Dodd Funeral Home in 1982 while it was still the home of Cora Deputy Dodd
                    I want to Thank Kathleen Deputy Collier for sending me this lovely picture of the home in its glory.
                              Kathleen is a descendant of Solomon Deputy one of the pioneers of Jennings County.

A note for those of you who have ever seen the old Dodd Funeral Home in Paris Crossing, it is in very sad shape. It was built by Samuel Wright in 1891 as his residence and purchased by the Dodd family, then used as the Funeral Home. The last time I was by there in the fall of 2008 it was falling down, one turret has actually fallen off and upstairs windows are broken. I spoke to some neighbors one of whom related there is a racoon living in the upper floor. It is a beautiful and historic building, I am hoping it can be saved before it is too late. 

I want to thank Dee Pavey for doing the original set up of these records, I have been trying for months to get them moved to the new Jennings County site and I think it finally worked.

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Dodd Funeral Home was established at Paris Crossing, Jennings County, Indiana, in 1890 by George Washington Dodd and M. J. Tobias. George W. Dodd became the sole owner in 1891.

Eldo Dodd and his wife, Cora (Deputy) Dodd took over the business after the death of Eldo's father, George W. Dodd, March 3, 1924.

Cemeteries in this record are in Jennings and Jefferson Counties, Indiana. Some other cemeteries are mentioned as well.  Book is from 1891 to 1917


-Old Paris Cemetery, also one called Cave, Dixon Cemetery in Montgomery Township.

-Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Montgomery Township.

-Old Baptist Coffee Creek Cemetery on SR250, both west of Paris Crossing---

Montgomery Township.

-Coffee Creek Christian Church Cemetery in Montgomery Township.

-Weston In Lovett Township (Weston Baptist Church Cemetery)

-German Church Cemetery in Lovett Township.

-Tea Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Lovett Township.

-Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery in Marion Township.

-Marian Baptist Church Cemetery in Marian Township.

-Cana Methodist Church Cemetery-Marian Township.

-Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery in Montgomery Township on SR3.

-Four Corners—Church in Spencer Township. St. Joseph Church Cemetery

-Hayden Methodist Cemetery in Spencer Township.

-Graham Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Lovett Township.

-Oak Grove in Geneva Township. Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

-Otter Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Campbell Township.


-Bear Creek in Montgomery Township.

-Lawrence Homestead Cemetery on Coryea Farm near Commiskey, Indiana.

-Sage Cemetery on Old Sage Farm in Marian Township.

-Keith Cemetery in Marian Township across from Humphrey Farm.

-Lowler Graveyard in Jefferson County.

-Clashman Cemetery in Jefferson County

-Deputy Farm Cemetery on Coffee Creek in Montgomery Township.

-Lancaster Eleutheian College Cemetery on SR250.

-Lancaster Cemetery

-Mt. Hebron

-Lick Branch Baptist Church

-Nelson Schoolhouse Cemetery

-Deputy Cemetery-Wiggan Cemetery at Deputy, Indiana.

-Shiloh Cemetery-Deputy Farm, north of Volga.

-Dupont Cemetery on SR7

-Hopewell Baptist Cemetery near Kent, Indiana. Sometimes called Volga.

-Valley Cemetery South of Deputy, Indiana

-Pisgah-East of Deputy, Indiana

-Volga, Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery-near Volga.

-Springdale in Madison, Indiana.

-Fairmont Cemetery-North Madison of SR 421



-Westley Chapel in Scott County.

-Whitson Cemetery in Scott County.

-Wilson Chapel

-Bethel Chapel in San Jacinto, Indiana

-Bethel Cemetery

-Shiloh Cemetery

-Tampico Cemetery in Jackson County.

-Beanblossom Cemetery in Brown County.

-Milton, Kentucky

-Richmond, Kentucky

-Sparta, Kentucky

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