[Source: Madison High School annual, "The Apotheom 1896," pp 78-90. Transcribed with spellings, abbreviations and capitalization as published, except for typos in state and county names. Italic name after a woman's name is her married name as given in the annual. No date is given for deaths. Transcriber's notes are in brackets.] - Transcription by Carolyn Yetter, Aug., 2002.

From 1862 to 1896


1 Wm. N. Fitch Residence, Chicago, Ill.
2 Wm Henry Rogers
1862-96 Druggist. Married to Henrietta Hamlin Griggs, 1873.
1881-91, City Treasurer. Residence, Madison, Ind.
3 Emma Morehouse Lodge. Residence, Madison, Ind.


4 Jennie Cochran Moffat. Dead.
5 Sarah Marshall Jackman. Residence, Wichita, Kan.
6 Asa Hunt. Dead.
7 Mary Jewell Jewell [as published] Residence, Madison, Ind.
8 Joseph Chapman. Dead.
9 Kate Reid Rankin. Residence, Piqua, Ohio.
10 Elisha Whitehead. Residence, Chicago, Ill.
11 George Chapman. Dead.
12 Alois Holstein. Attorney at Law. Residence, Ft. Smith, Ark.


13 Anna Langtree Burton. Residence, Council Bluffs, Iowa.


14 Mary Cotton Porter. Residence, Concord, Oklahoma. Married Rev. I.N. Porter. Owner and manager of a ranch.
15 Alice Conway Taylor. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
16 Emma Charlesworth Neilson. Residence, Boston, Mass.
17 Isabella Duncan Gordon. 1865-71 Teacher in Public Schools. Married to R.A. Gordon, June 17, 1872. Residence, Louisville, Ky.


18 Mary Caplinger Shanon. Residence, Stevensville, Mont.
19 Hattie Ong Ditmars. Dead.
20 Thomas N. Calloway. 1867 Graduated Commercial College. Bookkeeper for Foster & Todd, book dealers, Madison, Ind. Deputy County Auditor Jefferson County, Ind., nine years. Partner and afterward owner of book store. Madison, Ind. Now with N.K. Fairbanks & Co., Chicago, Ill. Residence, Chicago, Ill.
21 Ida Zuck Short. Residence, Louisville, Ky.
22 Smith M. Collins. Residence, Chicago, Ill.


23 Sarah J. Thomas. 1876-95 Held different positions as teachers in the Madison Public Schools. Residence, Madison, Ind.
24 Dora Temple. Dead.


25 Wm. Voorhies Clark. President of a Bank in Kansas City, Mo. Residence, Kansas City, Mo.
26 Lucian H. Richardson. Residence, Denver, Colo.
27 Thomas T. Davison. Merchant. Residence, Madison, Ind.
28 Lizzie Dill. Dead.
29 Jennie Culbertson Hill. Married to Wm. Hill. Residence, Madison, Ind.
30 Clara Thompson Thomson. [as published]. Residence, Healdsburgh, Cal.

[No listing for Class of 1869]


31 Kate M. Caplinger.
1886-93 Teacher in Madison Public Schools.
1893-96 Teacher in High School at Jacksonville, Fla. Residence, Jacksonville, Fla.
32 Ness Lanham.
1880-96 Held different positions as teacher in Madison Public Schools. Residence, Madison, Ind.
33 Josephine Shaddy Griffith.
1870-74 Teacher in Madison Public Schools. Married to F.M. Griffith, 1874. Residence, Vevay, Ind.
34 Helen Lewis.
1870-87 Teacher in Indiana and in the Hawaii Islands.
1889-91 Type-writer in Denver.
1892-96 Type-writer in Portland, Oregon. Residence, Portland, Oregon.
35 Mary Calloway Bashaw. Teacher in Music Academy of Madison, Ind., three years. Married Hon. John T. Bashaw, April 30, 1878. Residence, Louisville, Ky.
36 Jennie Hurlbut Quigley. Residence, Wichita, Kans.
37 Anna Charlesworth Levy. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
38 Sallie Reynolds Holmes. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
39 Mary Mathews Richardson. Married to Lucien H. Richardson Oct., 1880. Residence, Denver, Col.


40 Lilia Foster. Residence, Madison, Ind.
41 Josie Rushton Charlton. Residence, Chicago, Ill.
42 Lucretia Phillips Kinsey. 1875 Gradated at Cincinnati Wesley Avenue College. Married to Oliver Kinsey in 1880. Residence, Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio.
43 Eva Phillips McLeland. 1874 Graduated at Wesley Avenue College, Cincinnati, Ohio. Married 1878, to W.O. McLeland. Residence, Madison, Ind.
44 Lillian Pearson. Residence, California.
45 Dora McCoy Smith. Dead.
46 Wm. Alonzo Stanton.
1875 Graduated at Hanover.
1878 Graduated from Rochester Theological Seminary, University of Chicago (post graduate) in 1886. Pastor in Muncie, Ind., Quincy, Ill., Rockford, Ill., and Pittsburg, Pa. Married to Sarah Rogers, Sept. 4, 1878. Author of "Stanton Genealogy." Residence, Pittsburg, Pa.
47 Sara A. Worden.
1872-78 Teacher in Green Co., Ohio.
1878-82 Art student in New York City.
1882-86 Teacher Oxford Female Seminary, Oxford, Ohio.
1886-96 Teacher of art at Mt. Holyoke College. Residence, South Hadley, Mass.


48 Vina Arbuckle McCreary. Residence, Greeley, Colo.
49 Lizzie Greyble. Dead.
50 Jennie Duncan.
1872-96 Teacher in Madison Public Schools. Principal Upper Seminary Public School. Residence, Madison, Ind.
51 Effie Duncan. Residence, Madison, Ind.
52 Sarah Benson Ranne. 1873-81 Teacher in Madison Public Schools. Married to Wm. T. Ranne, April, 1881. Residence, Madison, Ind.
53 Eliza Maria Thomas. 1892-96 Engaged in dry good and notions trade. Residence, Madison, Ind.

[No listing for Class of 1873]


54 Cora Daniels Hoy. Residence, Chicago, Ill.
55 Charles Reid Barnes.
1877 Graduated at Hanover.
1878-80 Teacher in Hanover public schools and in Utica, Ind., and Lafayette High School.
1881-87 Professor of Zoology at Purdue University.
1887-96 Professor of Botany at University of Wisconsin. Married to Mary King Ward in 1892.
1883-90 Editor of "Botanical Gazette." Author of "Plant Dissection," "Key to Genera" and "Species of Mosses." Residence, Madison, Ind.
56 Emma Vawter Williams. 1879-81 Teacher in the schools of Jefferson county, Ind. Married to Judson Williams in 1881. Residence, Fall Brook, San Diego county, Cal.
57 Minnie Truax Hastings. Foreign missionary. Residence, Ceylon.


58 Della Culbertson.
1881-91 Principal of Moorefield school.
1891-92 Assistant teacher in Vevay High School. Residence, Moorefield, Ind.
59 Julia Rushton Deputy. Residence, Deputy, Ind. [as published, and Deputy is a family name in Jefferson County]
60 Mary Gale Taylor. 1875-78 Attendant Indiana State Normal School. Taught several years in High Schools of Shelbyville, Peru and Terre Haute. Residence, Terre Haute, Ind.
61 Eliza Sering Laurence. 1880- Married to Rev. Mr. Laurence. Author of several poems and stories. Residence, White Lake, Mich.


62 Ella Arbuckle Beck. Dead.
63 Sulie Ralston Houston. Residence, Patriot, Ind.
64 Birdie Clough. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
65 Helen B. Hubbs Prenatt. 1876-79 Teacher in Madison Public Schools. Married to Francis J. Prenatt in 1879. Residence, Madison, Ind.
66 Nettie Ralston.
1877-92 Teacher in Jefferson county, Ind.
1892-96 Teacher in Trimble county, Ky. Residence, Milton, Ky.


67 Lydia Middleton. 1880-   Teacher in Madison Public Schools. Residence, Madison, Ind.
68 Bertha B. Taylor. Residence, Denver, Col.
69 Emma Rushton Bond. Dead.
70 Lizzie Vorhees Miller. Dead.
71 Helen Sanxay.
1880-90 Teacher in Madison Public Schools, both in the Grammar and High School.
1890-96 Principal of Lower Seminary Public School, Madison, Ind. Residence, Madison, Ind.


72 Mattie Dougherty. Residence, Milwaukee, Wis.
73 Lucinda Sullivan Davis.
1878-81 Attended Academy, "Our Lady of the Angels."
1883       Studied Stenography at the Shorthand Institute, Louisville, Ky.
1884-89 Teacher in Madison Public Schools. Married to Albert M. Davis in 1889. Residence, North Madison, Ind
74 Alice M. Hurlbut Grossman.
1879-83 Teacher in District Schools of Madison township, Jefferson county, Ind.
1883-90 Teacher in City of Madison.
1890       Married Samuel Grossman. Residence, Stony Point, Ind.
75 Lulie Smock Shipman. Residence, Terre Haute, Ind.
76 Sallie C. Hubbs Davis.
1880-82 Attended Business college at Cincinnati, Ohio.
1883-88 Assistant Editor of Madison Star.
1888       Married to D.L. Davis in 1888. Residence, Newark, N.J.
77 Hattie Vance Fleming. Residence, Cincinnati, Ohio.
78 Agnes M. Morton.
1880-95 Teacher in Madison Public Schools.
1895-96 Teacher of Music in Madison Public Schools. Residence, Madison, Ind.


79 Laura M. Arbuckle Werk. Residence, Pueblo, Colo.
80 John Lyle Clough. Residence, New York City.
81 Indie Bright Cassell. Dead.
82 Kate R. Cochran Bolen.
1890 Married George R. Bolen. Residence, Madison, Ind.
83 Emma Cleggs Moats. Residence, Madison, Ind.
84 Callie J. Harrison.
1893-96 Christian Missionary to Honolulu.


85 Nellie Colegate Harper.
1880-93 Teacher Jefferson county schools.
1893-95 Teacher Madison High School.
1895       Married Frank M. Harper, Oct. 3. Residence, Madison, Ind.
86 Nellie Grayson Gould. Residence, Madison, Ind.
87 Josie L. Hutchings. Residence, Madison, Ind.
88 Emma M. Davis Scott.
1881-88 Teacher in Public Schools.
1888       Married to Elmer E. Scott. Residence, Madison, Ind.
89 Ida Henessey.
1884       Graduated Hanover College.
1884-86 Taught in South Salem, Ohio.
1886       At home, Madison, Ind.
90 Emma R. Vorhees Wrigley. Dead.
91 Anna L. Duncan.
1880-93 Teacher in Jefferson county.
1893-96 Teacher in Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans Home, Knightstown, Ind.
92 Maude Hutchings. Residence, Madison, Ind.


93 Jennie L. Elliott. Residence, Madison, Ind.
94 Sophrona Lewis Ludgate. Residence, Portland, Ore.
95 Minnie Weir George.
1881-83 Teacher in Jefferson county, Ind.
1883-92 Teacher in City Schools of Indianapolis, Ind.
1892       Married Charles H. George. Residence, North Madison, Ind.
96 Frank P. Gebest. Organist and Music Teacher, Washington, D.C.
97 Clara E. Rahe Carnagey. Married Prof. J.A. Carnagey. Residence, Columbus, Ind.
98 Lizzie Williams Callen. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
99 Corrinne Hennessy. Residence, Madison, Ind.
100 Luella Weir. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.


101 Kitty Alling. Dead.
102 Kate Cochran. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
103 Ella Early. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
104 Agnes Sanxay Browning. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
105 Fannie Vaile. Residence, Madison, Ind.
106 Charles Allison. Residence, Louisville, Ky.
107 Anna Josephine Crosby. Residence, Aurora, Ind.
108 Nettie Hurlbut Dobbs. Dead.
109 Elmer E. Scott.
1888       Married Emma M. Davis, Aug. 9
1888-96 Proprietor of Scott's Wholesale Grocery, Madison, Ind.
110 Hallie Bright. Dead.
111 Cora Cross Collins. Residence, Caseyville, Ill.
112 Hattie Joyce.
1885       Attended State Normal.
1886-93 Teacher in District Schools, Jefferson county, Ind.
1893-96 Teacher in city schools, Madison, Ind. Residence, Madison, Ind.
113 Stella Stanley. Bookkeeper with Marks & Benson, Madison, Ind. Residence, Madison, Ind.


114 Isa Davidson. Dead.
115 Ada G. Rushton Ritchie. Residence, Lebanon, Ind.
116 Fallie C. Wood Winter. Residence, Dayton, O.
117 Ida Greiner Johnson. Residence, Madison, Ind.
118 Helen D. Stanton Dixon.
1891-93 Attended college at Franklin, Ind.
1895       Married H.C. Dixon, Dec. 19. Residence, Elizabethtown, Ind.
119 Fannie C. Morton Trout.
1887 Married Rev. Charles H. Trout. Residence, North Vernon, Ind.
120 William Dawson Sullivan. Dead.


121 Fannie Claplinger. Residence, New York city.
122 Gertie Greiner Drayer. Married Dr. Parker Drayer, 1895 Residence, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
123 John C. Palmer.
1888       Attended Hanover College.
1888-91 Attended McCormick University.
1891-94 Pastor of Presbyterian Church in Hills City, S.D.
1894-95 Attended Princeton College.
1893       Married Louise Rose.
1895       Pastor of "Emmanuel Chapel," New York City. Residence, New York City.
124 Fannie Ross. Residence, Madison, Ind.
125 Mary Cornett. Residence, Madison, Ind.
126 Anna L. Marquis. Residence, Louisville, Ky.
127 Charles Frederick Rea.
1886-1896 Traveling lumber salesman. Residence, Chicago, Ill.
128 Maggie Stackhouse Childs. Residence, Madison, Ind.
129 Mamie Gavitt. Residence, Chicago, Ill.
130 Dora Marks Strauss. Residence, Cleveland, Ohio.
131 Lizzie Richert.
1884-87 Teacher in Public Schools.
1887-89 Attended Danville Normal at Danville, Ind., from which school she graduated in 1889.
1889-90 Teacher in Public Schools.
1893-95 Teacher in Grammar School, Madison, Ind.
1895-96 Teacher in the Madison High School. Residence, Madison, Ind.


132 Carrie Calloway Crozier. Married to Gale F. Crozier, Dec. 1889. Residence, 417 Poplar St., Madison, Ind.
133 Clara Grebe. Dead.
134 Florence Harper. At home, Madison, Ind.
135 Mollie M. Lepper.
1891-93 In telephone Exchange, Chicago, Ill.
1893-94 Saleslady with Mabley & Carew, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1895       In telephone exchange, Madison, Ind.
136 William Harrison Phillips. Residence, 127 N. Alabama St. Indianapolis, Ind.
1886-87 Student in Moores Hill College.
1888       Study of Classical Languages in Johns Hopkins University.
Positions held: Correspondence Clerk in National Bank, Louisville, Ky.; at present, Stenographer with Winter, Elam & Miller, Indianapolis, Ind.
1890       Married to Daisy M. Brown.
137 Anna Weir. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
138 Belle Doig. Teacher in Jefferson Co. Public Schools. Residence, near Madison, Ind.
139 Nora Henninger. Residence, Madison, Ind.
140 Alice Grossman. Residence, Stony Point, Ind.
141 Charles Middleton. Residence, Pittsburg, Pa.
142 Lenora Schwab
1886-95 Teacher in Madison township, Jefferson county, Ind. Residence, Madison, Ind.
143 Jessie Smith Glass. Residence, Kansas City, Mo.
144 Nettie Francisco. Residence, N. East St., Madison, Ind.
145 Sadie Ida Catharine Hammel.
1886-96 Teacher in Jefferson county, Ind. Residence, near Madison, Ind.
146 Victoria Herbst DeLoste. Residence, Madison, Ind. Married Charles DeLoste, 1888.
147 Ella Peace Moffett. 1888 Married Howard Moffett. Residence, Madison, Ind.
148 Ida Scott Patton. 1891 Married George E. Patton. Residence, 521 West St., Madison, Ind.


149 Will B. Aten. Residence, Hamilton, Ohio.
150 Fannie G. Glenn. Residence, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
151 Rachel Kronenberger. At home, Madison, Ind.
152 Mattie Skillman. Residence, Springfield, Mo.
153 Agnes Cornett. At home, Madison, Ind.
154 Clarissa Hammel Stonehouse. Residence, Lexington, Ind.
155 Laura Peterman. Residence, Hamilton, Ohio.
156 Sarah Sullivan.
1888-90 Taught in Warsaw, Ky.
1890       Teacher in City Schools. Madison, Ind.
157 Gertrude Gibson. Teacher in North Madison High School. Teacher in Madison City Schools. [No dates given.] Residence, Madison, Ind.
158 Leah Kronenberger. At home, Madison, Ind.
159 Charles E. Stanton.
1886-95 Engaged in retail shoe business.
1891       Married Carrie W. Peace.
1892       Attending Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky.
160 Belle Wallace Brooks. Residence, Bedford, Ind.


161 Emma Brashear Craig. 1890 Married to R.D. Craig. Residence, Lexington, Ky.
162 Grace Gahr Hahn. Residence, Pasadena, Cal.
163 Lillie Muse. Bookkeeper in Hoffstadt's dry goods store, Madison, Ind.
164 Etta Crozier Hennessy. At home, Madison, Ind.
165 Nora Gibson Cunningham. Residence, Little Rock, Ark.
166 Jessie Cunliffe Mayfield.
1888-92 Taught in Madison township, Jefferson county, Ind.
1892-93 Taught in Bellflower township, McLean county, Ill.
1893-96 Taught at North Madison, Ind.
1896       Married Milton Mayfield.
167 Lillie Henry. Dead.


168 Maud H. Branham Colegate. 1893 Married Edward Colegate. Residence, Madison, Ind.
169 Lulu Dickson Russel.
1888-90 Attended Indiana State Normal. Married J.W. Russel, Aug. 12, 1890. Residence, Cayuga, Ind.
170 Rosa Lovinger Stern. Residence, Madison, Ind. 1892 Married Isaac Stern.
171 Carrie M. Peace Stanton. 1891 Married to Charles E. Stanton. Residence, Louisville, Ky.
172 Elizabeth M. Stanley. Teacher in Madison City Schools. Residence, Madison, Ind.
173 Stella Marie Skaggs.
1894-95 Teacher in Morgan county, Ind.
1895       Teacher in Martinsville City Schools. Residence, Martinsville, Ind.
174 Minnie Wallace. Residence, Volga, Ind.
175 Grace M. Chapman. Residence, Chicago, Ill.
176 Margaret DeMoss Fitch. At home, Madison, Ind.
177 Maude Mahaffey. Resident, Madison, Ind.
178 Bertha V. Swope At home, Madison, Ind.
179 Clara E. Price.
1889-91 Teacher in North Madison.
1891-96 Teacher in City Schools, Madison, Ind.
180 Grace Tibbets Spencer.
1888-95 Teacher.
1895       Married George M. Spencer. Residence, Richmond, Ind.
181 Lydia G. White. Teacher in Public Schools, Madison, Ind.
182 Carrie Davison. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
183 Carrie Glaser Heinzman. Married J.C. Heinzman Feb. 18, 1892. Residence, Kansas City, Mo.
184 Robert T. McElroy. Pittsburgh, Pa.
185 Alice M. Quigley Palmer. Residence, Chicago, Ill.
186 Florence C. Scheik.
1895-96. Saleslady in Alling's Book Store. Residence, Madison, Ind.
187 Albert B. Voiles.
1889 Attended Hanover College.
1890 City Editor of Madison Daily Herald.
1892 Reporter on Louisville Commercial.
1893 On Chicago Dispatch
1894 Legislative Correspondent for Louisville Commercial at Frankfort, Ky.
1895 On Cincinnati Enquirer.
1896 City Editor of Madison Daily Herald.
188 Orilla Williams. Residence, Foltz P.O. Decatur county, Ind.


189 Benjamin Baer.
1890-91 Attended Hanover College.
1891-96 Connected with Baer's Clothing Store. Residence, Madison, Ind.
190 Ada D. Hillabold Bohne. Residence, Louisville, Ky.
1889 Bookkeeper in "Democrat" Co.'s office, Madison, Ind. Married F. W. Bohne, June 14, 1893.
191 Robert S. Stanton.
1889-92 Salesman in Stanton's Shoe Store.
1892       Member of the firm of Stanton & Son's Shoe Store, Madison, Ind. Married Nellie E. Hilz, Sept. 20, 1893.
192 D. May Gray Thomas. 1890 Married C.M. Thomas. Residence, near Madison, Ind.
193 Minnie Kronenberger. At home, Madison, Ind.
194 Joseph H. Stanley
1889-96 Manager of Madison Livery Stable. Residence, Madison, Ind.
195 Bertha Hennessey Sappington.
1891 Married Otto B. Sappington. Residence, Louisville, Ky.
196 Adela Leland Montz. Residence, Richmond, Ind.
197 John H. Stearns. Attended Hanover College one term.
1890-96 Occupation, traveling salesman. Resident, Chicago, Ill.


198 Clara Aten. Residence, Hamilton, O.
199 Grace McKay Armstrong. 1893 Married James Armstrong. Residence, Brooksburg, Ind.
200 Neva Schofield. Dead.
201 Brainard Platt.
1895-96 Reporter on "Courier-Journal," Louisville, Ky. Residence, Louisville, Ky.
202 Virginia M. Givens. Residence, Madison, Ind.
203 Nellie Hitz Stanton. 1893 Married to Robert Stanton. Residence, Madison, Ind.
204 Olive Sanxay. Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.
205 Florence Smiley. Teacher in City Schools, Madison, Ind.
206 Mayme Greusling. At home, 2018 Second St., Louisville, Ky.
207 Earle Eugene Martyn.
1894 Graduated from Moore's Hill College.
1895 Reporter on "Indianapolis News." Editor of "Four Counties' Chronicle," Aurora, Ind.
1896 Reporter on "Cincinnati Post." Residence, Moore's Hill, Ind.
208 Flora G. Schelke. Residence, Madison, Ind.
209 Theodore Aaron Sullivan. Dead.


210 Kathryn Barton. Teacher in Madison Public Schools. Residence, 216 S. Jefferson St., Madison, Ind.
211 Florence Cisco.
1892       Attended Hanover College.
1893-96 At home, Madison, Ind.
212 Adelaide Dorsey. Teacher in Jefferson county. Residence, Madison, Ind.
213 Anna Friedley. At home, North Madison, Ind.
214 Ida Hitz. Residence, near Madison, Ind.
215 Bessie Middleton. At home, Madison, Ind.
216 Margaret Scheik Crozier. Married George Crozier. Residence, Madison, Ind.
217 Sallie Thomas. Residence, Louisville, Ky.
218 M. Jesse Bowman.
1896 Graduated from Hanover College. Represented college in two oratorical contests at Indianapolis, Ind., 1895 and 1896. Residence, Madison, Ind.
219 Lulu M. Dietz
1892-94 Attended Indiana State Normal.
1894-96 Teacher in Madison City Schools. Residence, Madison, Ind.
220 Pauline H. Ernst.
1892       Attended Moores Hill College
1893-96 Attended Hanover College.
1896       Graduated from Hanover College. Residence, Madison, Ind.
221 Elizabeth H. Gatton. Residence, Eminence, Ky.
222 Agnes Hutchings Zulauff. 1896 Married John Zulauff, Residence, Jeffersonville, Ind.
223 Grace Myers. Residence, Cincinnati, Ohio.
224 Josephine Shumann. At home, Kent, Ind.
225 Minnie Walton. Residence, Carrollton, Ky.
226 Agnes M. Doig. Teacher in Jefferson county schools. Residence, near Madison, Ind.
227 Ella Brashears. At home, Madison, Ind.
228 Lizzie B. Foltz. Residence, Madison, Ind.
229 Fred C. Hennessey.
1896 Attending medical college, Louisville, Ky. Residence, Madison, Ind.
230 Ada McGregor.
1891-96 Teacher in Jefferson county schools. Residence, Madison, Ind.
231 L. Marion Robinson.
1892       Attended Hanover College.
1892-96 Book-keeper in Courier Company's office, Madison, Ind.
232 Anna A. Tait.
1892-95 Teacher in Jefferson county, Ind. Residence, Madison, Ind.
233 Joseph Schofield.
1892-96 Secretary and Treasurer of J. Schofield & Sons' Woolen Mill. Residence, Madison, Ind.


234 Nellie Z. Barber. At home, Madison, Ind.
235 Etta M. Hoffstadt.
1893       Attended Hanover College.
1894-96 Teacher in City Schools, Madison, Ind.
236 Theresa Richards.
1895-96 Teacher in City Schools, Madison, Ind.
237 Alice Robertson.
1892-95 Teacher in Jefferson county, Ind., schools
1895-96 Teacher Madison City Schools. Residence, Madison, Ind.
238 Bettie M. Thompson. At home, Madison, Ind.
239 Margaret R. Buhrlage.
1893-96 Teacher in Public Schools, Madison, Ind.
240 Thomas A. Hoffman.
1892-95 Salesman in Calloway's Book Store.
1895-96 Attending St. Meinrad's School. Residence, Madison, Ind.
241 Nellie D. Roberts. At home, Madison, Ind.
242 Carrie Weyer, Residence, Madison, Ind.
243 Edward S. Roberts.
1893-95 Attorney at law. Madison, Ind.
244 Elizabeth Herbst.
1893       Attended Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1894-96 Residence, Madison, Ind.
245 Robert McKenna. Residence, Louisville, Ky.
246 Charles H. Robinson.
1894-96 President Indiana Business College. Residence, Madison, Ind.
247 Abbie Townsend. At home, Madison, Ind.


Cordia C. Tait. Residence, Hanover, Ind.
1894-96 Teacher in Public Schools, Jefferson county, Ind.
248 Eva Buchanan Linck. Married John W. Finck, 1895. Residence, Madison, Ind. [These are names as listed in the annual, but they apparently are errors. Eva Buchanan married John Linch in 1895 in Jefferson County, according to Indiana marriage records on Ancestry.com].
249 Kate Schneider
1894-95 Taught in Public Schools in Jefferson county, Ind.
1895-96 Taught in Madison City Schools. Residence, Madison, Ind.
250 Nellie C. Elliott.
1894-95 Taught in Jefferson county, Ind.
1895-96 Taught in Madison City Schools. Residence, Madison, Ind.
252 Edna Whallon.
1895 Taught in Asby District School Ky.
1896 Teacher at Sheridanville, Ohio. Residence, Sheridanville, Ohio.
253 Pearl Shannon. Book-keeper, Valley City Laundry. Residence, Madison, Ind.
254 Louye Wallace.
1894-96 Teacher in Public Schools, Jefferson county, Ind. Residence, Madison, Ind.

255 Mamie Bishop. Residence, Madison, Ind.
256 Annie Heck.
1895-65 Teacher in Jefferson county. Residence, Madison, Ind.
257 Mamie Hoffstadt. At home, Madison, Ind.
258 Ferd Litterer.
1895-96 Teacher in Jefferson county, Ind. Residence, Madison, Ind.
259 Carrie Mitchell.
1895-96 Teacher in Trimble county, Ky. Residence, Trout, Ky.
260 Abbie Sering. At home, Madison, Ind.
261 Cora Voires Bolser. 1895 Married George Bolser. Residence, Madison, Ind.
262 Anna Cravens. At home, Madison, Ind.
263 Stella Hitz.
1896 Attending Kindergarten Preparatory School, Indianapolis, Ind. Residence, Madison, Ind.
264 Ethel Jewell.
1895-96 Teacher in Jefferson county, Ind. Residence, Madison, Ind.
265 Helen Lodge. At home, Madison, Ind.
266 Louis Ross. Residence, Madison, Ind.
267 Gertie Smock. Residence, Madison, Ind.
268 Lola Williams.
1895-96 Teacher in Jefferson county. Residence, Madison, Ind.
269 Fritz Ernst.
1895 In Stanton's Shoe Store. Residence, Madison, Ind.
270 John Hoffman. Residence, Madison, Ind.
1895 In N.T. Drake's Music and Book Store.
1896 In A.P. Clemen's Grocery.
271 Bertha Kronenberger. Residence, Madison, Ind.
272 Inez Long. Residence, Madison, Ind.
273 Fannie Scheik.
1895 Teacher in Public Schools, Jefferson county, Ind. Residence, Madison, Ind.
274 Pauline Tague. Residence, Madison, Ind.
1895-96 Teaching music.

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