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McMillan Wedding Anniversary
October 21, 1880 - North Vernon Plain Dealer, pg. 3

    The silver wedding, being the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of J.(Jarius) B.(Barker) McMillan and wife, was celebrated at their home October 14, 1880.
    Many invitation had been issued to relatives and friends far and near, and in response thereto, the following ladies and gentlemen assembled at their residence:     Mr. and Mrs. Judge Berkshire,
    Mr. and Mrs. P. Conkling,
    Rev. W. W. Reynolds and wife,
    Mrs. N. A. Wise,
    Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Robinson,
    Mr. and Mrs. Eldo Hicks,
    Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Piper,
    Mr. and Mrs. P. C. McGannon,
    Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Hill,
    Ezra Whitmore,
    Mrs. M. H. Roland,
    Miss Ida Harold,
    Mrs. A. A. Brookbank,
    Mrs. Lottie Stewart,
    Miss Ida Willey,
    Mrs. Eliza McMillan,
    Rev. J. A. Sargent and wife.
    The friends all having assembled by 8:30 o'clock, the happy couple descended from the upper room suppoted on either side by their sons, entering the parlor where friends had gathered to witness the beautiful and impressive ceremony pronounced by Rev. J. A. Sargent. Prayer was offered by Rev. W. W. Reynolds, after which Mrs. Brookbank made an elegant presentation of the following presents, on behalf of those assembled and a few friends who were unable to be present:
    One silver tea service, consisting of tea-pot, sugar bowl and creamer, one silver caster, six dessert spoons, six table spoons, one sugar spoon, two fruit spoons, one fruit knife, one fruit dish, one cut glass pickle dish with tongs, one elegant silver cake stand, two napkin rings, one butter knife, two porcelain pickle dishes, one silver and glass pickle dish with tongs, one silver spoon holder, one large and elegant silver soup tureen and ladle, one large family Bible, beautifully bound in Turkey morocco, one coral mat for Bible stand, two life-size plaster of Paris deer heads, to which an appropriate response was made by J. B. McMillan. At 9 o'clock we were invited to the dining rooms, where a sumptuous supper had been prepared, such as is known Mrs. Maggie McMillan delights to serve. It was elegantly served and highly enjoyed by the guests.
    A more pleasant and joyous occasion has seldom occurred in the city of North Vernon. May many wedding anniversaries return to the happy coupls.

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