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Robertson Cemetery

The Robertson Cemetery is located in the Hoosier National Forest, Charles Deem Wilderness Area, Salt Creek Township, Jackson County. The cemetery road goes off at a northeast angle from the Tower Ridge road. This side road is two (2) miles from the Maumee Bridge over Salt Creek going west on Tower Ridge road or eight (8) miles from S.R. 446 going east.
This area is two (2) acres in size and is marked by a large metal sign - ROBERTSON - facing toward the east. There is also a large granite headstone with Robertson Cemetery Memorial on it. It is bordered on two sides by roads with the other two sides being wooded.
This is a very well maintained cemetery. On the granite stone there is a paper taped to it stating where to make donations. As of now, they are sent to Fleeta K Arthur (treasurer).
Most of the tombstones are in very good condition. There are only a few wooden markers on which the painted names have worn off. However, there were some that were not readable.
This cemetery has a large unused area on the southwest end where new graves are still being added.
Inside the Hoosier National Forest there are 4 cemeteries. There is a Horse Camp facility where there is a map of the forest and the locations of the cemeteries. They do have the Robertson Cemetery listed as Robinson.
This cemetery was read on July 03, 2000.
Read by: Denna Robertson-Gray, Sharon Pierce H.D. (Sonny) Robertson