John & Mary (Denton) Burnside Family Bible Records
Thank you Larry Stout for sending this Bible record

    From "Kimber and Sharpless' Stereotype Edition. The new Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; translated out of the Original Greek; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. Stereotyped by E. White, New-York, Philadelphia: Published and sold by Kimber and Sharpless at their book-store No. 8 South 4th Street." (no date on this page) Copies of this page from the family Bible and 4 pages from the Family Record pages are in the hands of Larry L. Stout, as of 2014. Larry Stout got these copies from Mary (Stout) Parks, Rushville, IN who was a daughter of Howard Dean & Ida Jane (Kinder) Stout. Ida Jane was the daughter of William and Sarah A. (Burnside) Kinder. Sarah's birth is recorded on these names as "Sarah Burnside was born the 4 of April of 1837" with a written note next to it "My grandmother by Mary Parks." Howard Stout m. Ida Jane Kinder 20 Oct 1895 Jefferson Co. IN. His first wife was Alice Aletha Burnside whom he married 20 April 1893 in Jefferson Co. IN, they had no children." Mary Parks died in 1982.

Page 1 - Births (marked at top "1'): Column 1:
        _____Denton was____the 11 (or 10) of october the __ur Lord 1772
        Robert Burnside was born the 4 of August 1793
        John Burnside was born the 3 of January the 1775
        Elisabeth Burnside was born the 6 of September the year 1796
        James Burnside was born the 22 day of Aprile the year 1798
        Isaac Burnside was born the 6 of January the year 1800
Column 2:
        William Burnside was born the 6 of September The year 1801:
        Thomas Burnside was born the 24 of January the year 1804:
        Henry Burnside was born the 9 of May the year 1806:
        Mary Burnside was born the 30 of october The year 1807:
        Walter Burnside was born the 6 of Setember the year 1809:
            Deceased July__184_
        Samuel Burnside was born 11 of June the year 1812:

Page 2 - Marriages (marked at top "2 (back of 1)":
Column 1:
        John Burnside and Mary Denton was maried on the 12 of apriel 1792:
        Robert Burnside and Nansy Ball was married the 6 of December 1815:
        James Wands was Born 4th of December 1844 (last 4 written over original 5)
        Elizabeth Wands was born the 8 the August 1846
        Elisabeth Wands was born 8 August 1846 (written in pencil at later date under the original entry)
Column 2:
        William Bu______ and Nancy Gi____ married on the 16 ___ In the year 1833
        Sarah Burnside
        Sarah Burnside (both written in different pen in what appears to be a shaky handwriting)
        Martha J____ Boles Was born (?) in the year 1847
            (this entry written in what appears to be pencil)

Page 3 - Births (marked at top "3"):
Column 1:
        Jane Burnside was borne the 30 of December The year 1814.
        Nansy Ball was born 6 of Jun 1795
        Mary Burnside was born the 17 of Aprile 1817 (with 7 written after crossed out 8)
        John Burnside was born the 26th of October 1818
        James Burnside was born the 15 of December 1820
        Jane Burnside was born the 30 of october 1822
        Martha Burnside was born the 27 of May 1824?
Column 2:
        Mary Burnside was born the 29 day of may 1821         David Burnside was born the 9 of July in the year 1823
        Elisabeth Burnside was born the 21 of february In the year 1826
1. Elisibeth Burnside
Margaret Burnside was born was born the 24 of July 1831
Robert Burnside was born the 6 of __ 183_ (scotched taped here and dark)
Sarah Burnside was born the 4 of Aprile 1837
        (written above this is "by Mary Parks My Grandmother")

Page 4 - Feaths (marked at top "4 (back of 3)"
Column 1:
        Henry Burnside Dececed the 13 day of January the year 1807:
        Mary Burnside 2 Dececed the 14 August the year 1808:
        Elizabeth Cunningham Dececed the 10 of October the year 1823:
        John Burnside 2 Dececed the 18: of November the year 1827:
        Walter Burnside Decesed the 23 of July 1842
        Robert Burnside Decesed the 20th of April 1853
        Mary Burnside deceased the 9? Aprile 1868 (scotched taped here and dark)
Column 2:
        Mary Burnside first deced the 20 day of June 1834
        John Burnside first the 17 day February 1838
        William Burnside was born the 20 of September 1829 and desesd the 15? of November 1830
        James Wandas deceaced the 15th of September 1859
        James Robbert Burnside deceaced the year 1871
Ida? ?arsh

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