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The Crabb Cemetery is located in Hamilton Township. It was submitted by Fred Crabb.

This small family cemetery is the final resting place for Charles & Susannah Crabb & a small number of their family members. They were early pioneers in Jackson Co. The cemetery is located on their original farm, not far from their first home which was built in 1814.

Charles & Susannah had 13 children & now there are several thousand descendants of this pioneer family through-out the country.

The care for this cemetery is provided by a generous gift from a Great-Great Grandson, Edward "Bud" Crabb who left funds in his will for that purpose. The descendants of this pioneer family wish to thank Mary Miller & Carol Wait who currently coordinate & supervise the care & maintenance of the Crabb cemetery.

Please do not trespass, on private land.
Call, email or write the Jackson County Genealogical society for information on visiting the cemetery. I'm certain they can help you.

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Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Sex Vet Age *Images Notes
CRABB Charles   Dec. 5, 1827 M   65 Text note
CRABB Lloyd   March 1821 M   21 Text note
CRABB Susanah   July 28 1826 F   53 Text note
HOLEMAN Isaac     M     Text note
HOLEMAN Nancy   Sept 21 1821 F     Text note


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