The following pictures were taken in 1953 by the Grandfather of a researcher. His name was Grover Mayer and about 1900 he and his brother Herman left their homes in Allen County, Ohio and moved for a time to the larger of the homes pictured below near Dupont. On the back of the picture of the smaller home is written "House the Buffoes once lived in". I am hoping this area will look familiar to someone. Grover Mayer must have enjoyed his time in this area because he had three of his children take him back at different times. On one visit back they stopped at the home of a family named McCaslin. Any help with exactly where these homes were located would be appreciated. Contact Trace Archer or Sheila Kell with any information.

UPDATE - this original request for help was posted in 2009 and now April of 2014 we have a response. The people who own the home (Brad & Tamra Weber) generously sent pictures of what it looks like after they restored it! She tells me he husband purchased the place about 12 years ago. The previous owner used the home as a weekend retreat many years before. When he purchased it, it was overgrown with vines growing in the house and animals living inside. There were large holes in the wood flooring in the lower level that had to be replaced. During our remodeling efforts, we have tried to keep the history of the home. It still has the original stairway and hardwood floors in the upstairs. The north wall is now an exposed brick wall of the newer kitchen addition. We have searched for history on the house but never found anything until these pictures. We found it very interesting to see what it looked like 60 years ago. Location was a tad off as the house is actually in Commiskey area.


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