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Below, please find an outline and summary made in January of 2005 by myself, Sherri Abromavage, of the most pertinent information concerning the Daniel Lett named in an 1801 Wilkes co GA deed, as well as references that connect his children throughout their adult lives. New questions concerning Lett/Peoples relationships at the end of this document.

The information begins with mentions of what appears to be Daniel and nearby Lett persons in the Wilkes and Greene counties area of Georgia just after the Revolution. The 1801 deed is listed in full, and beyond that the events that demonstrate relationships among the children of Daniel Lett are listed. You will note some obvious connections to Lett families in Pike county Indiana, as well. Other documentation is avaliable for most of these individuals, but my intent here is to demonstrate that the children named in the deed--in particular Isham Lett, Patsy Lett, Zilphia Lett, and Balaam Lett--are indeed the children of said Daniel. The potential acceptance of Daniel Lett of Jennings county, Indiana as a child of Daniel Lett of Wilkes co GA is made only by preponderance of the evidence.
It is my most feverent hope that any individuals having additional documentation on these individuals will step forward with that information.

Sherri Abromavage

1781 Burke co GA petition to defer sale of confiscated Tories estates
The Act authorizing confiscation was passed 4 May 1782
signed by Reuben Lett, James Lett, William Grant, William Pugh
[National Geneaological Society Quarterly Vol 54, No 1, March, 1966 page 5

James Lett 19 Aug 1781 fell in battle at Gov Wright’s plantation in Ogeache. Left Hannah Lett widow and several children in Burke county. James listed in payroll as early as 1779.

1786 Collier’s district Wilkes co GA p102 taken from Alexander’s district
Thomas Lett 220a next to Jesse Pugh

Daniel Lett born circa 1767 (estimate only) died (1819-1820 Owen county, KY?)
Married to Unknown UNKNOWN (family oral tradition suggests first name Cynthia, no documentation)

Life references:
1791 Wilkes Co,Colliers Dist, Georgia Tax List,
James Lett is listed as owning 26 plus acres of 3rd rate land located between Moses Greer and John Cammel.

1792 Reuben Lett witnesses bill of sale in Wilkes co GA between Charles Covenah of Burke co to Jospeh Wheelwright (sale of two negroes) [Wilkes co GA deed book KK p14]

In 1793, James Lett appears in Smith's district, still owning the same land (adjacent McLaughlin and Alexander Pew)
Daniel Lett is listed (no land) between the names of Lamech Hudson and Davies Saxon, near Jesse Pugh
...also on that list are Isham Lett (no land), John Hardaway Lett (no land) and Randal Lett (no land).

Also in 1793, a James Lett is listed in Campbell's district owing land adjacent someone named McLaughlin. This area was taken from Collier's district following the 1791 returns, and includes the historic William Creek Baptist church. In Dec of 1793, the area was put into Warren co GA and residents are found in Capt Campbell's district on the 1794 return for Warren co GA. James Lett is found on that list.

[Early Records of Georgia, by Rev Silas Emmet Lucus Jr (Publisher, also) 1968 -- Wilkes county] --p 56
page 148 [of some deed book????]
Alse Erwin will-- to daus Margaret, Elizabeth, Jane and Agnes and to sons John, William and David money etc as directed by their father's will.
John ERWIN and John MASON as executors
signed 4 Mar 1793 probated 5 Aug 1795
James KINMAN and Daniel LETT testators

[Wilkes county, Georgia Deed book MM 1794-1795] p435
Daniel LETT is witness and proves deed for land on Beaverdam fork of William's Creek on border of Warren & Wilkes county from John McLaughlin of Warren co, GA to James Kinman of Wilkes co GA. Hannah McLaughlin relinquishes her right of dower In presence of David Kinman. John Bearden also is listed as prov. (saml Harper is JP).

Church of William’s Creek records- provided to Sherri Abromavage by Ken Brantley
10 November, 1792 –Randle Lett joined by experience.

7 Dec 1793 Conference opened by Brother Vining by singing & prayer. Brother Lovel came forward and gave satisfaction. John Baker & Nehimiah Edge & Brother Perry go as messengers to the church at Philip’s Mill the Friday before the second Sunday January next agreeable to their request. Brother Darden’s case laid over until our next conference and Brother Lett appointed to cite him to attend.

Saturday 11 April 1795
Conference being opened Brother Vining by singing & prayer. Ordered that Brother Lett have a letter of dismission.

In 1794 Isham, Randal, John and Daniel Lett all appear on Patterson's Wilkes co GA return of poll with no acreage. Also appearing is Jesse Pugh with 135a on Ready creek.

That same year, Daniel Lett & John Bearden witness a land transaction between John McLaughlin and James Kinman on 19 Sept where McLaughlin sells land to James Kinman part in Warren and part in Wilkes co on Beverdam fork of William’s creek along Bearden’s Spring branch. Hannah McLaughlin, wife of John, waives dower. Wilkes co GA Deed book MM p435.

In 1796, Patterson's return (Wilkes co) listed the names Daniel Lett (owned one slave, listed between Digbey and Lewis), and John H Lett (land by Jospeh Digby). The names James Lett and Haddaway Lett appear on a list of defaulters. That same year Daniel Lett witnessed a deed of sale for land between William Gilliam and Davis Saxon for 200a on Reedy creek [Wilkes co deed book RR p225].

In Greene county that same year (1796) Randall and Isom Lett are found on Capt Kimbrough's list; Isom Lett is on Phillip Tigner's list; John Lett and Randolph Lett are on Capt Wiggin's list.[Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol 13 p228]
That was the same year that Hackney Walker sold land to Randle Lett on Shoulderbone creek apparently adjoining some land that Lett already owned there. The sale was witnessed by Levi and James Kinman.[Greene co deed book F p359 29 Nov 1796]

In 1797, Daniel Lett is still on the Wilkes co tax list of Patterson's district, with no land and no slaves.

In 1797 Greene co, GA, Randolph Lett is shown with land along Shoulderbone creek adjoining Kinman and Boice (The land was originally granted to someone named Harper).
Isom Lett also appears on that list, but has no property listed.

The 1798 tax list for Wilkes co GA is missing.
Randolph, John and Isom Lett are all found on the Greene co list. Randolph owned land adjoining someone named Kimbro that was originally granted to Harper; John Lett was on land adjoining Boice, and Isom Lett had no land.

1799 Patterson's Wilkes co tax list Daniel Lett with no land, living near Solomon Saxon & Reubin Bean on Reedy creek.
In nearby Greene co for the same year, Randolph Lett had land adjoining Kinman, John Lett had land there also, and Isham Lett was taxed only a head tax for being over age 21.
That same year, Benjamin Boice sold land to John Lett on Shoulderbone creek with Randle Lett, and Isham Lett witnessing the sale. Land adjoins John Canbel & John Max. [Registered 1st March Green co GA deed book 2 p569]

The 1800 tax list is missing for Embry's district in Wilkes co GA (formerly Patterson's district).

No Lett folks appear on the 1801 list of Wilkes county, GA.
In Greene co GA in 1801, Randolph Lett has land on Shoulderbone creek adjacent Kinman as does John Lett.

[Wilkes co GA Deed book SS 1801-1802] p 36
James Kinman and Thomas Grant of Wilkes co for the consideration of the pity & compassion we have to the family of Daniel Lett of same co. To the children of Daniel Lett: Isham Lett, Patsey Lett, David Lett, Zilphey Lett, & Ballaam Lett, 1 feather bed, 2 counterpins bolster &c, 1 straw do & 2counterpins, 2 large pewter basins, 1 do smaller, 2 do dishes, 5 do plates, 6 do spoons, 4 earthen plates, 1 ax & mattock, 1 churn, 1 pail, 1 pine table, 1 dutch oven & skillet, 2 chairs, 1 sythe & cradle, 6 tin cups, 1 tray, 1 bag, 1 shovel, plow & stock, 1 basket, 2 clevis & pins, some flax, 2 pair truss & harmes [sic], 2 collars, 1 old saddle, 1 bell & swing tree, 2 sheets, 1 bolster & pillow, 1 quilt, 1 flax wheel, 1 do cotton do, Without any consideration whatsoever, 30 Sept 1801. (signed) James Kinman, Thomas Grant. Wit:James Paterson JP recorded 2 Mar 1801.
**[Note: dates are recorded as described above. Date of recording is shown as March 1801 and date of transaction is shown as Sept of 1801].
        The Kinman family moved to Pike county IN---where Randall Lett settled.
       Levi Kinman was granted 483 acres in Highbanks (now Petersburg, IN) in 1813. In 1816 James Kinman        and Randall Lett (both of GA) bought land in Pike co, Indiana in what was then called White Oak Springs. The grandson of James Kinman, also known as James and born in Pike co in 1824 moved to Harrsion county, Kentucky with his mother (widow of Elijah Kinman) at age 6 to live near her family on Raven Creek.
       Randall Lett, born 18 July 1771 [Vivian Meyers]; owned land in Logan county KY about 1810-1813;        Randall was one of the founders of the Center Baptist Church, Logan County, Kentucky, in June 1810. In 1812 he was a clerk for the Green River Association of Baptist Churches.
       He died 18 June 1853 Pike co IN.
       Named one son Whitfield Lett, another Newton Lett. Information avalable on the full list of children upon request [several sources, including Barbara Burton Miles, county and church histories and census records]

In 1802 Owen Holiday's Wilkes co GA return shows a William STONE living on land that had originally been granted to "D. Lett". The land is adjacent J. Pew and located on Rocky Comfort creek.
That same year in Greene co GA, Randal and John Lett appear on Shoulderbone creek land originally granted to Call and Harper.

The 1803 Land lottery of GA shows eligible drawers:
"orphans of James Lett" in Burke co;
Isham Lett, John H Lett and Richard Lett in Green co;
Ophans of Reuben Lett in Lincoln co;
Robert Lett in Burke co.
A January deed of sale between William Hightower and John Bustin was made that same year for land bounded by land belonging to John Lett.[ Greene co GA Book AA p633]

In 1804, John H Lett owned land in Greene co GA along Stewart's creek.
In Wilkes co, William Stone is shown on the return for Gamage's district with land on Harden's creek & four slaves.

Location of children of Daniel Lett not known between 1801-1811—[Sherri Abromavage note].
Henceforth broken down by each of the children of Daniel Lett, although it could have been done other ways since they often appear on the same records with each other (for instance as buyers at estate sales).

Isham Lett married Elizabeth Wells 24 Jan 1811 in Harrison co, Ky.
Thomas Wells signs as bondsman, John Conner was minister. Thomas Wells on Harrison co KY tax list beginning 1799 on Raven Creek; in 1815, Thomas Wells married for a second time to Susannah Lightfoot, widow of Phillip Lightfoot and became the guardian of her 6 minor children by Phillip in 1816. There are 5 marriages performed in Harrison county by John Conner from 1808 to 1814 for Wells people that may be siblings of Elizabeth . William Wells to Elizabeth Northcutt 1808, Herbert Wells and Jenny Carrick 1810, John Wells and Betsy Lancaster 1813, Phoebe Wells and Charles Boner, 1814.

       Kentucky--Pendleton County marriage records
       Boner, Sally married Wells, Benjamin on 29 Nov 1812 in Pendleton County, Kentucky
       Lightfoot, Susannah married Wells, Thomas on 16 Feb 1815 in Pendleton County, Kentucky

Isham Lett--Elizabeth Wells time line:
[Tax lists]
1814 Pendleton co Ky no acreage
1814 as witness to marriage of Zikphia Lett to John Hopkins
1815 Pendlton co tax no acreage Capt Hines/Hume's District
1816 Pendleton co Ky no acreage Capt Porter's District
Nov 1816 delinquent tax list Pendleton co KY--notation--new address not known.

John H Lett (son of above couple) b 15 Jan 1819 Jennings co IN from census records, it is apparent that Isham Lett above was born ca 1780-1790. My guess is that it was closer to 1790, based on the ages of the other children in Daniel's family who have known birthdates (Ex Zilphia born 1794 Wilkes co GA; Balaam b 1798, Wilkes co GA).

[1820 census-Jennings co IN]
White Lett 100100 10010--p 78?
Isham Lett 300010 01000--p78
Freeman Thomas 1 male 16-25 1 female 16-25
Hector Peoples p80
John Hopkins p80 (2 doors from Hector Peoples)

1826 Jennings co IN estate sale of Benjamin Hewes, Isham listed as a buyer, along with Balaam Lett, Booth Thomas (brother of Freeman Thomas), several Shelledays (family of Dr Walter B Goodhue’s wife), Davis, Graham, Chapman Denslow, Henry Cunard.

1829? (Not dated, but before second administrative event, which is dated 9 Sep 1829) Jennings co IN Probate book 1 page 197] Jennings co IN estate sale of Leonard Turkeyhiser, Isham (also spelled Isom Lett) Lett, listed as buyer along with Balaam Lett, Freeman Thomas Joshua Hudson, Thomas Burnett

1831 Jennings co IN estate sale of John Randall, -- Isham Lett as buyer along with Daniel Lett, Isaac Hall, Henry Cobb, Booth Thomas, Thomas Cobb, Samuel Graham, Lemuel Wells. (Note Isham Lett’s son, John H Lett married Zerelda Ann Randall, daughter of John Randall). Letter of Administration to Annanias Hudson. [will probated 21 Nov 1831 Jennings co IN probate book 2 page 49, 50, 53, book 2 p 116—Probate complicated and lasts into 1849]
(1847 Jennings co IN will probate of John Randall lists, among other named persons, wife Fanny, and daughter Zerelda Ann Randall as wife of John Lett; John H Lett married Zerelda Ann Randall 4 Dec 1842) Question--1831 estate sale of John Randall is in error; original source, Journal of Ancestry )

Coffee Creek church, Jennings co IN Friday December 7th 1832
At a meeting held at the meeting house received by experience for baptism Annanias HUDSON, Jr., and Eliza LETT.

Sunday evening December 9th 1832
At a meeting held at the meeting house received by experience for baptism Cyrus SCOTT, James HUDSON, Betsy WHITSITT, and Isham LETT and Israel KASHOW.

Jennings co IN list of original land purchasers (Jennings co library]:
Demarcus Lett book 1 p9 19 April 1836 (son of Isham)
Whitfield book 1 p38 14 Dec 1836 (son of Isham); also listed a voter for 1850 along with Newton Lett (son of Randall Lett of Pike co IN)

Jennings county Indiana 1830 census
Isham Lett page 136 201200100
Daniel Lett p139 003001000
Balaam Lett p138 110001000

Children include:
Whitfield Lett ---[Whitfield Lett death certificate Jennings co resource book 1]
       died 19 Feb 1890 (of grippe), age 73 parents Isham and Elizabeth Wells Lett
       Whitfield named his first son Preston Lett–(born 1849 Paris, Jennings co, IN) .
       Preston Lett obituary names Isom Lett as grandfather & claims that Isom served in war of 1812.        [Preston W Lett obituary, dated 5 Feb 1923, in the Evening News of Jeffersonville, IN (Clark co)]...
John H Lett born 1819 Indiana, married Zerelda Ann Randall---named second son Balaam C Lett (born 4 Sept 1849)
Jennings county, IN [pension record, Emily Lett Crane bible; census]
Demarcus Lett b 1813 KY married Mary Hall & Francis Jane Bannister

Patsy Lett listed second in cadence on Kinman-Grant deed, born about 1790-1792 (estimate only)
Married Hector Peoples after 1814 before 1822 (listed as Patsy Lett on Zilphia Lett marriage record 1814 and as Patsy Peoples in Coffee Creek church records).

Hector purchased land in Jennings co (80a E 1/2 SW section 20 T5N R8E) 23 Oct 1817 (Jeffersonville Land Office).

1820 census—Jennings county IN p80 between Rebecca Hopkins and Sam Hopkins--
1822 Patsy Peoples listed as member of Coffee Creek church of Jennings co IN (as were John and Zilphia Hopkins, Balaam Lett, Daniel Lett, the Cobbs, etc)

Jennings co IN deed record book A p 299 John Hopkins, Joshua Fowler, and Jesse Robinson listed as trustees of church Coffee Creek Baptist church 18 Feb 1825

1835 John Hopkins, the Hudsons, Bennetts, Reuben Cobb, Patsy Peoples and others formed Coffee Creek Christian church

1835 estate of Mary Renfrow of Jennings county Indiana; newphews John & David Hopkins; will signed 18 Jun 1835; Probate book C p 48-14: Letters of administration to John Hopkins & Allen Hill. Executors file inventory including notes on John Hopkins, Reuben S Cobb, Samuel Hopkins, Balaam Lett and David Hopkins.

Hector Peoples estate was settled 13 Aug 1838 in Jennings co IN. His wife was named as Patsy, and guardianship of a son, John Francis Peoples, was given to John Hopkins. Another man, Granville Winscott was named as a legal heir of the estate by marriage, and buyers at the estate sale included Balaam Lett, Demarcus Lett, Fielding Lett, John Lett, Newton Lett, Warden Lett, Whitfield Lett, John Hopkins, Samuel Malcolm, John Cox sr, & John Hopkins.
Elizabeth Peoples married Greenville Wainscott 7 Oct 1835 Jennings co IN.
Martha Peoples married John Cox 24 Sept 1834 Jennings co IN

DAVID LETT- No David Lett appears in any records associated with these people. No David Lett listed in vicinity of these people, in eras checked.
Possible suggestions: clerk recorded name inaccurately and it should have read Daniel, another child not named was part of the group, another child was born after the date of this deed.
There is a marriage listed for a David G Lett to Malinda Weaver in New Albany, Floyd county, IN for the date 24 June 1836. This person has been accounted for by other researchers as belonging to another line of Letts.

DANIEL LETT timeline (possible “David” on Kinman-Grant deed?)

Daniel Lett married Mariah Osborn 1816 (She died 1823);
Daniel Lett married Mariah Osborn in 1816 in KY;
Daniel Lett second married Mary "Polly" Wainscott 12 Feb 1824 in Owen co KY [bk 1 A]. Bond John C Winscott. Letter of consent from Katherine Winscott, mother of bride, and from Richard Winscott guardian. Test: John McGibney and John C Winscott. Marriage preformed by William Cobb JP

1813 Pendleton co tax lists no acreage
1814 Pendleton co tax lists no acreage
1815 no acreage, Capt Smith's District
1816 Capt Smith's District no acreage
1817 83 acres on Blanket creek Capt C Layton District
1818 no acreage Capt Layton's District

Daniel Lett Sr
1814 Pendleton co tax lists no acreage
1816 Pendleton co tax lists Capt Smith's District no acreage
Daniel Lett Sr. on Gallitin co KY tax list 1819 says Louise Lett in “Fielding Lett…famer” 1955
Daniel Lett Sr. , Daniel Lett, and Balaam Lett on 1820 tax list Owen co KY says Louise Lett in “Fielding Lett…famer” 1955
Daniel Lett, Balaam Lett, Sampson Lett on Owen co KY tax list 1821, 1822, 1823 says Louise Lett in “Fielding Lett…famer” 1955
1823 Daniel Lett jr bought one lot in Owenton KY which he sold in 1834 to trustees of Owenton Baptist church says Louise Lett in “Fielding Lett…famer” 1955; also listed in Owen co KY deed book E page 66

Mountain Island Church, Owen co KY church records (on file at Louisville Baptist seminary)
List of person released from Mountain Island church by Big Eagle creek to form Mussel Shoals Baptist church on Eagle creek, 4th Saturday in August 1817:
Several folks named COBB
Daniel and Mariah Lett
Nancy & Sally Osborn
Folks who actually transferred letters of membership to Mussel Shoals records include the names above and:
Daniel Lett,
Balamm Lett
Many Cobb, Osborn, Winscutt, O’Bannion, and Robeson (Robinson) folks.

[1820 census-Jennings co IN]
White Lett 100100 10010--p 78?
Isham Lett 300010 01000--p78
Freeman Thomas 1 male 16-25 1 female 16-25
Hector Peoples p80
John Hopkins p80 (2 doors from Hector Peoples)

Jennings county Indiana 1830 census
Isham Lett page 136
Balaam Lett p138
Daniel Lett p139

Children of Daniel Lett: (order by date of birth if available, otherwise as researchers give)
Bellfield Lett born 1814 Kentucky- disinherited from father’s will
Fielding Lett born Three Forks of Eagle creek, Owen co KY 1816-- 10-08-1838 Fielding Lett married Diana Hoaghland-- 03-27-1845 Fielding Lett married Sarah Jane Applegate (cousin to first wife).
Sarah “Sally” Lett born 1820 KY; married 11 Sept 1837 Samuel Arbuckle
Mahala Lett born 1821 Kentucky-- 04-23-1840 married Timothy B.Lewis, Jennings Co
Mariah Lett born 1823 Kentucky
Quintilda Lett: born ? --02-11-1841 Queen Tilda Lett married William Owen; Jennings co IN
Balaam Lett born 1828-died 1834
Susan Lett born 7 Oct 1829 Indiana (married Taulman) -- 06-30-1847 Susan Lett / John B. Taulman, Jennings Co
Zilphia Lett born 1832 Indiana-- 01-14-1847 Zilphy Lett married William A. Phillips, Jennings Co

*Coffeee Creek cemetery tombstones
Arbuckle, Samuel S. 28 Nov. 1818 - 22 Apr. 1902
Arbuckle, Sarah 4 Mar. 1820 - 30 June 1883
       (on Samuel S. Arbuckle's stone) (Wife to Samuel S. Arbuckle, maiden name Lett)
1850 census Montgomery township, Jennings Indiana
24 | 775 755 |
Samuel Arbuckle age31 M farmer born Indiana
Sarah Arbuckle age30 F Ky
Malissa Arbuckle 11 F Ia
Matthew Arbuckle 10 M Ia
Fielding Arbuckle 6 M Ia Not listed as attending school
Catharine Arbuckle 1 F         Ia

1860 census Montgomery Township:
Samuel Arbuckle 40, farmer;
Sarah 35,
Melissa 20,
Matthew 18,
Fielding 15;
also with them Jonas Ash 29, farmer b Ohio; Sophia 21 b Ohio, Mary J 5, Emaline 5.
Samuel Arbuckle married Sarah Lett on Sept 10, 1837 Jennings co IN

Jennings co IN list of original land purchasers (Jennings co library]:
Fielding Lett book 1 p9 1 Aug 1832

Coffee Creek church Jennings co IN Wednesday December 12th 1832
At a meeting held at the meeting house received by experience for baptism Balaam Lett, Jr., and James SNOWDEN.

Daniel was a witness to will of James Buckles of Montgomery township in Jennings co, Indiana. signed 24 Sept 1836. Walter B Goodhue (local physician) was executor. Later Balaam Lett buyer at estate sale. {Jennings co IN Probate book C]

Feb 12 1837 Leven Malcom will [Jennings co IN Probate book C p14] buyers include Cobb, Cox, Osborn. John Cobb guardian with Balaam Lett as security. Leven Malcomb’s children were named as Zerilda Malcomb and John Leven Malcomb.

Daniel Lett will written 26 Mar 1837 [Jennings co IN Probate book C p108-110 16 May 1838]
Buyers at estate sale: Balaam Lett, Fielding Lett, Marcus Lett, Newton Lett

Born 15 June, 1794 in GA says Dora Thomas (per Louise Lett in “Fielding Lett…farmer” 1955
Buried Coffee Creek cemetery Jennings co IN
John Hopkins married Zilphia Lett Pendleton co KY 1814
(John Hopkins born 4 Dec 1790 Harrison co KY[personal comm.John Reed])
Application 24 Oct 1814 Daniel Lett gives consent.
1 Nov 1814 witnesses to parents consent: Isham Lett, Patsy Lett, Balaam Lett, Daniel Lett sr

1848 Jennings co IN John Hopkins, guardian of John F Peoples purchased land sec 27 T22 R2 (80a) & sect 8 T23 R2 (80a) [Jennings co IN Probate book 2 p232]
1860 census John Hopkins 59 b KY, Zilphia 66 b GA, William Adams 17, Samantha 14 b IN

John Hopkins and Zilphia Lett had a daughter named Almira E Hopkins who was born 1815 in Jennings co IN and married Reuben S Cobb 13 Mar 1832 in Jennings co IN (marriage Book II page 409 married by Thomas Hill Jr (Baptist minister).
Reuben Cobb was among the names listed as one of the founding members of Coffee Creek Christian Church in Jennings co IN (founded on Campbellite views, after the manner of Alexander Campbell ca 1822-23....New spoke at the Baptist church, upsetting several members who left.. Those who agreed with New asked for their letters and founded the Christian church in 1834--Among them John Hopkins, the Hudsons, the Bennetts, Jessie Johnson and Reuben Cobb. [Churches of Indiana]

Coffee Creek Baptist cemetery:
Hopkins, William died 24 Dec. 1858 aged 20 years
Note: son of John Hopkins (handwritten note on file)

Born 1 Feb 1798 GA
Balaam Lett marries Sarah Osborn 28 Sept 1819 Owen co KY; Bond John McGibney. Letter of consent from John Osborn, father of bride.
Sarah Osborn born 3 Nov 1802

Died 27 Feb 1877 buried Hills church cemetery Clinton co IN
Named first son Sampson Preston Lett (born 1823)
named another son Walter Goodhue Lett (born 1848) ((who named a son Sampson Preston Lett))
named another son John Osborn Lett
named a daughter Serrilda
Oral tradition says that Balaam was the guardian of his nephew, John Francis Hopkins [Viola Lett Stauffer book sent by Jane Pickett Sharon]

1813 Balim Lott on Jefferson county Indiana tax list

Jennings county receipt: For value received I Bind myself my heirs and assigns to pay to Sampson Lett the son of Balaam Lett thirty three Dollars and fifty U S Lawful money which may be Discharged in a horsebeast on or before the 24th of August in the year of our Lord 1841 given unto my hand and seal this 10th day of August 1824
John Hopkins (seal)
Samuel Law?
Isham Lett

Jennings co, IN deed, sent to Sherri Abromavage by Don Melching, 2004
Know all men by these present that I, Balaam Lett, of the county of Jennings and state of Indiana am held and firmly Bond unto John James of the county and state aforesaid in the final sum of four hundred dollars lawful money of the state of Indiana to the payment of which I Bind myself my heirs and administrators. The conditions of the above obligations is such that if the above Bound Balaam Lett shall well and truely make or cause to be made unto the said John James a final warrentee deed to eighty acres of land it being the west half of the north east quarter section No thirty two town five range eight east in the district of land sold at Jeffersonville it now being in the county of Jennings and State of Indiana then and in that case the above obligation is to be null and void other wise to remain in full force and virtue of law and equity the conditions of this obligation is to be performed on or before the year eighteen hundred and twenty nine given unto my hand this 17th day of January 1827 Balaam Lett
Attest Thomas James

1829 Chapman Denslow estate sale buyers include Baloom Lett, Reuben Cobb, James and William Arbuckle, Henry Cunard [Jennings co IN probate records 1824-1845 book 1 page 212 boook 2 p170

Jennings county Indiana 1830 census
Isham Lett page 136
Balaam Lett p138
Daniel Lett p139

Typed paper sent to Sherri Abromavage by Don Melching 2004:
Description of land owned by Grandfather Lett in Jennings co, IN (made by T E Ploughe): John James to Balaam Lett, Aug 1, 1829 (near Paris Crossing) 25a of the North end of the west half of the southeast quarter of sec 17; T5NR8E; where my mother spent some of her childhood days before coming to Hamilton county one half mile north of Tailholt (later Pickard’s Mill, now Pickard) (Now in Clinton county).

Jennings co IN list of original land purchasers (Jennings co library]:
Balaam Lett book 1 page 43 1 Sept 1834

1835 Land patent 25 Sept Jennings co IN (2 tracts of land). [Government Land Office records]

1835 Mary Adams estate sale buyers include Balaam Lett, Daniel Lett, [Jennings co IN Probate]

Jennings county receipt: Rec’d December 26, 1837 of B Lett three dollars in part for on a Coffin made for Isham Lett
J W Houghland

1838 James Buckles estate- widow Margaret; [Jennings co IN Probate book C p85-87, 89-90; 161-163
buyer at estate sale Balaam Lett, along with William Arbuckle, H Cobb, W B Goodhue, several Kizer men, Jesse Robinson, and G Winscott as well as Jesse and Samuel Hopkins, Fielding Lett, Booth Thomas, Reuben Cobb, and Reuben S Cobb (same?). W B Goodhue executor until released then served as security for Henry Cunard as guardian.

Coffee Creek Baptist church Tuesday Sept 4th 1838: The church met and after praise and prayer 1st On motion brethren Pleasant JONES, Balaam LETT and Thomas COBB are appointed to ascertain what amount will be required to support Brother Joseph WINSCOT for one year and report at next meeting

1848 daughter Nancy Jane Lett christened Coffee Creek Baptist church Jennings county Indiana; died 15 Jan 1864 Cass co Indiana buried Deer Creek cemetery Miami co IN

1860 census Monroe township, Howard co, IN, post office Alto
Balaam Lett 62 male farmer, born Georgia,
Sally Lett 56 female born KY
Margaret S Lett 21 female born Indiana
Thomas H 16 male born Indiana
Ephraim B Thomas 8 male born Indiana
Charles N 4 born Indiana
John Osborn 86 male born South Carolina
Elizabeth 83 female b South Carolina

Next door was Sampson Lett also p775; John Lett on page 779 (born TN wife Nancy)

Sampson Lett's grandmother Nancy Robertson died 7-13-1825, in Owen Co., Ky

Sarah “Sally” Osborn (wife of Balaam Lett) was daughter of John Osborn of Owen co KY who first married Nancy Robertson/Robinson (died 1825) and second married Elizabeth Fortner (1827). Children include: Sally married Balaam; Lurania married John Cox; Rebecca married Henry Cobb; Catherine married Andrew Bennett; Elizabeth married Leven Malcomb & Simeon Robinson; Nancy married Williamson Dixon; Jesse (son) stayed in KY.

15 July 1839 Balaam Lett of Jennings co IN bound to Samuel Defore of Jennings county in amount of 17 and 20 dollars legal money. Conditions of said obligations: on receipt of eight hundred fifty dollars paid on 25 December 1839 Balaam Lett shall make a warrentee deed to two tracts of land Northwest side of Graham creek in Jefferson county, IN. (SE quarter of the SW quarter section 22 T5N R8E)

1841 Clinton co Indiana deed certify that Balaam Lett was elected trustee of the Middle Fork of Sugar Creek church (Regular Baptist) by John Hill.

[1820 census-Jennings co IN]
White Lett 100100 10010--p 78?
Isham Lett 300010 01000--p78
Freeman Thomas 1 male 16-25 1 female 16-25
Hector Peoples p80
John Hopkins p80 (2 doors from Hector Peoples)

Jennings county Indiana 1830 census
Isham Lett page 136
Balaam Lett p138
Daniel Lett p139
Freeman Thomas 1 Male 30-40; 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40

Freeman Thomas married Mahala Lett 1 Oct 1818 Jennings co In (Elder T Hill). Thomas family bible says Freeman born 5 Ap 1796. Rumoured to be daughter of James Isham Lett, Daniel Lett of Wilkes co GA.

1814 John McLaughlin purchased land from Jeffersonville land office in SW sec 14 T4N R10E 160a

1847 John H Lett deeds to Moses Altzman land in Owen co KY on Eagle Creek [Owen co KY deed book J p232]

12-22-1836 Maria Lett married Evan Hall (son of Isaac Hall) in Jennings co IN

1850 Jennings co Montgomery township census
33 | 798 798
John Osburn 77 M Retired born Ky
Elizabeth Osburn 72 F Ky
Polly Osburn 29 F Ky

Andrew White Lett md Rachel Pearcey 20 Jul 1837 Jennings co IN

Thomas Hopkins (brother of John Hopkins m Zilphia Lett) married Rebecca Lett 22 Oct 1823 Jennings co IN.

Jennings co IN list of original land purchasers (Jennings co library]:
Newton Lett book 1 p43 17 June 1837 (son of Randall Lett of Pike co IN? or man with identical name? Note the one in Pike co sold land about this time and family claims moved to Jennings co IN)

Owen co KY Court order books 1819-1845
Monday Feb 14 1820 --Thomas Cobb surveyor on road leaving the mouth of the Buck branch to Harrisburg to where John MacGibney’s road takes up –workers: John Osborn, Jesse Osborn, John McGibney, Benjamin Robison, Jesse Robinson, John Winscutt, Samson Lett, Joseph Winscutt
Dec 18 1821 John Osborn & John McGibney reviewers of road from Paynes Bottom on Eagle creek…
June 12 1826 sherriffs summons for tax defaulters: Daniel Lett for year 1825
Sept 11 1826 Daniel Lett for taxation for the year 1826 one lot in Owenton & horses value $220
Court of Claims 1831-1832 John Lett (or Jett) to James Sales

.Jennings co Indiana Probate book 1824-1845 book 2 page 317 Annanias Hudson estate settlement mentions note on Lett (for tutoring of children by “Mrs. Lett”), Eastman, Hudson. Buyers include Henry Cunard. 2nd Monday August 1836.

I am looking for further information on Hector PEOPLES to learn more about his wife, Patsy LETT, whose given name may have been Martha. She was born circa 1792, probably in Georgia.
I am hoping to find documentation for the marriage of Hector Peoples to a "Patsy" about 1815-1819. The marriage probably took place in the Pendleton/Owen/Harrison/Scott county KY area, but Jennings county, IN is another possibility.
Patsy Lett appears on a list of members of the 1817 Mussel Shoals Baptist church in what is now Owen county, KY (was Scott then) along with her brother, Daniel Lett and his wife, Mariah Osborn.
Patsy Peoples joined the Coffee Creek Baptist Church in Jennings county, IN, in May of 1822 as one of the constitutional members, along with John & Zilphia Hopkins.
Hector Peoples appeared on a tax list in Jefferson co, Indiana in 1816.
"A list of persons due taxes to William Vawter for the year 1815 and paid by me, James Vawter, to colect in 1816. [sic]
A list of taxable property not listed for the year 1816 which is listed by me, James Vawter and Collected”:
Hopkins, John
Lott, Balim
Peoples, Hector
Hector Peoples purchased land in Jennings co IN at the Jeffersonville IN land office 23 Nov 1817 (80a E 1/2 SW section 20 T5N R8E). In Indiana, The State Archives has the surveyors’ field notes, plat books, tract books, registers of receipts, Registers and Receivers journals, and other records from the Jeffersonville land office. I would like to hear from someone with access to those records.
1820 census of Jennings county, Indiana; the Peoples household includes:
a male age 16-26, a male age 26-45; a female to age 10, and a female age 26-45.
The two households next to Hector Peoples were those of John Hopkins, and his widowed sister-in-law Rebecca Hopkins.
Thomas Hopkins (brother of John Hopkins m Zilphia Lett) married Rebecca Lett 22 Oct 1823 Jennings county, IN.
John Hopkins married Zilphia Lett in 24 Oct, 1814 (Pendleton co KY).
1 Nov 1814 witnesses to parents consent: Isham Lett, Patsy Lett, Balaam Lett, Daniel Lett sr—(all believed to be siblings)
CENSUS YEAR: 1820 STATE: IN COUNTY: Jennings MICROFILM#: M33-14 ENUMERATOR: William A. Bullock ENUMERATION-DAY: August 7, 1820 page 80
1 Burkes, William
2 Hopkins, John 2 males to 10; 1 male 25-46; 1 female to 10; 1 female 25-46; (1 in agriculture)
3 Hopkins, Rebecca 1 male 16-26; 1 male 26-45; 1 female to 10; 1 female 26-45; (2 in agriculture)
4 Peoples, Hector 1 male 16-26; 1 male 26-45; 1 female to 10; 1 female 26-45; (2 in agriculture)
5 Hopkins, Samuel 1 male to 10; 1 male 10-16; 1 male 26-45; 2 females to 10; 1 female 10-16; 1 female 26-45; (1 in agriculture)
1830 census Jennings county, IN;
p138 -John Peoples
1 male age 30-40; 1 female age 30-40
p140 -Patsy Peoples
1 male under 5, don't have female side of page
next door to Eunice Knowlton
I would like to have a complete record for this page.
Hector Peoples estate settlement was begun 13 Aug 1838 in Jennings co, IN and completed 11 Feb 1839. (Probate order book C).
Hector People's estate records include a document that names his wife as Patsy, a minor infant son as John Francis Peoples, and John Hopkins as the guardian of John Francis Peoples. Also mentioned is Greenville Winscott (aka Green, Granville; Wainscott, Winscot) as "an heir by marriage"
Buyers at the estate sale included Balaam Lett, Demarcus Lett, Fielding Lett, John Lett, Newton Lett, Warden Lett, Whitfield Lett, John Hopkins, Samuel Malcolm, John Cox sr, & John Hopkins.
Jennings county Indiana 1830 census
Isham Lett page 136
Balaam Lett p138
Daniel Lett p139
Freeman Thomas 1 Male 30-40; 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40
~Greenville Winscot married Elizabeth Peoples 7 October 1835, Jennings county, IN
~Martha PEOPLES married John Cox on 24 Sept 1834 Jennings county, IN
~Isham Lett married Elizabeth Wells, Harrison county, KY 24 Jan, 1811
~Balaam Lett married Sarah Osborn, 28 Sept 1819 Owen co KY;
Bond John McGibney. Letter of consent from John Osborn, father of bride.
~Freeman Thomas married Mahala Lett 1 Oct, 1818, Jennings county, IN
~Daniel Lett married Mariah Osborn in 1816 in KY;
second married Mary "Polly" Wainscott 12 Feb 1824 Owen co KY [bk 1 A]. Bond John C Winscott. Letter of consent from Katherine Winscott, mother of bride, and from Richard Winscott guardian. Test: John McGibney and John C Winscott. Marriage preformed by William Cobb JP
1835 estate of Mary Renfrow of Jennings county Indiana; nephews John & David Hopkins; will signed 18 Jun 1835; Probate book C p 48-14: Letters of administration to John Hopkins & Allen Hill. Executors file inventory including notes on John Hopkins, Reuben S Cobb, Samuel Hopkins, Balaam Lett and David Hopkins.
Coffee Creek Baptist Church Minutes 1828 - 1832 Jennings County, Indiana:
The following three people were among the constitutional members of the Baptist Church of Jesus Christ on Coffee Creek first Saturday in May, 1822; all three left in 1836 to form a new "Campbellite" Christian church:
Patsy Peoples withdrew in March 1836.
John Hopkins excluded Feb 1836
Zilpha Hopkins withdrew March 1836
Some related names of Coffee Creek Baptist Church members:
Balaam Lett Rec. by letter September 182 Dis by letter March 1840
Sally Lett Rec by letter Sept 1824 Dis by letter March 1840
Isham Lett excluded August 1st Saturday 1834
Eliza Lett departed this life Jan 14th 1836
Daniel Lett received by letter January 1828