Source: Roster of Soldiers & Patriots of the American Revolution buried in Indiana. Franklin, Ind: Franklin Publishing Service, 1938
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I have found some of the older DAR records to have many errors - double check all this information. Sheila Kell

Born: 17 Feb 1763 Penn
Died: 1814 Jefferson County, IN
Service: Private in Capt. Nathan Tobey's Company on Rhode Island Alarm in 1780
Proof - DAR No 110978
Married: #1 Elizabeth West 1793 (1770-1798) - Children: Elisha Jr. 1796-1860 married 1816 Elizabeth Foster (possibly others). Married #2 Elizabeth ___ Children: Hannah Ann 1829-1848; Ancel C 1832-1859.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR
Note: Some differences in information on findagrave entry

Born: 6 June 1765 Gathenaysay, Tyrone, Ireland
Died 31 Aug 1828. Buried Craig Cemetery with stone
Service: Served as Private in 7th Battalion of Cumberland Co Penn. Militia under Capt. James Fisher 1778-1782. Also private in Capt. William Black's Company, Cumberland County Rangers. Also in 1st and 4th Penn Line in Capt. James Wilson's Company.
Proof: Penn. Archives Series 5 vol. 4 p 278; 620; vol. 6 p 362; 454; 466;624; 654. Series 3 vol. 3, p 268.
Married Rachel Riddle (1765-1859). Children: Daniel b. 1794 married Susan Wilson; William; James; Nancy.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR.

BELL, James
Born: 9 Sept 1763 probably in Augusta County, Virginia
Died: 6 Jan 1844. Buried Valley Graveyard, Graham Twp.
Service: Revolutionary Soldier
Proof: Ky. Historical Register, Vol. 23, p 67
Married: Elenor Henderson b. 1776 m. 1793. Children: Elizabeth m. Francis Hinds; James H. m. Jane H. Boggs; Sarah; Henderson, m. Frances Brown; Samuel m. Emma Flint; Mary Ann; Lucinda, m. Samuel W. Newman; Francis, m. Eliza Willson; John Gray, m. Ann Rice; Archibald H., m. Harriet T. Baker; Elenor, m. Henry Flint.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR.

BENEFIEL, George Eli
Born: 25 Dec 1759 York Co Penn.
Died: 1 April 1832. Buried Jefferson Church Cemetery. Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter DAR.
Service. Private in Capt. James Patton's Company, 4th Battalion, Cumberland Co, Penn militia, Col. Samuel Culbertson's Regt. Aug 19, 1780.
Proof - Penn Archives 3rd Series, Vol. 23, p 704. Married: 1787 Mary Buchanan (1754-1857). Children: Robert b. 1787 m. Ann Stewart; Martha b. 1789 m. John West; William b. 1791 m. Phebe Conner; Esther b. 1793, m. Robert McClelland; George b. 1795 m. 1st Ann Ryker, second Marjorie VanCleave; Mary b. 1797 m. first James McCarty, second Isaiah Stewart; Jane b. 1798; Jesse b. 1800 m. Sarah Huckstep; Wilson b. 1802 m. Eliza Buchanan; James b. 1806, m. Eliza Taylor; Samuel b. 1806 m. Elizabeth Stewart; Eliza b. 1808 m. Powell Russell
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR.

Born: 1755
Died: 1845. Buried Methodist Cemetery at Canaan, Jefferson County. Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter DAR
Service - Served from NJ - 1776
Proof: Grave marker
Married: ____ Children: ___ Joel.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR.

BLAKE, George Kennett
Born: 1751 Chester Co., Penn
Died: 1842. Buried Pisgah Cemetery Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter, DAR
Married __; Children: Charles N. Blake
Service: Served 3 mos with Capt. Robertson and Lt. Givens in Augusta Co, VA. Was baggage waggoner under Capt. Lewis without pay; drafted in Staunton, 1778; Capt. McCreary, 6 mos; 1779 with Capt. Cartmill
Proof: Virginia Records
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR.

Born: 1768
Died: __ Buried: Dry Fork. Government marker placed in Manville Cemetery (with two other Rev. soldiers), the nearest one to the place where buried by John Paul Chapter, DAR
Married: 1793 Sally Kinder. Children: Mary Ann
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

BROWN, Johnston
Born: 2 Oct 1760 Mifflin County, Pennsylvania on the Juniata River
Died: Oct 12, 1869, aged 109 Years 10 Days. Buried on farm in Milton Twp (Brown Cemetery)
Married (3 times according to findagrave, last one listed in above source) : #1 Mary Jane Cotton: #2 Annie Zanes #3 Keziah Kirk. Children: Nathaniel; Samuel; Minerva Jane and six others (in addition on findagrave: Isabella; Rebecca)
Service: New Jersey. Statement in Madison Courier 14 March 1867.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

BROWN, Patrick
Born: 1760 Hanover County, Virginia
Died: Nov 29, 1835. Buried on farm near Madison, Ind - (impressive) stone.
Married: Elizabeth Paul (sister of Col. John Paul) d. 1844.
Children: Ann Parker; Elizabeth m. 1822 James Bacon; William m. 1820 Alice Crafford; John Parker. Will Record Bk B 368 Jefferson County.
Collected by: John Paul Chapter DAR

Born: 1761 Pennsylvania
Died: 1818. Question as to his exact grave. A government marker was placed by Ripley Co. Historical Society in McLaughlin Cemetery in 1935. John Paul Chapter DAR placed one in the Jefferson Church Cemetery in 1924.
Children: Mary b 1764 m. George Benefiel (Rev. Soldier); Harriet b. 1768 m. ___ McLaughlin; Margaret b. 1770 m. John Cowan; William b. 1771; David b. 1774; Wilson b. 177t; John b. 1778.
Service: 4th Penn Continental Line as Private 1777-1781 4 years. Married: Esther Campbell.
Collected by: Mrs. AB Wycoff, Batesville, Indiana and John Paul Chapter DAR.

BURK, George
Born: 1763
Service: While living in Shenandoah County, Virginia he enlisted Sept 1779 as a private in Capt. Abraham Tipton's Company, Col. Joseph Crockett's Virginia Regiment; guarded prisoners at Albermarle Barracks, went against the British and Indians in District of Kentucky. Discharged 1781 at Falls of the Ohio.
Proof: Pension Claim S 32152
Family - in 1831, wife living and a daughter aged 44, names not given.
Note: There are no Burks in findagrave for Jefferson County but many Burke names
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

Born: 1732 Ireland
Died: 1826. Buried on Foster farm near Deputy, Ind. Government marker.
Married: Elizabeth Wellen.
Children: George; James; William; Wellen; Parmelia m. 1790, Gabriel Foster; Hannah; Sarah
Service: Was with Arnold and Montgomery in 1776 when they made an unsuccessful attack on Quebec.
Proof: Robert's NY in the Revolution, p. 31. DAR No. 110974.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

CHAMBERS, Alexander
Born: 1756 Rockbridge County, Virginia
Died: June 29, 1857. Buried White River Cemetery near Kent, Ind. Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter DAR.
Married: Rachel Ann Monroe.
Children: William; Sanders; John; Avery; George; Nancy; Mary; Rachel.
Service - Enlisted in 1776 or 1777; transferred to Continental Army 1777.
Proof: "Chambers History" - Indiana State Library.
Collected by: John Paul Chapter DAR

CHUTE, James
Born: Feb 16, 1751 Newbury, Mass.
Died: 1823. Buried Old Cemetery now a park in Madison, Indiana. No stone. (findagrave entry says 28 April 1825)
Married: 1775, Mehitable Thurston (born 25 Sept 1753 died 18 Oct 1819 Essex County, Mass). 8 children, one of which was Betsy Chute (1776-1805)
Service: Minute man at Lexington, Alarm. Private in Capt. Jacob Gerrish's Company, which marched on the Alarm of April 19, 1775 to Cambridge. Served six days.
Proof: Curries' History of Newbury, Mass p 587; Mass. Soldiers & Sailors, vol. 111, p 464; Chute Genealogy; Brooks-Houghton's Genealogy by Thomas J. Brooks, III.
Note: Has two findagrave entries neither with a photo of a stone, one under "Deacon James Chute" (Springdale Cemetery) and one in Third Street Cemetery both in Madison.
Collected by: Mrs. Thomas J. Brooks, deceased, Bedford, Indiana.

Born: 1761, German Flats near Fort Herkimer.
Died: June 19, 1837 in Graham Twp, Jefferson Co.
Service: While residing in German Flats enlisted in 1779, served under Capt. Frank at Fort Herkimer for two years; 9 months under Capt. McGregor at Fort Herkimer. Service 4 years. In skirmish with Indians at Shaaran; in battle of Canada Creek under Col. Willett; at battle of Johnstown.
Proof: Pension Claim S 31608
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

Born: 1744
Died: Feb 12, 1821.
Married: Records in Jefferson County give Margaret Cloyer and John Campbell, 1837; Warden Cloyer and Elizabeth Loughbridge, 1836.
Service: Enlisted in year 1776 at Warm Springs, Va. Private in Capt. Andrew Hines' Company in Col. Rawling's Regt. Discharged in Phila, Penn. Length of service, 10 months.
Proof: Pension Claim S 35838.
Collected by: John Paul Chapter DAR

Born: 1757 Philadelphia, Penn.
Died: May 25, 1847.
Married: Sarah Knight, 1793
Children: John, Jr.
Service: Enlisted in Guilford Co, NC 1775 and served at various times in the NC Militia under Capt. John McDowee or McAdoo in Col. William Calhoun's Regt. Was in Battle of Gates Defeat, length of service 28 mos.
Proof: Pension Claim W 3659
Collected by: John Paul Chapter DAR

COPE, Jonathan Sr.
Born: (1745) PA or MD
Died: 1819. Buried Hebron Cemetery, Jefferson County.
Married: (Ester)
Children: Soldier's Will Book A, Jefferson Court Records gives: Jonathan; David; Jesse; Sarah Denny; Betsey Hinton; Polly Hill; Caby Cahill.
Service: Served in Penn. Under Capt. William Brisben, 1780-81; also private in 7th Battalion, 1777, Lancaster Co, Penn.
Proof: Penn. Archives, Series 5, pp. 32, 45, 74, 76, 651; Tax lists of Salisbury Twp, Lancaster Co, Penn 71-78.
Collected by: John Paul Chapter DAR

Born: 1758, Augusta Co, Virginia
Died: 1836. Buried Hebron Cemetery. Stone. Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter, DAR.
Married: Rebecca Anderson. (1761-1840) in 1783
Children: Polly m. William Guthrie; Elizabeth m. Beverley Vawter; Anne m. Robert Creath; James Maxwell b. 1790. (Eight children total)
Service: Private from Botetourt County, VA. Served 3 months under Capt. William Colbert and Col. Patrick Lockhart; 3 months under Capt. Alex Henley and Col. Morgan. Served in battle of Camden and in skirmish at Yadkin River.
Proof: Pension S 1191.
Collected by: John Paul Chapter DAR

CUSTER, Arnold
Born: 1756 Virginia (findagrave has 29 April 1756 - 14 May 1840)
Died: 1840. Buried Hebron Cemetery. Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter DAR>
Married: 1788 Elizabeth Schull (Scholl 1766-1825 daughter of Revolutionary War Patriot William School and Leah Morgan)
Children: Ruel (1790-1880) m. Martha Allen: William 1792; Sarah 1794 m. Mathew Robinson; James 1796 m. Katherine Ross; Polly 1798; Jesse 1800 m. Nancy Spurgeon; Rachel 1802 m. Gideon Jackson; Elizabeth 1805 m. Jackson Denny; Arnold 1808 m. __ Moore, second Malinda Jane New; Isaac 1814
Service: Private Virginia Troops
Proof: DAR No. 132993; No 136385; No. 14094
Collected by: John Paul Chapter DAR

DAVIS, Francis
Born: __ in Virginia
Died: His will was offered for probate June 2, 1818 in Jefferson County, Indiana. Buried in orchard on Malcomson Farm at top of Hanover Hill.
Married: Mildred Dollins.
Children: Thomas m. Sarah Reese; Sarah m. Benjamin Reese; Mildred; other children.
Service: Name appears as an invalid pension who was paid at the Virginia Agency but whose place of residence could not be ascertained by reason of destruction of papers in the War Department in 1814. Served as a private and was paid $60 per annum from March 4, 1792.
Proof: Roll of pensioners for Albermarle Co, Vir 1835.
Collected by: Mrs. IE Tranter, Franklin, Ind

Born: 1755 Maryland
Died: May 15, 1828. Buried Marling Cemetery south of Hanover, Ind. Stone and government marker placed by John Paul Chapter DAR.
Married: Grace Lindsey (Aug 15, 1780 - March 13, 1836).
Children: (Lambert; Thomas)
Service: Captain 3rd Regt NY
Proof: Stryker's Officers and Men of NJ in the Rev.
Note: Parents: Peter Dickerson 1725-180 and Ruth Coe 1728-1763
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR

EASTIN, Philip
Born: 1755 Virginia
Died: 1817. Buried Rykers Ridge Cemetery near Madison, Ind. Stone
Married: 1782 Sarah Anna (Hite) Smith (1762-1843)
Children: Sarah m. James Kelley Read; David m. Nancy Griffin; Rebecca m. Leonard Barnes; Charles m. Sarah Swearinger; Frances m. Benjamin Stevens; Philip, Jr. m Elizabeth green; Lucy m. Eleanor Raylings; Rachel m. Elmore Cheek; Mahala 1799-1882 m. Elisha Gale English.
Service: Private, 8th Virginia 27th Feb 1777; Ensign May 20, 1777; 2nd Lt. Oct 1, 1777; 1st Lt. Aug 10, 1778; transferred to 4thVa Sept 14, 1778; retired Jan 1, 1783.
Proof: Heitman's Historical Register, p 210. Inscription on stone.
Collected by: WG Walling, 105 W. Madison St, Chicago Ill and John Paul Chapter DAR

EDENS, Elias
Born: 1753
Died: April 29, 1839 in Milton Twp, Jefferson Co, Ind
Married: First to Sally ___ b. 1750. One son b. 1797 who m. Mary b 1802. Second to Nancy Ann Bradshaw m. 1831. After death of Elias Edens, Nancy Ann married three times and after death of her fourth husband, applied and received a pension on Elias' service.
Service: Private Capt. Francis Boykin's Company, Col. Wm. Thompson's 3rd SC Regiment. In Battle of Eutaw Springs. Served 3 years 6 months.
Proof: Pension Claim W 11092 and Order Book B-315, Jefferson County, Indiana
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR

FEWELL, Nathan
Born: 1757(Richmond County, Virginia
Died: (findagrave 9 March 1830 Jefferson County, Indiana)
Married: (findagrave says Annie Story 15 Sept 1783)
Children: (findagrave says Frances Sullivan 1783-1890; James Mason 1786-1849 and Mary Pearcy 1793-1835)
Service: Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia by the State Librarian of Virginia gives the name Nathaniel Fewell Aud Acct Bk 15, p 533. This man died while visiting his daughter, Mrs. Willis Sullivan in Jefferson County, Ind. Buried on Ford farm west of Volga. Mrs. Edwin Corrie, North Madison, Ind is a descendant.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR

Born: 1752 (Virginia)
Died: 1839, Jefferson County, Ind
Married: Lavin Shortridge (1755-1857)
Children: Margaret 1800-1884 m. Hiram Newlon 1794-1887.
Service: Enlisted Bedford County, Virginia 1778; served 2 years as private in Capt. Joseph Crockett's Company 7th Virginia Regiment; was in battle of Brandywine, some skirmishes and discharged about June 1780.
Proof: Pension Claim S 35937
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR

GEORGE, Thomas
Born: Oct 17, 1759, Amelia Co, Virginia
Died: Nov 23, 1843. Probably buried in Wirt (Baptist) Cemetery
Married: Betty Wrenn (1760-1822) 1783. Children: Sarah: 1783-1855 m. John Pugh; Spencer, 1785-1789; Mary W, 1788-1789; Milton 1790-1851 m Sally Coleman; Martha, 1792-1825; William 1795-1836 m. Eliza Locke; Grace 1797 m. George W. Bantz; Ann 1801 m. George Arnold; Amelia S 1801-1822 m. Randolph Thomson (list of children from Soldier's Bible)
Service: Enlisted 1778 Lunneburg Co, Vir served to Dec 1780 under Capts. William Munford and Sylvanius Walker, Col. Nathaniel Cook. Was in battles of Guilford Court House, Eutaw Springs.
Proof: Pension Claim F 16821.
Collected by Alexander Hamilton Chapter, DAR

GLOVER, Thomas J.
Born: About 1760
Died: After 1837
Married: Nancy West (daughter of John West, Rev. Sold); 1775-1803
Children: James, 17 Aug 1792 - 3 July 1856 m 1813 Elizabeth Vawter (1798-1886); Amanda Lucinda, 8 July 1805 Kentucky - 20 Dec1857 m. (11 Oct 1827) David Vawter; Ann m. 1818 ___ Coleman; Mary Elizabeth (22 Aug 1807 - 6 Nov 1859) m. 1820 William Kennedy.
Service: Private in Col. Thomas Clarke's Regt; Dixon Co, NC. Enlisted Jan 20, 1777. Also served Virginia State Line.
Proof: Roster of NC Soldiers, p 53; Brumbaugh Rev. War Records, vol. 1 p 203; Virginia State Library, 1912, p 183; Special Report 5, 76.
Collected by: John Paul Chapter DAR

Born: 5 Jan 1754 Halifax County, Virginia
Died: Late 1838 - probably buried Springdale Cemetery, Madison, Ind
Married: Catherine
Children: Elizabeth m. Aaron VanCleave; Sally m. Allen Munson; David; John; Charity m. ___ Heddon; Wilmoth m __ Rodgers; Ruth m. ___ Haddon; Catherine, m. James Pickett; Polly m. Stephen Stephen Green; Nancy m. d Eastin.
Service: Enlisted Jan 1779 in Camden District, SC; served 2 mos. As private in Capt. Edward Lacey's Company, Col. Joseph Brown's SC Regt in July 1780, served in Capt. Edward Lacey's Company, Col. Patton's SC Regt. In battles of Rocky Mount, Hanging Rock, Fishing Creek, Ling's Mt. After a furlough returned to the army and served till April 1781.
Proof: Pension Claim S 16389. Will in Jefferson County, Ind. Entered land in 1806.
Collected by: John Paul Chapter, DAR.

GUESS, George
Born: 1760
Died: 1819
Service: Private Pennsylvania Line
Proof: Pension Claim, No 4770
Collected by: John Paul Chapter, DAR.

HALL, William
Born: (22 Dec) 1754
Died: April 15, 1844. Buried Demaree's graveyard. Government marker erected Manville Cemetery by John Paul Chapter DAR.
Married: 1781, Sarah __ d. 1851
Children: John b. 1781; Elender b. 1786; Squire b 1789; Catherine, b. 1791; Elizabeth, b. 1793; Poly, b. 1795; Phebe, b. 1797; Nancy, b. 1799; Henry, b. 1801; Sarah 1805; William Standaford, __; Sarah b. 1811
Service: Enlisted in Capt. Long's Penn. Company; April or March 1778 in Capt. VanSwearingen's Company, Col. Broadhead's Penn Regt discharged after 18 months service. In Battles of Bunker Hill; White plains; Fort Washington; Fort Lee; Trenton; Brandywine and Paoli.
Proof: Pension Claim W 10072.
Collected by: John Paul Chapter, DAR

HILLIS, William
Born: 1635 Sligo County, Ireland
Died: 1818. Buried Ryker Cemetery, Stone.
Married: Jane Carruthers (d. 1816)
Children: David m. Margaret Brook; John; William; Matthew (31 June 1775 - 25 July 1847); James; Ebenezer Erskine (22 Sept 1780 Ky - 20 Oct 1849 Jefferson Co IN); Jane (25 Jan 1780 - 7 April 1850 wife of Samuel Ledgerwood); Margaret; Nancy
Service: Surgeon in the British Army and came to this country before war. Became friendly to Colonials, resigned his commission, entered Colonial Forces. Served in the Sandusky Expedition. Private in Capt. McGiham's Company, Col. William Crawford's Regt.
Proof: Penn Archives, 6th Series, vol. 2 p 394; DAR No 683000.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

Born: __ Rutherford County, NC
Died: 1846. Buried Old Cemetery, 2 miles northwest of Kent, Ind. Government stone by John Paul Chapter, DAR.
Married: 1817, Mary Arbuckle (second wife?).
Service: Private in Sharp's Company; enlisted 1781. Left service April 12, 1782. Land Warrant 228 acres for 30 mos. Service. Served in Salisbury District.
Proof: Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers of North Carolina.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

JACKSON, Solomon
Born: Dec 3, 1760, Warren Co, NC
Died: Jan 12, 1848
Children: Pension application names son, Jesse. General Accounting Office shows two children, James and Sarah Jackson Hogue.
Service: Private in Company with Capt. White; Col. Johnson's NC Regiment for 18 months. Substitute Spring of 1779 for 7 mos. Under Col. Lincoln, Col. Johnson, Capt. White. Drafted 1780; 7 mos under Gen. Gates, Gen. Green. Drafted Feb 1781 under Gen. Green, Capt. Nazery. In battles of Camden and Guilford Court House.
Proof: Pension claim S 16424. Applied from Scott County, Indiana.
Collected by: --

Born: Nov 1733 (7 Nov 1732 findagrave) York County, Pennsylvania.
Died: 1830. (6 April) buried Hebron Cemetery. Government stone placed by John Paul Chapter, DAR
Married #1 ? (Jane Dicky findagrave): #2 W. Hannah Taggart (1745-1830) in 1764
Children: #1 Samuel; John (1758-1842); Martha (1760-1843); William (176201832). #2 Mary (1796-1846); Jane; Nancy (1770-1838 findagrave has 1771-1841)) m. John Holcombe; Alexander (1783-1863); Hannah (1786-1865); Rhoda (1790-1866); Thomas (1783-1843) m. Sally Humphries (findagrave also has Catherine (1772-1844) and Margaret (1778-1862)
Service: Took Oath of Allegiance Henry Co, Virginia 1777. Pvt.
Proof: Virginia Magazine, vol. 9 p 152, 414; Rev. War Records of Virginia by Brumbaugh, p 205.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

JINES, Jacob
NOTE: Believe an error - 1812 Soldier vs. Revolutionary War soldier
Born: 1764 (findagrave 1775 Baltimore, Maryland)
Died: 8 Aug 1864. Buried Marble Valley Church Graveyard, Monroe Twp. Stone. Findagrave has birth as 1775 and died 28 Aug (clear on stone) 1864. Also states that this man was a War of 1812 Soldier - does not mention Revolution.
Married: Elizabeth
Children: Silas b 1812.
Service: Fifer in Rev. Wounded while marching to meet Gen. Ross
Proof: Biographical Souvenir of Jefferson County, Ind p 234 Note: Received government land 15 Aug 1838 (Twp 5N Rg 10E Section 7)
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR

KING, James
Children: Phebe b. Jefferson Co, Ind (sic doubtfully) m. Wm. DeLapp 1816; Jacob m. Frances Shelton; Joseph m. Mary A. Russell; James T. m. Mary Hunt
Proof: Rev. Soldiers of Virginia p 255; Bounty Warrants; War Mss. 5, p 13; Chesterfield Supplement; Court House Vir Ill; Dept D 321 Romeny, p 20; War Mss 4, pp 242-245; Journal of House of Delegates, Dec 1818 p 80, Rockbridge Co Vir.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR

LAWLER, Nicholas
Born: Sept 10, 1743 Northumberland Co Vir.
Died: (Jan 5) 1838 - probably buried land he entered - findagrave has him in Lawler Cemetery at Volga, Jefferson County, Indiana. Government stone.
Married: (Ancestry family trees say wife Dinah Hitt)
Children: (findagrave lists these: James; Mary Ann; John; Hannah; Bennett; Joseph; Willis; Caty; Thomas; Elizabeth; Lazarus; Martin)
Service: Enlisted Fauquier Co Vir; pvt Virginia Troops, Sept 1777 3 months Capt James Winn; Col. Elias Edmund's Regt April 1778 3 mos. Capt. Leonard Sharp, Col. Armistead Churchill's Regt; Aug 1781, Capt. Wnn, Col. Edmund; marched to Yorktown was at surrender of Cornwallis, guarded prisoners to Winchester, Vir.
Proof: Pension Claim S 32372
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR

LOTT, John
Born: Oct 22, 1742 Carolina Co, Virginia
Died: 30 Jan 1844. Buried Ryker's Ridge
Children: Elijah of Massas County, Ill and Phoebe married John Lott
Service: In Albermale Co Virginia Militia; ordered by Col. Thomas Jefferson into service; joined Capt. James Harris' Company, Col. Brookings, Vir. Regt; served 2 months 5 days. Enlisted Oct 1780 2 mos. 15 days in Capt. Bennet Henderson's Company, Col. Holt Richardson's Vir Regt. June 1781 served 2 mos 12 days in Capt. Elijah Hamblers Company, Col. Reuben Lindsay's Vir. Regt. Served 31 days in Capt. Robert Sharp's Virginia Company and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis. Was a Sgt.
Proof: Pension Claim S 18089 and Jefferson County Records
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR

MAXWELL, Bezeleel
Born: Dec 20, 1751, Albermarle Co, Virginia
Died: Jan 9, 1828. Buried in old cemetery close beside Hanover Church; cemetery abandoned. Government marker erected in present Hanover Cemetery by John Paul Chapter DAR
Married: 1775 Margaret Anderson (1755-1834)
Children: Samuel b. 1777; Anne b. 1781; Elizabeth; Fannie; Hervey b 1786; William; Edward; James Anderson; John; Mathilda b. 1800.
Service: Fincastle County Virginia Militia. Member of Capt. Doak's company (organized 1774) enlisted in Continental Army under Gen. Anderson and was in battle of Point Pleasant. Was at Yorktown.
Proof: War Department
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

MAY, John
Born: 1755.
Died Jan 1, 1822.
Children: Jane m. Dudley Beebe
Service: At Salisbury, NC. Served 9 mos as private in Capt. Micajah Lewis' NC Company. In 1782, private in Capt. Anthony Sharp's Company, Col. Archibald Lytle's NC Regt. Discharged at close of war, 18 mos. In battles of Stone and Guilford.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

MEDOCK (Meddick, Medaugh), Emmanuel
Born: 1760
Died: Jan 11, 1829. Probably buried Fugit Cemetery, Manville.
Married 1787 Leah Ryker (d. 1844)
Children: Catherine; Magdelany; James and Geradus.
Service: 3 years 2nd Regt NJ under Capt. John N. Cummings. Enlisted Jan 11, 1779. Discharged Feb 12, 1782.
Proof: Original certificate of service and discharge in Jefferson County Indiana Historical Society. Pension Claim W 9563.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR

McCASLAND, William
Born: March 8, 1758 Chester County, Pennsylvania.
Died: May 3, 1839 Jefferson County, Indiana
Married Eleanor __ 1781.
Children: Jain b 1782; Dorathia b. 1784; Susana b. 1786; John b. 1788; Mary b. 17900; Elenor b. 1793; Sarah b. 1795; William b. 1797 m. Mary Cochrain; Pheby b. 1800; Lovina b. 1802; James H. b. 1804
Service: Enlisted Cumberland Co, Penn July 1776; 3 mos. In Capt. Culbertson's Penn. Company; enlisted Dec 1777 served 3 months Capt. Young's Penn. Company; enlisted 1781 served 3 months.
Proof: Pension Claim W 21790; Will in Jefferson Co, Ind; Entered land Jefferson Co Ind 1813.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR

McCLELLAN, Daniel Sr
Born: 1760
Died: Oct 18, 1847. Buried Pisgah Cemetery, Graham Twp. Stone (didn't see one on findagrave)
Married: Nancy ---
Children: John b. 1784; Daniel, Jr.; Joseph
Service Volunteered Spring 1776 Guilford County, NC under Capt. Mahan, Col. Montgomery's Regt. Battle of Blackwater-Bridge. Discharged at Hillsborough. Moved in 1776 to Mifflin Co, Penn. Enlisted Aug 1777 and was captain of a company under Col. Irwin. Battles of Brandywine and Germantown. Discharged Spring 1778. Capt. Of another company under Col. Watts and Gen. Lacy; discharged June. Organized a company of rangers in 1778; received commission from Gov. Mifflin.
Proof: Shelby Co. Ky records and Jefferson Co, Ind records.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

McCUNE, Joseph
Born: Jan 11, 1760 Lancaster County, PA
Married: 1824 Maria Redenbaugh
Service: Enlisted Dec 1776 served as substitute for his brother, Alexander McCune as a private in Capt. Ross' Penn Company and was in battle of Trenton; 1777 served again for brother was stationed at Lancaster guarding prisoners. Enlisted in SC under Capt. McClure, Gen. Sumter in SC Troops; battles of Rocky Mount and Hanging Rock.
Proof: Pension Claim S 16465.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

McKAY, Alexander
Born: Feb 2, 1752 Scotland
Died: Aug 31, 1819. Buried McKay-Stiets Cemetery, Jefferson County, Indiana. Stone.
Married Barbara ___ (1759-1831).
Children: James d. 1845; Margaret m. Ross Sharpe; John m May Francis; George m. Elizabeth Francis; Jennet; Angus; Jane m. George S. Thompson; Mary; Majorie
Service: Private NC Line
Proof: Clark's State Records, NC Vol. 22 p 233; Roster Rev. Soldiers NC p 498-500; Dar No 144517; Will Bk A p 204 Jefferson County, Indiana
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR

McKAY, Robert(according to findagrave Robert IV)
Born: Feb 12, 1760. Shenandoah County, Virginia
Died: Last payment Sept 28, 1835. Probably buried on his farm.
Married: 1782 Lydia Leith.
Children David m. 1804 Sophia Smith; John m. 1801 Isabel Gaines; Enoch m 1799 Clary H. Smith
Service: Enlisted from Shenandoah County, Virginia where he lived Oct 1779. 3 months in Capt. Wm. Jennings' Virginia Company - guarded prisoners at Albermarle Barracks; enlisted Oct 1780 served 3 months under same capt; 3 mos in Capt. George Prince's Virginia Company.
Proof: Pension Claim S 16956.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR.

McKAY, Thomas
Born 1750 Scotland
Died: 1835. Buried McKay-Stiets Cemetery (stone broken in pieces)
Married: __
Children: Thomas Jr m. Mary McKay, a cousin, daughter of Alexander (deeds in Jefferson County, Ind).
Service: Served NC with brothers Alexander, William, George and Angus.
Proof: Information from Mrs. Minnie Shumate, a descendant of Alexander McCan
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

Born: 1753
Service: Enlisted 18 months in Penn Capt Thomas Church's Company. In Jersey line in Continental Establishment. Served to end of War. Discharged at Philadelphia from Capt. George Trumbourn's Company, Col. McGaw's Regiment. In Battle of Staten Island. Taken prisoner.
Proof: Jefferson County, Ind. Order Book B337
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

PAUL, John
Born: Nov 12, 1758, Germantown, Pennsylvania.
Died: June 6, 1830. Buried at Fairmount Cemetery, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana. Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter, DAR. Note: Tombstone is marked Col.
Married: 1794 Sarah Thornberry Grover (1775-1866)
Children: Ann Parker b. 1799 d. 1887 m. William Hendricks; John Peter 1800-1835; Sarah b. 1802 d. 1877 m. Dr. Robert Cravens.

RAMSAY, Thomas - tombstone says Ramsey
Born: 1739 Bucks County, Pennsylvania - findagrave says 8 Feb 1741 Nockamixon Township, Bucks County
Died: June 1829 Jefferson County, Indiana Buried Point Pleasant (government stone placed in Greenbriar Cemetery at Hanover) by John Paul Chapter, DAR
Married: Hannah Lochard (1771-1829).
Children: Martha m. John Hunt; William b. 1779 d. 1820; Jane b 1795 d. 1835 m. William White. Will Book C p 287-289 gives these heirs: Asenath Mounts; William Ramsay; Benjamin Ramsay; Robert R. Ramsay; John Ramsay; Thomas Ramsay; Levi Ramsay; Jane White; Mary Humphries.
Service: Served as private in Capt. Thomas Craig's company 3rd Penn Regt His name first appears on the pay roll of the company in Aug 1775 and is last found on the pay roll of Capt. Banner's Company same regiment under Col. Joseph Wood in Nov 1776.
Proof: From original records on file in War Department not from bound vol.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR

REA, Robbin (findagrave has him as Robert "Right"
Born: 7 June 1762 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Died: 4 Nov 1852. Buried Underwood Cemetery. Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter, DAR.
Married: 1786 Nancy Patton.
Children: James b. 1786; Jane b. 1788; Samuel b. 1790; Margaret b. 1792 m. Huston Patton; Matthew b. 1794; Silas b. 1796; John b. 1798 m. Margaret Swan; Nancy; Martha. Service;: Enlisted in Mecklenburg, NC Nov 1778. 6 weeks in Capt. James Harris' NC Company; Capt. Wiley's Company; Col. Harris Regiment; Dec 27, 1780 in Capt. Wiley's Company; Col. Henderson's Regt; April 1781 served under Capt. Thomas Shelby, Wm. Hutchinson, Samuel Martin. Discharged April 17, 1782.
Proof: Pension Record.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

ROGERS, William
Born: __
Died: __ Buried Pisgah Cemetery at Deputy, Indiana. Stone says : Wm. Rogers US Soldier Rev. War Marker Placed by John Paul Chapter DAR (this one is in the back of the above book and is in the section service still not verified.

Born: abt 1750
Died: ___ Buried Pisgah Cemetery, Deputy, Ind. Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter, DAR.
Service: Capt. Botetourt's Militia, Virginia
Proof: Botetourt Pets. A 2187; House of Delegates 1777, 69; War Mss 23 1778 (Rev Soldiers of Vir).
Son: Thomas (26 July 1811 - 16 Aug 1878) m. 1832 Isabella Wilson buried Pisgah Cemetery)
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.
Note: There are family trees on Ancestry stating this Thomas is not the son of Thomas the soldier, but Jesse Rowland 1775-1843.

RYAN, George
Born: 1756
Died: March 10, 1831
Children: at least 4 children
Service: Served on Continental Establishment about 5 years. Enlisted in 1776 Capt. Jonathan Clark 8th Vir Regt, Col. Peter Muhlenburg. Served 2 years. Enlisted under John Steed 3 years. Capt.
Abraham Kirkpatrick, Capt. James Curry. Discharged by Col. Bluford at Charlotte, SC.
Proof: Oath of service, Jeff Co Records, Order bk B-352.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

Born: Jan 18, 1764 NJ
Died: Nov 22, 1848. Buried Rykers Ridge Cemetery near Madison, Ind. Findagrave has him as a Colonel
Married #1 in 1784 Martha VanCleave b. 1756. Children: Rachel b. 1786; Ruth b. 1788; Gerodus b. 1791 m. Martisha Wilhoite; Deborah b. 1793; Sarah b. 1795; Samuel J 1797-1881; Leah b. 1799; Malinda b. 1801; John b. 1803. (Rod and William). Soldier m. second to Amelia Littlejohn 1838. Children: Mary Ann.
Service: Served as private from Essex Co, NJ.
Proof: Stryker, NJ. Soldiers in the Rev. p. 734.
Note: findagrave has him as son of Gerardus and Rachel (Demaree) Riker. Baptisted 12 Feb 1764 Dutch Reformed Church Rockland Co NY.>br> Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR

SCOTT, John.
Born: abt 1755
Died: March 24, 1834 in Jefferson County, Ind
Married: Hannah ___ 17790
Service: Volunteered July 1, 1776 at Shippenburg, Cumberland County, Penn. Capt. Culbertson's Company. Marched to Amboy, NJ where he was appointed commissary by Col. Lowrie; in fall went to Staten Island, had an engagement with British and Hessians; was with army in retreat through NJ to Trenton then crossed Delaware to 4 mi above Trenton; served here as brigade commissary till after battle of Princeton, returned home; in June 1777 appointed quartermaster by Col. Dunlop; was in battle at Chad's Ford on Brandywine, Sept 11, 1777; later under Col. Jones brigade commissary till Jan 1778. Sometime later, volunteered in light horse and served near Philadelphia. Served 1 mo and 3 or 4 days as private; 4 mos as assistant commissary; 2 ½ mos as quartermaster; 6 ½ mos as brigade commissary.
Proof: Penn. Archives, series 2, vol. 10 p 590; Pension Claim R 9294.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR, Madison, Ind.

Born: March 1759 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania
Died: Dec 4, 1840 Buried Bethel Cemetery south of Hanover
Married 1785 Ann Reid (1764-1847)
Children: Sarah 1786; Mary 1790-1855); Jane 1797-1867; Ann 1799; Margaret 1802; George (1788-1863); John; Thomas (1795-1868)
Service: Served under Capt. Greathouse in 1778 patrolling Ohio River. In 1779 6 mos under Gen. McIntosh, Col. Gibson assisted in building Fort Lawrence. In 1782, in expedition against Indians at Sandusky.
Proof: Pension record; Penn. Archives, Series 2, vol. 14, p 708; Bracken Genealogy p 32.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR and Mrs. WS Denham, Charlestown, Indiana

SPANN, Jesse
Born: (from findagrave 1745 - 1847)
Died: Buried Craig's Cemetery, Middlefork.
Married: Mary Leighton
Children: (from findagrave) son of Moses and Elizabeth Langston Spann. John L; Moses; Solomon; Willis; Jenny; Anne; Sarah; Emily and Harriet. (findagrave also has a daughter Jane Spann Fenton 1797-1888)
Service: Inscription on marker reads "Scout" - findagrave article notes that three of his brothers were also in the Revolution. Lived Sumter SC moved to Garrard, KY and in 1816 to Jefferson County Indiana and settled on a farm of 520 acres in Lancaster Township.
Proof DAR No 221765. Stone.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR.

STEWART, Charles
Born: 1759
Died: 1840 Switzerland County - may be buried across line in Ripley or Switzerland.
Married: Ann
Service: While residing in Spotsylvania County Virginia enlisted in 1775 marched to Hobbs Hole under Lt. Stubblefield, went into marine service served 18 months. Enlisted Dec 20, 1776 for 3 years served in Capt. Gabriel Jones' Company, Col. George Gibson's Regt. Was furloughed May 17, 1779 on account of sickness.
Proof: Penn Archives Series 2, Vol 10 p 637. Pension Claim S 16261
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR Madison, Indiana.

SUGGAN (Sugan), James
Born: About 1744
Died: Sept 4, 1830. Probably buried in(Mathis Cemetery) Milton Township, Jefferson County, Indiana
Married Priscilla ___
Service: Enlisted in Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia Oct 1776 in Capt. Thos. West's Vir Company in Col. Rawling's Rifle Regt; was at the siege and capture of Ft. Washington and in several small skirmishes; discharged 1779. Received wound in one arm.
Proof: Pension Claim S 36821.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR, Madison, Indiana.

Born: 1755 (government stone says 1759)
Died: Before 1832 (stone says 1844) - buried Woodfill Cemetery, Jefferson County, Indiana
Married: Nancy Hingston b. 1752.
Children: David; James; Isaac; John; Jeremiah; Abigail; Anna; Sarah; Hannah; Elizabeth; Nancy (1784-1853) m. David Taylor, son of Joseph
Service: Enlisted at Stanton, Augusta Co, Virginia in Feb 1776 and served until Dec 1776
Proof: Pension Certificate 17488
Collected by Mrs. Virginia H. Buck, Madison, Indiana and Mrs. Wm. D. Pence, Evanston, Illinois

TAYLOR, Joseph
Born: 1747 Augusta Co, Vir
Died: (1834) buried Woodfill Cemetery, Jefferson County, Indiana
Married: Susan Wooden.
Children: Anna; Margaret; Nancy; Susan; Mary; David b. 1780-1851 m. Nancy Taylor, daughter of Rev. Sold David; John; Joseph
Service: Enlisted at Staunton, Augusta Co, VA Feb 1, 1766 (sic) 11 months as wagoner in Capt. John Hays Company, Cols. Thomas Fleming and George Matthews - Virginia Regiments
Proof: Pension Certificate 2075. Buried Woodfill Cemetery, Jefferson County, Indiana. Government Marker. Placed by John Paul Chapter, DAR
Collected by Mrs. Virginia H. Buck, Madison, Ind and Mrs. Wm. D. Pence, Evanston, Illinois.

THOM, Joseph
Born: 1748 North Ireland
Died: Nov 23, 1829. Buried Marling Cemetery, Saluda, Jefferson County, Indiana
Married: Elizabeth Craig (1758-1826)
Children: Jane b. 1780 m. Robert Cathcart; Sarah b. 1781, m. Aaron Aimes and James Travis; Samuel b. 1783 m. Sarah Travis; John b 1786 m. Margaret Culbertson and Nancy Wallace Nintner; William Wilson, b. 1788 m. Charlotte Austin; Robert b. 1790 m. Lydia Moorehead; James b. 1793; Elizabeth b. 1795 m. Alexander Armstrong; Alexander Craig (1797-1864) m. Elizabeth Taylor; Joseph b. 1800.
Service: Enlisted 1782. In official return of 4, 5, 6 classes of Capt. White's Company of 5th Battalion of Washington County, Penn Militia. Return signed by Nathan Powell, Lt.
Proof: Penn Archives 6th Series vol. 11, p 189. Inscription on stone; 5th Battalion, Pa. Mil. Rev. War.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR and Miss Amanda L. Bottorff, Charlestown, Indiana

TILFORD, William
Born: Nov 2, 1750 Rockbridge Co, Virginia (note: findagrave says Ireland)
Died: 1 Sept 1830 (fag - DAR book says 1835) Buried Slippery Point Cemetery, south of Kent, Jefferson County, Indiana.
Married: 1780 Isabella Weir (d. about 1791 - married 1798 Rebecca McClung)
Children: William; Samuel (1781); Alexander b 1782 m. Elinor McCullough; Mary b. 1785 & Sarah Jane (1787 m. Samuel Maxwell).
Service: Sgt in Capt. Samuel McDowell's Company; Col. Andrew Lewis' Virginia Regiment; private in Capt. Andrew Moore's Company, Col. John Bowyer's Virginia Regiment; private Capt. Gray's Virginia Regiment at siege of Yorktown.
Proof: Pension Record; DAR No 225006
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR

TULL, Handy
Born: abt 1750
Died: After 1830
Married Elenor __.
Children: At least one, Anna M. married William Smith
Service: Served under Capt. Henry Shade, 1st Battalion Riflemen under Col. Brodhead, Penn. Regt.
Proof: Penn. Archives, 5th Series vol. 2.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR

Van CLEAVE, John
Born: New Jersey
Died: May 1812 Jefferson County, Indiana
Married: #1 Mary Shepard d. 1781. #2 (Mrs) Rachel Ryker
Children: Rachel; John; Elizabeth; Aaron; Benjamin; Nancy and Sallie (twins); Peter and David
Service: Served as private in Capt. Chenoweth's Company of Jefferson County, KY. Militia on tour of duty at building of Ft. Nelson April 20 - May 12, 1782. Served in Ky Militia in 1780. Received military grant from Virginia in 1790 for 300 acres on Muddy River.
Proof: Illinois Papers have name on payroll of Capt. Chenoweth's Company. Will in Jefferson County, Ind
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR

Born: Dec 2, 1755, Vir (tombstone says Rev. and born 1 Dec 1755)
Died: March 20, 1838. Buried Wirt Cemetery. Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter, DAR.
Married: 1781 Elizabeth Watts (1762-1830)
Children: Frances b. 1785 m John Branham; Mary b. 17887 m. Linsfield Branham; John m. four times; William m. Frances Vawter; James m. Sarah Watts; Sarah m. Thomas Stribling; Jullia m. Matthew Wise; Achilles m. Martha Smith; Ann m. Abner Moncrief.
Service; Enlisted 1777 Capt. John Camp's company, 1stVir. Regt under Col. George Gibson.
Proof: Vir. Magazine of History and Biography 1893-1894; DAR No 113765.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

WALLACE, Nathaniel
Born: 1752 Maryland
Died: Jan 24, 1841. Buried Greenbriar Cemetery north of Hanover. Stone
Married: Mary.
Children: Mary m. 1806 Amos Butler; Frances m. David Loring; Ann m. Richard Loring; Nathaniel
Service: Penn. Records show service in Washington County. Name occurs in several companies.
Proof: Certified copy of Oath of Allegiance Montgomery Co MD. Penn Archives, 5th Series vol. 3-956; vol. 15-2-2364.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

WELCH, Samuel

Born: 1763 PA (findagrave has unknown for both dates)
Died: Dec 30, 1842. Buried Caledonia Cemetery (findagrave has Welch Cemetery at Canaan, Jefferson County, Ind.)
Married 1797 Jane Cunningham d. 1846.
Children: Samuel Green; Mary m. Robert Jamison; Nancy m. Alvin Lindley; Rebecca m. John Scott; Elizabeth m. Robert Mackared; Jane m Isaac Banta; Sarah; Louisa m. Miller Robinson; Margaret; James.
Service: Springer Legion. Served as drummer boy in 1776 in Cumberland Co, Pa. Capt. John Cambell's Company.
Proof: Pension records; Family Bible. Jefferson Co Probate Bk F 66.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR.

WEST, John
Born: 1748
Died: Aug 11, 1833.
Married: Susannah Robinson.
Children: John R m. Ursley __; Nancy m. Thomas Glover; James b. 1773; William
Service: Enlisted 1780 Spotsylvania co Vir; served pvt Capt. Mark Thomas & Benj. Robert Companies under Maj. Slaughter and Col. William Davies in Virginia Troops and left service Oct 1782 having served 2 years.
Proof: Pension record S 16573. Will in Jefferson County, Ind. Entered Land.
Collected by John Paul Chapter, DAR

WILLIAMS, Remembrance
Born: 1758
Died: 1843 (findagrave)
Buried: On family cemetery - Williams Farm near Dupont. Government marker placed by John Paul Chapter DAR.
Married ___ Marshall.Children: John Garrett; Robert m. Elizabeth Blue; Remembrance; Jesse; Peggy m. David Branham; Hannah m. Gideon Moncrief.
Service: Private under Gen. MacIntosh, Col. Crawford and Capt. A. Wiggins; drafted in Aug. In Sept marched form Hampshire, Vt to Fort Pitt, assisted in building Fort MacIntosh, then to Hampshire Co. and discharged. Campaign of 6 mos 1778-79. Served to close of war.
Proof: Vir. Records; inscription on marker, Vir. Militia.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR.

WILSON, Nathaniel
Born: Oct 18, 1766, Cumberland (Village, Greene County - acc to findagrave), Penn.
Died: Jan 9, 1828. Buried Underwood Cemetery. Stone.
Married: Susan Riddle (1760-1835)
Children: John; James; Nathaniel; Anna m. Hezekiah Patton; Susan m. Daniel Baxter; Mary m. Joseph Steele; Jane m. James Steele (children named in Soldier's Will)
Note: Find it hard to believe being born in late 1766 that he would have fought in 1778 being 12 years old if that
Service: Private in 3rd Battalion, 7th class of Cumberland Co, Militia 1778-1780.
Proof. Penn Archives 5th Series, vol. 6 pp 209, 218, 224; Jefferson Co records.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR

WILSON, William
Born: Nov 7, 1765 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania (since he is also born in Cumberland, Pennsylvania and died in Jefferson County, Indiana, buried in same cemetery, it is likely but not known for sure that they are brothers) - note they both married a Riddle
Died: Sept . 20, 1834 Jefferson County, PA. Buried Underwood Cemetery. Nice stone.
Married: 1793 Sarah Riddle.
Children: Polly Woodfill b 1794; Nancy b 1795; Anne Stewart b. 1798; Sarah Brisben b 1800; Marshall b. 1802; William R. b. 1805; Eliza Adkinson b. 1808; GeanWoodfill; Mathilda b. 1809; Jane b. 1812. Children named in Soldier's will
Service: While residing in Northumberland Co, Penn he volunteered March 15, 1780 or 1781.
Proof: Family record; Pension record.
Collected by: John Paul Chapter DAR

WYATT ,William
Born: __ England
Died: --- Probably buried in Ryker's Ridge
Married: __ Kitchen.
Children: Mordecai b. 1791 m. Cynthia Kidd; George; John; Parmelia; Emily
Service: Virginia Service
Proof: Brumbaugh Rev. War Records vol. 1 p 517. Received bounty land.
Collected by John Paul Chapter DAR.

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