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Smith Graveyard

These photos on this page have been submitted by Burney Scott.
(Beem, Gallion, Weddle, Lockman, Goss)

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Smith Graveyard
Smith Cemetery is located on highway 135, south of Vallonia about 1 mile. It sets in a field on a hill on the east side. This angel is atop the gravestone of Henry G Smith, next photo.
Henry G. and Eliza M. Smith
Henry G. Smith
Born: June 8, 1801
Died: Feb 1, 1867
Eliza M. Smith
Born: Dec. 15, 1813
Died: Jan. 15, 1873
Eliza Smith Grave
Eliza M. wife of Henry G Smith Born: Dec. 15, 1813; Died: Jan. 15, 1873
Infant Hunsucker Grave
Infant dau of Anne Smith Hunsucker.
Anne Smith Grave
Looks like, Anne and farther down, Smith.
Harry Smith Grave
Harry, son of, J.C. and A. Smith; Born: Oct. 22, 1874
Died ?
Elnora Smith Grave
Looks like, Elnora, dau of G.C. and E.J. Smith
Infant Smith Grave
Infant dau of J.C. and A Smith; died (?) 17, 1868
Infant Smith Grave
Poss. (Dau of) Infant of A.C. and Eliza Smith
Grave of Catharine Unknown
Unknow Catharine
Grave of Cathrine Henderlider
Cathrine Henderlider
Daut. of
Martin and Rachael Henderlider
Born Oct. 15, 1833
Died can't see
Grave of George Henderlider
George B
son of M and R Henderlider
Died July 16, 1844
Grave of Rachael Henderlider
wife of
Martin Henderlider
Mar. 20, 1813
Mar 19, 1866
Top of Gravestone
Rachael's gravestone is more elaborate.
Grave of John C. Smith
John C. Smith
Died Mar. 2, 1873 or 7
38 yrs 6ms and 15 ds
daughter of
Harnel and Julia A. Hunsucker
Feb 4, 1863
June 11, 1885
22 yrs 4 ms 7 ds
Grave of Julia A. hunsucker
Julia A.
wife of
Harnel Hunsucker
Born Jul. 1, 1837
Died Mar 1_, 189_
Grave of Joseph Smith
son of
H.G. and Eliza Smith
Born Oct 7, 1843
Died June 6, 1844
Infant of HG and Eliza Smith
dau of
H.G. and Eliza Smith
Born Feb 6, 1849
Died Mar 18, 1849
Unknown grave.
Infant of HG and Eliza Smith
daughter of
H.G. and Eliza Smith