within YearAttended SchoolCannot Read or WriteAffliction
19494MARTINSamantha J.7F   OH    
29494MARTINAnastasia J.3F   IN    
39494MARTINMargaret1F   IN    
49494MARTINJames59M none PA    
59494MARTINDavid E.24M Laborer OH    
69595ROBINSONSamuel S.26M Farmer600KY    
79595ROBINSONEliza A.21F   OH    
89595ROBINSONHarriet E.2F   IN    
99595ROBINSONWilson R.1/12M   IN    
109696JOHNSONSamuel29M Farming400PA    
119696JOHNSONMahala28F   OH    
129696JOHNSONJonathan10M   IN    
139696JOHNSONSarah J.8F   IN    
149696JOHNSONElizabeth7F   IN    
159696JOHNSONMahlon4M   IN    
169696JOHNSONAngeline2F   IN    
179797ROBINSONJames27M Farmer600KY    
189797ROBINSONRachael23F   OH    
199797ROBINSONMary A.2F   IN    
209797ROBINSONSarah J.10/12F   IN    
219898JOHNSONThomas51M Farmer800PA    
229898JOHNSONPriscella41F   PA  1 
239898JOHNSONJane21F   PA  1 
249898MOORESarah A.11F   OH    
259898MOOREPhilip8M   OH    
269999SPITLERJoseph K.38M Farmer1500OH    
279999SPITLERElizth.37F   PA  1 
289999SPITLERNoah B.16M Farmer OH    
299999SPITLERBarbara C.14F   OH    
309999SPITLERAnna S.13F   OH    
319999SPITLERElizth M.10F   OH    
329999SPITLERSusan E.8F   IN    
339999SPITLERRegina E.6F   IN    
349999SPITLEREliza J.4F   IN    
359999SPITLERJoseph H.2M   IN    
369999DOTSONWm. J.8M   IN    
379999SPITLERBarbara75F   VA  1 
38100100BROWNTivis H.40M Farmer400OH    
39100100BROWNMatilda40F   PA  1 
40100100BROWNJane16F   OH    
41100100BROWNEmeline12F   OH    
42100100BROWNSarah E.10F   OH    

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