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Lanning Spur Cemetery is located in Carr Township.
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Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Vet Age Lot Row *Images Notes
ALEXANDER Edwin  Jan 11 1849            
GUTHRIE Elmer E.  Aug 1 1861  Aug 8 1898       1   
JULIAN Martha E.  Dec 21 1868  Sep 1 1895           
JULIAN William M    Nov 5 1891            
MURPHY James L.  Jul 20 1808  Mar20 1876           submitted by: Orvill Paller 
REYNOLDS Charles L.  Jul 16 1838  May 20 1863  Indiana Vol Pvt Co F 67  25        
WOODY Mary [Fenley] S.    May 9 1874           submitted by: Orvill Paller 
WOODY Washington L.    Sep 11 1879           submitted by: Orvill Paller 

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