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Cemetery Listings

The following information was provided in November 1998 by Beverlyn Weddel, the editor of Genealogy Jottings, the quarterly newsletter of the Jackson County Genealogy Society. Information about where to find cemetery listings for Jackson County cemeteries, links to online Jackson County cemetery listings, and other related links are provided to the left.

Jackson County, Indiana has twelve townships. Thus far, known cemeteries in Brownstown (29), Carr (27), Driftwood (15), Grassy Fork (12), Hamilton (25), Jackson (14), Owen (18), Pershing (16), Redding (12), Salt Creek (14), Washington (8) and Vernon (20) Townships were listed in (1993-1995) issues of the Genealogy Jottings. A slash "/" indicates that the same cemetery is locally known by more than one name.

The twenty-nine (29) known cemeteries located in Brownstown Township are: Beem Family/Brick Yard Cemetery, Brooks/Tally Cemetery, Old Brownstown City Cemetery, Burrell Cemetery, Crane Family Cemetery, Douglas/Durland Cemetery, Drier Family Cemetery, Fairview (/Benton) Cemetery, Findley Cemetery, Hamilton Cemetery, Loop/Presbyterian Cemetery, McCrary Family Cemetery (destroyed), Miller Cemetery, Mitchell Cemetery, Parker/Parker Hill/McKnight Cemetery, Persinger Cemetery (destroyed), Robertson Cemetery, Robertson-Ewing Cemetery, Rinehart Cemetery, Old Wegan/St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, New Wegan/St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran/Brownstown Lutheran Cemetery, Schwein(?/Marsh) Cemetery, Smallwood Cemetery, Stillwell Cemetery, Wayman/Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Weathers Cemetery, Woodmansee Cemetery and Valley Home Memorial Old Regular Baptist Church Cemetery.

The twenty-seven (27) known cemeteries located in Carr Township are: Beem Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Carr Cemetery, Gallion Cemetery (in both Owen and Carr Twps.), Goss Cemetery, Heighton Hill/Hiton Hill/Highton Hill Cemetery, Henderson #1 Cemetery, Henderson #2 Cemetery, Hinderlinder #1/Rucker Cemetery, Hinderlinder #2 Cemetery, Holmes/Ernest Cemetery, Huffington/Shoemaker/Shewmaker Cemetery, Lanning Spur Cemetery, Pea Ridge Cemetery (next to historic Weddleville School), Peck #1 Cemetery, Peck #2 Cemetery, Plummer Cemetery, Reed Cemetery, Round Top Cemetery, Sparks Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, Weddleville Cemetery, Weddleville Lutheran Cemetery, White River Valley Cemetery, Wright Cemetery and Zollman Cemetery.

The fifteen (15) known cemeteries located in Driftwood Township are: Driftwood/White Church Cemetery, Dowden Cemetery, Empson Cemetery, Grisamore Cemetery, Harrell Cemetery, Holmes Family Cemetery, Indian Burial Grounds, Jacobs Family Cemetery, Judy Family Cemetery, Lost Cemetery, Peters Family Cemetery, Smith Cemetery, New Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Old Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery and Vallonia Cemetery (Old Section, New Burcham Sec. and Beldora Smith Burrell Section).

There are twelve (12) known cemeteries located in Grassy Fork Township which are: Blair Cemetery [destroyed], Lubker Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Dayton/Pioneer Cemetery, Rucker Cemetery, Russell's Chapel Cemetery, Stunkel Cemetery, Sturgeon Cemetery, Tuell Cemetery, Mt. Sidney Cemetery (destroyed), Pleasant Grove/Waskom Cemetery, and Riecher/Nierman Cemetery.

The twenty-five (25) known cemeteries located in Hamilton Township are: Acme Cemetery, Boknecht/Guide Board Hill/Stockamp Cemetery, Borchers/St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, Bottorff Cemetery, Brown Cemetery, Claycamp/Old Pleasant Hill/Sewell Cemetery, Cortland Cemetery, Crabb Cemetery, Day Cemetery, Gilbert Cemetery, Hehman/Isaacs/Worth Cemetery, Kelly Cemetery, Knabb Cemetery, Lee Family Cemetery, Lloyd/Roberts/Rufus Cemetery, Newkirk Cemetery, Robertson/Honeytown Cemetery, School House/Wisley Cemetery (destroyed), Scott/Youtsey/Madden/Madden Hill Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery, two Unknown (destroyed), Weddel Family Cemetery, White's Old Chapel Cemetery and White's New Chapel Cemetery.

The fourteen (14) known cemeteries located in Jackson Township are: Brooks/Child/ Moore Home Cemetery, Crane Family Cemetery, Dowell Cemetery, Driftwood/Quaker Cemetery, Elliott Family/Quaker Cemetery [moved], Farmington/Quaker/Old Driftwood Cemetery, Friends/Quaker/Driftwood Cemetery, Gardner-Cox Family/?Small Cemetery, Huffman/Thacker Cemetery, [Southern portion of] St. Paul's/Old German Christian Cemetery, Old Seymour City Cemetery, R. Pardieck's Unknown and Wildlife Refuge Unknown [Refuge cemetery not found]. The "Driftwood and Quaker" cemeteries are a source of confusion for many researchers.

The eighteen (18) known cemeteries located in Owen Township are: Bagwell/Mitchell Cemetery, Baughman/Bowman/Goss Cemetery, Burke/Gallion Cemetery (on boundary, in Owen and Carr Townships), Canner Cemetery, Clearspring Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Edwards Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Lindley Cemetery, Lockman Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Old Pleasantville/ Weddle Cemetery, Owen Cemetery, Scott/Wray Cemetery, Kyte Cemetery, Wray's Church Cemetery, and Kurtz/Bower/Bauer Cemetery.

The sixteen (16) known cemeteries located in Pershing Township are: Barkhimer/Bowman Cemetery, E.U.B./Taylors Chapel Cemetery, Fornash Cemetery (destroyed), Freetown Cemetery, Old Freetown Cemetery, Garloch Cemetery, Gorbett's Chapel Cemetery, Harbaugh Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery, Lucas Cemetery, Spraytown Cemetery, Sprague Cemetery, Spurgeon Cemetery, Sutherland/Calhoun Cemetery, Waggoner Cemetery and White Cemetery.

The twelve (12) known cemeteries located in Redding Township are: Ackeret's Chapel Cemetery, Conologue/Pleasant View/Fleming/Friends/Quaker Cemetery, Diggs Family Cemetery (destroyed), Glasson/Glossen/Gossett/ Montgomery Cemetery, Indian Mound, Montgomery Family (destroyed), Reddington Cemetery, Riverview Cemetery, Rockford Cemetery (destroyed), St. Ambrose Catholic Cemetery, St. Paul's United Church of Christ/Old German Christian Cemetery (north section), and Welliver Family.

The fourteen (14) known cemeteries located in Salt Creek Township are: Brown Cemetery, Callahan Cemetery, Houston/Houston Christian Church Cemetery, Cornett/Engle Cemetery, Cummings Cemetery, England Cemetery, Lutes/Ermy Cemetery, Fleetwood/Starnes Cemetery, Hanner Cemetery, Richardson Cemetery, Robertson/ [sometimes spelled as Robinson] Cemetery, Thompson Cemetery, Unknown Cemetery and Mikels Cemetery.

The twenty (20) known cemeteries located in Vernon Township are: Barkman/Separation Cemetery, Barnes Cemetery [not located], Bedel/Bedell Cemetery, Bergesch Family Cemetery, Bethany Cemetery, Crothersville Cemetery, Old German/United Church of Christ Cemetery, Gorell/Gorrell Cemetery, Grantham/Graham Cemetery [destroyed], Grassy Cemetery, House/Jersey Cemetery, Johnson/King Cemetery, Marling Cemetery, Montgomery Cemetery, New Hope Cemetery, Pierson/Slateford Cemetery [destroyed], Spall Cemetery, Steep Hollow Cemetery, Stewart Cemetery and Uniontown/Uniontown Baptist Cemetery.

The eight (8) known cemeteries located in Washington Township are: Chestnut Ridge Cemetery, Collings/Collins Cemetery, Dudleytown/Emanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery, S Gardner Cemetery [destroyed], Sauers Lutheran/St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Moore Cemetery, Klosterman Cemetery [destroyed] and Vaughn Cemetery [destroyed].

The destroyed "Cortland School" cemetery was named WILSEY Cemetery per Jack Scott. There is an old family cemetery in Brownstown Township (section 11) and that it is near the old brick yard? Benita Bowman surveyed this unknown cemetery and named it the BEEM Family Cemetery.

There was a KLOSTERMAN Family Cemetery in Washington Township? Searching for a listing or partial listing on the following cemeteries in Jackson Co., IN. DOWELL Cemetery (Jackson Twp.), DIGGS Cemetery (Redding Twp.); "Cortland School" Cemetery (Hamilton Twp.) and/or any other destroyed cemetery.